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© 2005 AMP Resources May 5, 2015 Utah Geothermal Working Group Meeting Presented by Lyle Ball & Paul Stephan / Oct 2005.

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1 © 2005 AMP Resources May 5, 2015 Utah Geothermal Working Group Meeting Presented by Lyle Ball & Paul Stephan / Oct 2005

2 2 Amp Resources Founded 2002 Amp Capital Partners Highland Capital (Boston) Sorenson Capital (SLC)

3 3 Amp Resources: Business Focus Technology Innovation Subsurface resource mapping (WILLOWSTICK™ AQUATRACK™) Ammonia/Water binary cycle technology (RECURRENT™ KALINA™) Industrial waste heat power generation (RECURRENT™ KALINA™) Investing millions in energy R&D, CLEANTECH lobby & market education Engineering Excellence Project engineering, site advisory, land development & construction management services Environmental, mechanical, process, civil, structural & electrical engineering Logistics, inspections, equipment procurement & expediting Outside financing assistance, bid package preparation & evaluation Power Project Development Development & ownership of 6 initial geothermal projects Investing millions in development of geothermal & waste heat projects Global Orientation

4 4 Acquisitions (Wholly-Owned Entities)

5 5 Subsurface Resource Mapping with Willowstick™ Aquatrack™ A patented, magnetic-based subsurface technology that: Maps greater detail at depth than other electrical methods (>1 km) Maps broader area (1-1,000+ acres) than downhole geophysical techniques Provides unparalleled accuracy for delineating subsurface water Less intrusive than drilling wells Rapid mobilization, analysis and conclusive results

6 6 AquaTrack Applications Geothermal mapping and monitoring Municipal / culinary well site placement Contamination plume & reaction-front mapping Aquifer & groundwater mapping Landfill seepage mapping Dam leak detection & location Mine infiltration, control & remediation Oil production steam injection plume mapping Pipeline, reservoir and canal leak detection & location

7 7 Kalina™ Geothermal Project Portfolio Surprise Valley CA Clear Lake CA Stillwater NV Salt Wells NV Hot Creek NV Cove Fort UT

8 8 Global Orientation SIEMENS (Licensee; two divisions) PENTA (U.S. waste heat power generation) GeoDynamics (Australia geothermal license) GERD (Japanese geothermal research & engineering) OCEES (Ocean-based power generation)

9 9 KALINA ® Cycle Technology Invented 1988 Commercially available from Amp Resources & licensees around the globe Underlying principles are simple & understood Effective, efficient & safe Utilized in refrigeration for more than 100 years Breakthroughs in: Understanding of ammonia/water properties Applying principles to power plant operations Developing advanced efficiency designs

10 10 KALINA = Processes & Methods Unique process uses standard technology & components Use active control of ammonia & water to achieve the following gains: Improved heat transfer process Improved recuperation Use of (and reliance on) PROVEN power plant components Improved plant efficiency, more efficient use of a fixed heat source

11 11 Components are Well Known & Proven

12 12 Implementation Options: Cow or Milk? Buy the Cow Purchase a turnkey system Amp Resources can assist with outside financing Option to operate the power facility Lease the Pasture, Buy Required Milk Amp Resources builds the system Your company contracts with Amp Resources for electricity

13 13 KALINA Projects Canoga Park 6.5 MW combined cycle - Test Plant 1991 Fukuoka5 MW waste heat from MSW incinerator - Test Plant 1999 Sumitomo Steel4 MW waste heat from closed loop cooling -1999 Husavik2 MW geothermal - 2000 Chiyoda4 MW waste heat from hydrocarbon process tower - 2005 Salt Wells10 MW geothermal - 2007 Stillwater30 MW geothermal - 2007 Cove Fort37 MW geothermal - 2007 Surprise Valley20 MW geothermal - 2007

14 14 Environmental & Safety Less hazardous & flammable than organic cycle working fluids Environmentally benign (the most common compound found in nature) Ammonia vents easily, and is self alarming Ammonia is the 6th most-produced chemical in the United States Proven safety record in ammonia synthesis Ammonia-Water is safe & environmentally friendly

15 15 Reliability Standard power plant design practice 100 years of steam turbine experience Fewer prime movers (turbines & pumps) Standard heat transfer components

16 16 K-Cycle Areas of Application Power Generation from: Waste Heat in INDUSTRY Cement Manufacturing Gas Compressor Stations Iron & Steel Industry Chemical Industry Incineration Plants Diesel Plants Hot Brine Heat Recuperation Geothermal Projects Primary Source High Temp. 500° C Low Temp. 100° C Steel Plant (Japan) Waste Incineration (Japan) Geothermal Plant (Iceland)

17 17 Q & A Lyle Ball VP Marketing, Amp Resources Mobile (801) 921-9691 Paul Stephan, President, Recurrent Engineering Mobile (801) 362-1082

18 18

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