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Trend: Robotic Prosthetics Presented By Denise S. Bahr, R.N.

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1 Trend: Robotic Prosthetics Presented By Denise S. Bahr, R.N.

2 Objectives Describe trend: Robotic Prosthetics Discuss and evaluate the hardware and software utilized with this trend. Explain and evaluate the information system used with this trend. Assess the role and functions of the nurse informaticist when working with this trend. Examine related legal/ethical issues. Illustrate the Advantages/Disadvantages from nursing perspective.

3 What are Robotic Prosthetics? Prosthetic replace missing or damaged body appendages. Robotic Prosthetics have working mechanisms to aid function.

4 Prosthetics Today “…turning handicap into a high- performance, cybernetic fashion statement” (Ricker, 2009, ¶2).

5 Robotic Prosthetic Hardware Prosthetic hand Equipped with microchips and microprocessors for movement electrodes on skin above amputation to operate hand (Singer, 2007).

6 Electrode Stimulation Tiny electrodes attached to skin Connect to prosthetic, aligned with electrode receivers Receivers connected to robotic hand Fingers grip (Singer, 2007, ¶3-4)

7 Robotic Prosthetic Software “LifeHand Experiment” Brain-Wave Technology

8 Robotic Prosthetic Software LifeHand Experiment Connect prosthetic hand to residual limb Run electrode from prosthetic to spinal cord Brain controls prosthetic hand

9 Robotic Prosthetic Example Hardware = prosthetic hand, electrodes on skin Software = muscle electrical stimulation signals computer in hand to grip fingers This is Myoelectrics.

10 Software Evaluation Very successful in trial patients, with high satisfaction by patients Patients performed faster than predicted Axiom 1 – Met Axiom 2 – Met Axiom 3 - Met

11 Information Systems Which used? Electronic Medical Records MedInformatix Used By? Physicians, Nurses, consultants, midwives, dispensers, para-medical staff, and pharmaceuticals. (Medinformatix, 2008)

12 Electronic Medical Records Usually found in hospital Computerized legal medical record Allowing for storage Allowing for retrieval Allowing for manipulation

13 Information Systems Function? Training needs Demands and wants of modern science Documentation Diagnosing Configuration? Mainframe Modular Point of care Data Standard? ANSI American Society for Testing and Material Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers International Standard Org. D & P Classification System? ICIDH

14 Information Systems NP Standards Classification Scheme? NIC, NOC Recommendation? I would recommend this system to others Very efficient in progressing prosthetic efficiency and functionality. Monitor for hackers.

15 Advantages Boosts patient self image Increases patient autonomy Improves patient ability to perform ADLs

16 Disadvantages Costs Weight/Size Availability

17 Ethical/Legal Issues Sporting advantages Assault Special Assistance

18 Informatics Competencies Cleaning Stump care Procedure modification

19 Functions and Responsibilities Stump care Knowledge of prosthetic Follow up care

20 Loss of Limb Doesn’t Have to Stop You Long history of prosthetics New advancements Improve quality of life

21 References Brondou, Colleen. (December 3, 2009). Prosthetic hand controlled by thoughts. Finding Dulcinea: Librarian of the Internet. Retrieved March 23, 2010, from rosthetic-Hand-Controlled-By-Thoughts.html rosthetic-Hand-Controlled-By-Thoughts.html Mahoney, John. (November 12, 2009). In defense of cyborg athletes. Popsci: The Future is Now. Retrieved April 14, 2010 from 11/defense-cyborg-athletes 11/defense-cyborg-athletes

22 References Medinformatix. (2008). Mission statement. Medinformatix. Inc. Retrieved March 25, 2010, from ission_statement.htm ission_statement.htm

23 References Norton, K.M. (2007, November/December). A brief history of prosthetics. InMotion, 17(7). Retrieved February 18, 2010, from http://www.amputee- Ricker, T. (February 10 th, 2010). Immaculate prosthetic limb concept makes combines fun again. Engadget. Retrieved February 18, 2010, from prosthetic-limb-concept-makes-combines-fun-again/ prosthetic-limb-concept-makes-combines-fun-again/

24 References Singer, E. (2007, November 27). Prosthetic limbs that can feel. Technology. Retrieved February 18, 2010, from Wilson, A.B. Jr. (1963). Limb prosthetics today. Artificial Limbs, 7(2), 93-96.

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