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ASHLOK Presents Safe Earthing Electrode (ASEEL)

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1 ASHLOK Presents Safe Earthing Electrode (ASEEL)

2 Need For Superior Earthing
Industrial Revolution and Infrastructure Development Electronic Boom in the 1980’s Requirement of Precise Ohmic Values for various applications Protection from chaotic electrical Hazards NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN: Human Safety Infrastructure Safety

3 EARTHING SYSTEM Earth Pit Conductive Electrodes
Soil Enhancing Compound

4 Significance of Good Earthing
Low impedance Resist Corrosion Sufficient Mechanical strength to hold fault current Earth Resistance Varies with different soils To be Checked before earthing the site Decide the earthing system for the requirement

Pipe In Pipe Technology Coaxial Pipes ( One inside the other) Adequate Mechanical strength Galvanized or Coated for effective corrosive resistance

6 Ashlok Earthing – Features
Crystalline Conductive Mixture (CCM): Contains metal alloys and natural compounds CCM is an unique mixture having. Excellent conductivity. High specific gravity. Anti-corrosive Properties. Excellent bonding properties.

7 Ashlok Earthing – Features
Back Fill Compound (BFC) : After erecting the pipe in the earth pit the BFC is mixed with water and filled around the pipe. Not soluble & part of the earth pit. Hydroscopic in nature. Enhances performance of electrode – Electrolytic Gel solution. Maintains moisture and enhances conductivity around the electrode. Does not leach in to the normal soil. Reduces soil resistivity around the electrode.

8 Ashlok Earthing - Benefits
Scientifically developed, Readymade and Standardized Maintenance Free Consistency Larger surface area Low earth resistance Corrosion resistant & Eco friendly Long life – yrs As per IS 3043:1987 standards

9 TECHNICALITIES ASEEL 19 ( 3 Mtrs ) Dia 50mm 20 KA /sec of rms
51 KA peak value ASEEL 39 ( 3 Mtrs ) Dia 80mm 40 KA /sec of rms 100 KA peak value



12 Ashlok Earthing – Specially Coated Electrodes
Advanced SPM ( Special Purpose Machine ) technology 80 – 100 microns of coating on the outer pipe. Customized as per application & requirement SPM Benefits Thick Coating Uniformity Mat Finish Products in 2009 Zinc coated Copper coated Alloy coated


14 Installation – Normal Soil
3 M Electrode – Normal Soil Augur a hole of 10” Diameter and 10’ in depth. Put BFC at the bottom of the pit (App 5 Kgs) Place the electrode in the middle of the pit. Filter the mother soil (taken out during auguring) - mix the BFC with the soil. Start putting the mixture around the electrode with adequate supply of water in the pit.

15 Installation – Normal Soil
With a long stick, start poking the sides of the pits to help in mixing the compound well and to remove the air bubbles. Fill the pit completely with the compound mixture and pour abundant water in and around the pit. Leave the pit to rest for a day. Construct a chamber and provide connection to the equipment.

16 Achievements & Credentials
Best product award – Elecrama 2008 Accomplished the toughest installation in remote regions of India, under the harshest conditions Our electrode has the distinction of being the only Earthing product to withstand the highest short circuit current tested by CPRI Successfully converted our 1st Annual turnover into daily turnover

17 Some Prominent Customers

18 Some Prominent Customers

19 L

20 Some Prominent Customers
L Some Prominent Customers

21 Some Prominent Customers

22 Some Prominent Customers

23 Some Prominent Customers

24 Some Prominent Customers
L Some Prominent Customers Railways and Aviation

25 “” Please Act Smart & Fast - Be Safe THANK YOU ASHLOK SEE CONVENTIONAL
Long term – (15 – 20 yrs) One Time investment Maintenance Free Better Ohmic Value Short Term ( 1 – 2 yrs ) Repetitive Investment Continuous maintenance Unpredicted Ohmic Value Performance, Value, Safety & Good price (Vs) Only less COST Please Act Smart & Fast - Be Safe THANK YOU “”

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