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Biomedical applications of filters and amplifiers.

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1 Biomedical applications of filters and amplifiers



4 Skin electrodes Filters and Amplifiers

5 EMG Main Idea 3 total electrodes 1 positioned over an “electrically quiet” place = ground, V g 2 signal electrodes measure potential on muscle relative to ground. Instrumentation amplifier computes the difference: V out = (V 1 – V g ) – (V 2 – V g ) = V 1 – V 2 V1-Vg V2-Vg G (V2-V1)


7 Gain x Bandwidth = constant

8 PROBLEM: SKIN RESISTANCE SOLUTION: OP-AMP BUFFER Voltage lost going across skin: I skin x R skin  Buffer blocks current flow, therefore no voltage lost across skin!  Buffer output voltage “follows” the input Muscle- generated signal Measurement Device

9  Metal electrode touching skin looks very similar to an electrochemical cell  Unwanted DC offset voltage generated

10 Buffer/Active Electrodes Computer Processing Account for skin/electrode resistance HPF Account for dc offset (“battery”) offset at electrode-skin interface Differential Amplifier Make voltage signal usable to computers that usually require >1V signal LPF Get rid of unwanted high frequency junk

11  AJ Fridlund and JT Cacippo. Guidelines for Human Electromyographic Research. Pscyhophysiology 23(5) 567- 589, retrieved from:  Intan amplifiers:  INA126  Delsys:

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