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CHEMOR ECEPTIO N Absorbzio: The New Malodor Neutralizer.

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1 CHEMOR ECEPTIO N Absorbzio: The New Malodor Neutralizer

2 WHAT IS ABSORBZIO? Absorbzio is a highly effective deodorant/malodor absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid (present in nature in the form of triglycerides in the seeds of various plants such as the castor oil plant) associated with fresh and long lasting aromatic compounds.

3 HOW DOES ABSORBZIO WORK? Absorbzio effectively eliminates malodors derived from ammonia, mercaptan, sulfur, smoke, fish, onion, and garlic through chemical binding. Once a bad odor is absorbed, it will not release, even when the substrate dries. A permanent binding of the odor takes place.

4 WHY ZINC RICINOLEATE? Unique ability to bind to amino nitrogen and mercapto sulfur in active configuration. Superior to cyclodextrin in many ways. With addition of carefully selected fragrance materials enhanced efficacy is achieved.

5 APPLICATION The 3D molecular structure exposes active zinc binding sites in aqueous media. Malodor bonds remain when the system dries.

6 WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE? The recommended level of use is between 0.5% to 2.0%. However, Absorbzio must be tested in the base to assure maximum efficacy. Property of J. & E. Sozio, Inc.

7 WHAT ARE THE MAIN APPLICATIONS OF ABSORBZIO? Bad Odor to Neutralize Applications Smoke and smoke derivativesAir fresheners, candles, car fresheners, carpet and upholstery cleaners. Urine and urine derivativesCat litter, diapers, bowl cleaners. PerspirationDeodorants. AmmoniaBathroom, kitchen, floor, and industrial cleaners. Pet OdorsAir fresheners, toiletries. Mercapto sulfurSewage treatment plants, composting facilities, waste treatment, cutting oil (metal cleaners). Fried Foods and Grease OdorsKitchen

8 DOES ABSORBZIO WORK IN ANY BASE? Absorbzio is stable at PH from acid to alkaline. We offer Absorbzio in two versions ~ water or oil soluble. Absorbzio is efficient to neutralize ammonia base odors. However, each base may require a different dosage of Absorbzio according to the specificity of the odor to cover and the expected result.

9 IS ABSORBZIO SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY? Absorbzio is plant derived, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable.

10 ECOTOXICITY OF ZINC RICINOLEATE Acute Oral ToxicityOECD 401LD 50 >2000 mg/kg Acute Dermal Irritation/CorrosionOECD 404Non Irritant Acute Eye Irritation/CorrosionOECD 405Non Irritant Skin SensitizationOECD 406No Sensitization MutagenicityOECD 471No Mutagenic Effect Fish, Acute Toxicity TestOECD 203LD mg/l Daphnia SP., Acute Immobilization test and Reproduction Test OECD 202EC 50 >60 mg/kg BiodegradabilityOECD 301 D99% Water Hazardous ClassVCI-KONCEPT1 TA-AirG 3191 AClass III



13 EFFICACY TESTING (SENSORY PANEL) Pumps to mask Zinc Ricinoleate FragranceZinc Ricinoleate plus fragrance Competitive market product Ammonia Garlic Onion Sour Milk Fish Cigarette

14 CONCLUSION A blend of a precisely constructed fragrance and zinc ricinoleate in its active configuration is the most effective malodor product available.

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