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Which of the following is a halogen? A.Hydrogen B.Calcium C.Bromine D.Nickel.

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1 Which of the following is a halogen? A.Hydrogen B.Calcium C.Bromine D.Nickel

2 Which of the following is a nonmetal? A.Magnesium B.Copper C.Boron D.Nitrogen

3 What charge do halogen ions have? A.0 B.-1 C.-2 D.-3

4 How many electrons does a magnesium ion have? A.10 B.12 C.24 D.22

5 What subatomic particle has no charge? A.Proton B.Electron C.Neutron D.Nucleus

6 Which of the following is a molecular compound? A.CuCl B.AgBr C.CS 2 D.KCl

7 An ionic compound contains a A.Metal and a metal B.Metal and a nonmetal C.Nonmetal and a nonmetal D.None of the above

8 Which is the correct formula? A.BaPO 4 B.Ba 2 PO 4 C.Ba 3 PO 42 D.Ba 3 (PO 4 ) 2

9 What is the proper name for HBr? A.Hydrogen bromine B.Hydrogen bromide C.Hydrogen monobromide D.Hydro bromic acid

10 What particles make up the nucleus? A.Protons B.Neutrons C.Electrons D.Protons and electrons E.Neutrons and protons F.Neutrons and electrons

11 What is the greatest number of electons that can be found in the first orbital? A.2 B.4 C.6 D.8

12 Which describes an aluminum ion? A.13 protons and 13 electrons B.10 protons and 13 electrons C.13 protons and 10 electrons D.10 protons and 10 electrons

13 What halogen is found in period 4? A.Potassium B.Calcium C.Bromine D.Iodine

14 Which element below is a nonmetal? A.Group 14, period 5 B.Group 16, period 6 C.Group 3, period 3 D.Group 16, period 4

15 Which of the following forms a multivalent ion? A.Cesium B.Mercury C.Cadmium D.Nitrogen

16 When forming acids, __ite’s make? A.Hydro ____ ic acids B.______ic acids C._____ate acids D._____ous acids

17 How many valence electrons in a chlorine ion? A.2 B.8 C.17 D.34

18 Which of the following compounds conducts electricity when dissolved in water? A.C 6 H 12 O 6 B.NaCl C.S 2 O 2 D.CH 4

19 What is the formula for nitric acid? A.HNO B.HNO 2 C.HNO 3 D.H 2 NO 2

20 What does the prefix nona mean? A.3 B.5 C.7 D.9

21 Which of the following is a hydrate? A.BrCl B.H 2 SO 4 (aq) C.CuCl 2 * 5 H 2 0 D.Mg(OH) 2

22 Where are electrons located? A.Nucleus B.Orbital

23 What is C 2 H 5 OH? A.Methanol B.Ethanol C.Hydrogen peroxide D.glucose

24 How many valence electrons in a sodium atom? A.11 B.2 C.8 D.1

25 What is true about cations? A.They have more electrons than protons. B.They have more protons than electrons C.They have a negative charge. D.They are formed by non-metals

26 What is the name of CuCl 2 ? A.Copper chloride B.Copper (I) chloride C.Copper (II) chloride D.Copper dichloride

27 Which of the elements below has the greatest electronegativity? A.Ne B.Mg C.I D.O

28 Which of the following phrases best defines chemistry? A.The study of living things B.The study of energy and motion C.The study of weather patterns D.The study of matter

29 Which of the following belongs to the alkaline earth metal family? A.Ca B.He C.Na D.Fe

30 IF NH 4 + and P 3 - combine to form a compound, which of the following would be the correct formula? A.NH 4 P B.NH 4 P 3 C.NH 4 P 3 D.(NH 4 ) 3 P

31 For the equation, _ H 2 SO 4 (aq) + _ Ca(OH) 2 (s) → _ HOH (l) + _ CaSO 4 (s) find the coefficients that will balance the equation A.1,1,1,1 B.1,1,2,1 C.1,2,2,2 D.1,2,2,1

32 Which one of the following represents a double replacement reaction? A.calcium oxide + carbon dioxide → calcium carbonate B.methane + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water C.sodium + water → hydrogen + sodium hydroxide D.phosphoric acid + barium hydroxide → water + barium phosphate

33 What special name is given to substances such as MgSO 4 * 7H 2 O? A.Acid B.molecular compound C.Hydrate D.base

34 Which substance is required for combustion? A.carbon dioxide B.carbon monoxide C.Oxygen D.methane

35 Which of the following descriptions is NOT part of the information on an MSDS sheet ? A. Name B. Spill or leak procedures C. Health hazards data D. Classification as ionic or molecular

36 What does WHMIS stand for? A.Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System B.Workplace Handling of Materials Information System C. Working With Hazardous Materials in Society D. Work and Home Materials Information Standards

37 Which of the following reactions is balanced? A.K + Cl 2 → KC l B.2 K + Cl 2 → KCl C. Ba + Cl 2 → BaCl 2 D. 2 Ba + Cl 2 → 2 BaCl 2

38 What are the names of the eight reindeer? A.Dancer B.Donner C.Cuipid D.Dasher E. Prancer F.Comet G.Prancer H.Vixen

39 What is the name of the ninth reindeer? Nope, not me!

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