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Effects, treatments, facts

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1 Effects, treatments, facts
Galvanic current Effects, treatments, facts

2 Galvanic is applied at the end of the facial
Description Low voltage ( volts ) Low intensity current with constant polarity during the application time Example Flow of water thru a canal that has constant width Effects Classified in Polar Occur in the areas on the skin that are in direct contact with the electrodes Interpolar Occur in the area that the current flows thru

3 Galvanic POLAR Effects Interpolar
+ Acid oxygen coagulates vasoconstriction sedates ______________________________________________________________ - Alkaline hydrogen liquefies vasodilation stimulates Effects Interpolar Increases in superficial blood circulation Temperature increase Stimulates cell metabolism due to iron movement between cells regeneration

4 Intro to Treatments Ionization Disincrustation
Process to help in the absorption of ionizable cosmetic products There are as many treatments as ionizable products in the market Disincrustation Deep cleaning of sebaceous secretions Bleaching of pigmentation spots Galvanization Application to just get the beneficial effects of the current

5 Facts A: Apply to all treatments Set a circuit to let the current flow
It is necessary to work with a minimum of two cords (+ & - ) Always work in pairs To make it easier, an “active” and a “passive” or “grounding” electrode may be considered

6 Facts Active electrode has the necessary polarity ( +,- ) to do the treatment and is associated to the red color cord The grounding is mainly used to set the circuit and let the current flow For this purpose, conductive gel, tap water, or physiological solution are used The grounding is associated to the black color cord There are several ways to set the circuit The red cord is connected into the red machine outlet The black cord is connected into the black outlet

7 Facts B: Intensity – there is a maximum that depends on the contact surface of the active electrode regardless of the client’s sensation The intensity must not be set higher than 0.05 mA per cm2 of electrode surface Even if the client has no sensation, higher intensity must not be used

8 Facts This maximum must not be over passed Microgalvanic Galvanic
Roller electrode mA Point electrode mA Ball electrode .20 mA Galvanic Big pad (body) – 4.00 mA Small pad – 2.00 mA

9 Product, polarity, time Each treatment requires a different type of product, polarity (+,-) and duration time, according to the following chart: Treatment Product Active red Grounding black Approx time comments Ionization *1 ionizable + + - *5 2-10 min There are as many products as treatments +,- -,+ Disincrustation *2 Disincrustation lotion 3-4 min Oily skin – 1 month,very oily skin 2 month Bleaching of pigmentation spots *3 orange or orange juice 15-20 min Slow process Galvanization *4 conductive product

10 *1 Ionizable product is a cosmetic substance that has been especially manufactured to be used with galvanic current and ha, therefore, an ion composition If the product is not ionizable, a galvanization will be done composition If the product is not ionizable, a galvanization will be done instead of a ionization The polarity of the product ( +,- ) and the treatment advised duration time is indicated by the product manufacturer. Ionizable products are normally water soluble

11 *2Disincrustation lotion is a solution designed to turn the sebum acids into a soap-like substance
For instance: A solution of 10 % baking soda and distilled water A solution of 5 % sodium chloride (ClNa) and distilled water

12 *3 The orange acidity is appropriate for this treatment.
It is not advisable to use lemon *4 a conductive product is a substance that is a good electrical conductor

13 *5 the skin condition and the particular manufacture indications are to be taken into consideration
It is possible and advisable to decrease the treatment intensity and proportionally increase the duration time A intensity lower than that previously stated in point of intensity of + & -.

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