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AIM Invest Forum Ian Williamson November 2014 All pages are deemed copyright AFC Energy November 2014.

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1 AIM Invest Forum Ian Williamson November 2014 All pages are deemed copyright AFC Energy November 2014

2 DISCLAIMER These presentation materials are confidential. These presentation materials do not constitute or form part of any offer for sale or subscription or any solicitation for any offer to buy or subscribe for any securities nor shall they or any part of them form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the facts stated in these presentation materials are accurate and that any forecasts, opinions and expectations contained therein are fair and reasonable, no reliance whatsoever should be placed on them. Accordingly, no representation or warranty express or implied is made to the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of these materials or opinions contained therein and each recipient of these presentation materials must make its own investigation and assessment of the matters contained therein. 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By attending the presentation and/or accepting this document you agree to be bound by the foregoing limitations and restrictions and, in particular, will be taken to have represented, warranted and undertaken that you have read and agree to comply with the contents of this notice. 2

3 Revenue in 2012 tops $1 billion, $2 billion by 2014 Stationary fuel cells represent over 70% of sector revenue at end 2013 20 companies represent 95% of the stationary sector revenue 780 MW market by 2015 in Korea alone (Source Kepco) 7000 MW market globally by 2022 Global fuel cell market… coming of age… Source Navigant Research – Q1 2014 stationary fuel cell report 3

4 Alkaline fuel cells proven to work… Years of reliable mission critical operation Most electrically efficient fuel cell Failed to compete historically due to: system cost cheap fossil fuels application areas 1950s technology……. AFCs provide on board power for space shuttles and submarines 4 ConstraintIndustrial Fuel CellsVehicle Fuel Cells Weight and sizeflexiblestrict, in vehicle Fuel storagenoyes Power densityLow -mediumhigh Safety systemsindustrialpublic Response/cyclessteady state, several per year rapid, several a day

5 …modernised by AFC for 21st century AFC Energy founded in 2006 Developed new catalyst materials to substitute platinum Extended fuel cell longevity/performance to a level where it can compete with fossil fuels and alternative energy at the point of use Materials, recycling and modular design achieves low lifetime cost of ownership New KORE system, validated design and now in production Implemented multiple demonstration projects Created significant IP and differentiated business proposition for customers Used less than £29 million total equity since inception, reflecting low cash burn and tight cost control 5 AFC has turned legacy technology into a market ready product

6 6 AFC’s modular design Simple 30+ families of patents covering key technology Basic modular design Standard industrial materials Low cost scale-up to automated manufacturing Designed reuse or recycling Ease of O&M

7 System development 7 2009 2012 2014 Alpha - 5kW Beta - 50kW KORE - 250kW

8 KORE – in build 8

9 Current projects & partnerships 9 Electrode and Cartridge AkzoNobel via Bitterfeld trials since 2009 KORE development and build Operational review completed System ‘hazop’ completed BoP long term build contracts KORE operation demonstration-Power Up First build match funding provided by HFC - JU Molecules produced by Dow Chemicals, Germany Site and interconnections by Air Products Expected delivery of the KORE to Stade mid 2015

10 Manufacturing tools Automated extrusion of electrode layers 10

11 Manufacturing tools Automated electrode stacking 11

12 Product cost reduction Based upon: Technical improvements such as reduced substrate area and lower catalyst content Purchasing improvements, i.e. the use of lower cost materials at the same quality included Recycling and leasing materials Scale up 12

13 Efficient, reliable, economically viable Desired model is to install, own, remotely operate and maintain Different business structures considered initially to reduce cash requirements Willingness to undertake flexible revenue models i.e. partnering & licensing Use of grant funding to improve capital utilisation for technical development Strategy allows protected IP position for the company Focus on MW-scale stationary applications Targeting low hanging fruit.... applications where hydrogen is available i.e. chlorine production ….. Plus key geographic markets with favourable incentive regimes e.g. South Korea, US, Germany 13

14 South Korea is the 10 th largest energy consumer globally 97% dependence on foreign energy supply - substantial fossil fuel imports Korea has introduced incentives to increase clean energy independence Fuel cells are one of the most ‘valuable’ technologies in REC terms Kepco, the state-owed Korean electricity utility, is targetting stationary fuel cell installed capacity to increase from 306 MW at present to approximately 780 MW in 2015 and almost double again by 2020 July 2014 announcements Chang Shin MOU with a leading hydrogen supplier, for multiple fuel cell systems with a total potential generating capacity of up to 5MW Daniel HoA with a fuel cell focused power plant owner for an initial 1MW fuel cell system with a follow on option for a further 3MW supply included, depending on performance Korean stationary fuel cell sector 14

15 US stationary fuel cell sector 88MW of fuel cells were installed or ordered by US business in 2013 Total installed capacity at end 2013 exceeded 170MW Growth in data centres has produced a burgeoning market for stationary fuel cells – Companies such as AT&T, ebay, Apple, Verizon US grid utilities have also begun installing MW grid connected fuel cells Incentive support is provided at both federal and state level Allied New Technologies and Foster Wheeler Chlor-alkali site at Florida vents large amounts of hydrogen daily as a normal part of its operation. Using the vented hydrogen via AFC fuel cells to generate power was therefore conceptually attractive A Foster Wheeler study looked at the power generated and its value to Allied or similar sites when using AFC’s fuel cell technology Foster Wheeler’s work showed that the system can be operated at a profit which could potentially be enhanced using incentives where available 15

16 Financials Income Grant revenue increased at the half year by approximately 500% Licence revenue increased at the half year by approximately 100% Costs Cost controls remains tight Administration expenses per employee reduced by 24% Additional spend on space and people delivering technical advancement Cash C ash at half year £4.96m was 2.59 times the cash absorbed in operating activities during the half year Raised £6.1m last month from city and open offer 16

17 Commercially AFC now has a significant global prospect list in a market showing rapid growth AFC is in the process of closing its first commercial deals Technically First commercial module will be commissioned mid 2015 Production costs are being reduced rapidly Output is set to be increased exponentially Financially Tight ship, low overhead Mitigation by grant where possible Revenues beginning to flow Summary A simple, game-changing, hydrogen-based, power generation technology 17

18 Thank you for your kind attention for more information please visit

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