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HeartSine Distributor Meeting 2015

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1 HeartSine Distributor Meeting 2015
Brought to you by: HTM Medico Pte Ltd

2 Singapore – Background
Population: 5.3 million GDP per capital*: $55,182 Major Industries: Depends heavily on exports and refining imported goods Manufacturing – electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences sectors. Tourism, medical hub and education hub *Source: IMF

3 AED Situation Top 3 AED Competitors Top 3 AED brands
Zoll AED Plus Philips/Laerdal iPAD Top 3 AED brands HeartSine Zoll AED Plus Philips/Laerdal Won Key Strategic Accounts Mindef, Civil Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Singapore Heart Foundation, MBS, Parliament, Supreme Court, Schools, and Property Developers. 2015 Sales Projection: 400 to 500 units

4 Company Profile Outdoor Sales Personnel: 3 Admin & Accounts: 2
Maintenance & Installation: 2 Logistics: 1

5 Resellers Singapore Heart Foundation National Trade Union Cooperation
Yeap Medical KBA Associates QSS Safety Safety Guardian

6 Existing Markets

7 Target Markets Continue to penetrate existing market with special focus on the following market segments in Year 2015 to seek growth: Commercial Buildings* Condominium* Religious organizations & Clans Consumables replacement sales AED rental Estimated Sales Forecast: 500 to 700 units * Due to the CERT regulation

8 How We reach our Target Market?
Acquire databases from directories or 3rd party eDM Distribute flyers Seminars and Exhibitions Special promotional campaign for all members of various associations like: Chinese Federation of Chinese Clan Association Singapore Buddhist Federation National Council of Churches of Singapore Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

9 Sales techniques or Promotions that worked
Marketing Program Joint Seminar – Training Centres Sponsor Fire & Safety Organization seminars / workshops Focus on Multi-national companies Secure Key Accounts in Country Key Word Search Exhibitions Training Centre Programs

10 Sales techniques or Promotions that worked
Sales Generators Telemarketing Cold Calls Direct Sales Resellers Program Google and Yahoo Search Sales Package Free Product Training Free First Aid Respondent Kit Free Loaner unit for down unit Optional Maintenance Contract Bundle with AED Signage & Cabinet

11 Sales techniques or Promotions that worked
Focus Points Warranty Period Single PAD-PAK Cartridge IP56 Ratings Light weight & compact size CPR Advisor Lower cost of maintenance Comprehensive Sales Presentation using PPT Sell AED as Emergency equipment and Insurance

12 Specific support needed
Quarterly Electronic Mailer HeartSine to design quarterly eDM to potential customers so that we can stay engaged with the customer, eventually converting them into HeartSine customers. Corporate Gift HeartSine to source for nice HeartSine Corporate Gift(s) and order in bulk from supplier at good price. Distributor will be able to ride on it and place order with HeartSine accordingly. Customer References / Testimonials To include all updated customer references / testimonials into the distributor portal.

13 Specific support needed
Distributor Portal To update the member via when new information has been loaded onto the portal

14 This presentation has been brought to you by:
Thank You! This presentation has been brought to you by: HTM Medico Pte Ltd

15 Inventor. Innovator. Lifesaver.

16 Where are the victims? 80% of all SCA! Outside Medical Theatre
Companies Fitness clubs Hotels Restaurants Sport clubs Home Communities Swimming Pools Trains Air planes Gas stations 80% of all SCA!

17 Why install AEDs in your work place?
Provide Workers and Customers a Heart Safe Zone Hazardous working environment High stress activities Huge compound Located far away from Hospitals or Medical aids Protects and limit Liabilities

18 Where does AEDs fit in workplace safety?

19 What makes an effective AED program?
AED should be made available within 1.5 minutes brisk walking distance. AED to be located at prominent location with clear signage. Identify first aid response team and insure they are trained in CPR and AED use.

20 Example of AED Installation

21 HeartSine samaritan PAD 300P / 500P
Lifesaving, Pure and Simple

22 HeartSine… a Legacy of Leadership
Professor John Anderson Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Professor John Anderson who is responsible for the world’s first mobile defibrillator and coronary care unit. Paramedic and ALS services in the US are founded and based on the work of Dr. Frank Pantridge and Professor Anderson. Professor Anderson has been miniaturizing defibrillators for four decades. He has been a cornerstone in developing HeartSine’s state-of-the-art samaritan PAD Public Access Defibrillator.

23 HeartSine… a Legacy of Leadership
2010 HeartSine Technologies is the only company to design, develop and manufacture Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) in the UK – the birthplace of the mobile defibrillator. HeartSine Technologies is a world leader in personal and public access defibrillation with an impressive pedigree dating back over 40 years. In the early 1960’s, a team working at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast under the direction of Professor Frank Pantridge (who became known as the ‘Father of Emergency Medicine’) introduced the idea of mobile coronary care. Pantridge’s team approached Prof John Anderson to lead biomedical engineering efforts to develop a mobile defibrillator.

24 HeartSine… a Legacy of Leadership
2010 The first ‘mobile’ defibrillator weighed nearly 50kg and housed two 12V car batteries. It was difficult to move and cumbersome to operate but improvements in the outcomes of patients suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest were soon observed and the team’s work changed the way emergency care was delivered globally. From developments in capacitor technology which improved efficiency and reduced the weight of devices to patented algorithms, Prof Anderson’s work in the years which followed led to a number of advancements which are now used worldwide in all kinds of defibrillator models.

25 Common Concerns Is it safe to use an AED?
Yes, the AED decides if patient needs to be shock. User cannot override AED Can a untrained person operates an AED? Yes, the AED is easy to use and has voice prompts to guide the user Will I be sued if I failed to save the patient using an AED? No successful lawsuits so far filed successfully against a Samaritan using a AED in attempt to save life. Heartsine has User Liability Insurance to protect user up to 11 Million euro dollars Is CPR alone is enough? CPR alone may have 5 to 10% chance in reviving patient CPR + AED will increase chance to >70%

26 Criteria Customers should be concern with and Heartsine’s Positions
User friendly & Ease of Deployment Median time to 1st shock =77 seconds Portabilitiy Heartsine PAD weighs only 1.1 kg Speed of Analysis and ready to shock Heartsine: 8 seconds typically Maintenance Heartsine Pad Pak (Battery and Electro-Pads) Both Battery and Pads have 4 years shelf life One less component to maintain makes maintenance easier Enviroment Protection Heartsine is IP56 rated CPR Advisor ICG Technology provides voice prompts to guide rescuer: “Push Harder”, “Push Faster”, “Push Slower” and “Good Compression” Warranty Period 10 years

27 User-friendliness HeartSine samaritan PAD
Andre et al. (Prehosp Emerg Care, 2004) reviewed the following 4 defibrillators, and determined that the weighted median time to first shock was 122 seconds.

28 User-friendliness HeartSine samaritan PAD
Refer to document: ICE 2013 – Usability Study to Assess…. This is a study conducted for the Heartsine SAM PAD. This study found that the median time of 77 seconds to first shock of the HeartSine PAD is statistically significantly less than the reference time of 122 seconds as stated in the earlier study. Besides that, in the above studies, it also found that the performance suffered for AEDs that incorporate components that easily became loose or detached. In fact, the study is referring to the electrodes that needs to be attached to the AED by the user. In the case of HeartSine SAM PAD, the electrodes are all pre-connected so the performance of the HeartSine SAM PAD will not be affected. Conclusion:  Median Time to First Shock: Heartsine: 77 seconds Others: 122 seconds       From the 2 studies, we can safely conclude that HeartSine SAM PAD is the most user friendly among the 5 AEDs.

29 HeartSine samaritan PADs Fast Charge Technology

30 IP Ratings: Dust and Water Resistance Chart
IP - Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection - electrical enclosure - of electrical equipment Go Back

31 Tech Note – Electrodes The AED Designed For the Real World

32 Tech Note – Electrodes The AED Designed For the Real World
Go Back

33 GLOBAL - Free PAD-PAK Program
Get a Free PAD-Pak when you meet the following criterias: After the use of the AED during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), contact us to request a replacement Pad-Pak. HeartSine must receive the data download within 72 hours of the AED being used.

34 GLOBAL : Forward Hearts - Free defibrillator
“Forward Hearts” enables individuals who have survived a sudden cardiac arrest event as a result of HeartSine defibrillator to save another’s life by donating a samaritan Public Access Defibrillator to the charity or organization of their choice.

35 Certificate of Liability Insurance

36 Certificate of Liability Insurance
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37 HeartSine… LifeSavers…
Brian Duffield who collapsed at the age of 40 after a routine swimming workout in He was brought back to life using a HeartSine defibrillator. Brian, whose motivational story featured on the front cover of ‘Newsweek’, has now joined HeartSine as National Channel Manager in the United States.

38 HeartSine… LifeSavers…
More Saves… A 26 year old man in a fitness centre in Queensland, Australia. Aero Healthcare A 23 year old male at Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois. A 54 year old male at Goodlife Health Club in Sandringham, Australia. Aero Healthcare A male at a Community Centre in the town of Twillingate, Canada. Rescue 7 A 12 year old girl at a middle school in Massachusetts. A male at Albert on Bay Hotel in Ottawa, Canada. Rescue 7 A 40 year old male was saved Goodlife Health Club in Hindmarsh, South Australia. Aero Healthcare A Swedish TV sports journalist, Christer Ulfbåge, was saved by a HeartSine 500P defibrillator during a celebrity golf tournament at Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, outside Stockholm. Via Medici

39 Is Heartsine recognised by Health Authorities?
HeartSine AEDs are Certified and Approved by International Medical and Industrial Testing Organisations

40 Certification For HeartSine 300P/500P
ISO13485:2003 / EN ISO 13485: 2012 ISO 9001:2008 Directive 93/42/EEC MIL STD 810F Test Report UL 500P Manufacturing and Quality Plan UL CB Test Certificate for IEC and IEC B2B Compliance Certificate Certificate of Test (IP56 Ratings) RTCA/DO-160G Test Report Confirmation European Aviation Safety Agency SGS notified body CE mark HSA TS-01-R2.1 : 2012 Canada Health Medical Device License 67532 FDA K041067

41 HeartSine Samaritan 500P are Deployed Worldwide
Is Heartsine 500P widely used in the World? HeartSine Samaritan 500P are Deployed Worldwide

42 HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P Global Deployment
Argentina Australia Austria Canada Chile Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Jordan Kuwait Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania South Africa Singapore Slovenia Spain Sweden Thailand Turkey UK Belgium Czech Republic Hungary Luxembourg Reunion Island Switzerland Andorra

43 HeartSine 500P Trainers used by Training Centers in Singapore
Singapore Heart Foundation Singapore First Aid Training Center St John Ambulance Singapore Medical Services HMI ST Medical Services Emergency First Aid and Rescue KBA Training Center International Safety Resource Center Raffles Medical Group

44 HeartSine samaritan PAD (Worldwide)
HeartSine Technologies are proud to be involved with corporate and other partners the world over such as: Army, Gov., Airline Reseller partner Industry partner Organisation more examples

45 HeartSine samaritan PAD (Singapore)

46 HeartSine samaritan PAD (Singapore)
Government Organizations Singapore Army Camps, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Ministry of Health (Singapore), Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Education, Singapore Prison Service, Auditor-General's Office, Employment and Employability Institute, Energy Market Authority (EMA), PUB, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore Community Centers, National Environment Agency (NEA), NTUC Income, ST Electronics (Ang Mo Kio), A*Star, Parliament of Singapore, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, etc. Schools National University of Singapore, Republic Poly, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, ITE, River Valley High School, Victoria Junior College, Tanglin Trust School, Canadian International School, Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA), Lycee Francais De Singaporour Ltd, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), San Yu Adventist School, S’pore American School, etc. Hotel, Club, Security & Entertainment Marina Bay Sands Hotel, River View Hotel, Safra, Liang Court SC, Changi Beach Club, Downtown East, Singapore Turf Club, Garden by the Bay, RELC International Hotel, Underwater World Singapore, Certis Securities, Aexis Security, PA-Water Ventures, Singapore American Community Action Council, The Singapore Island Country Club, Asia Arts & Culture Pte Ltd, etc. Condominium The Marq Condominium, Sims Ville, Varsity Park, Martin No.38, The HillTops, The Taraville, Seven Palms at Sentosa Cove, etc. Construction, marine, office, factory, clinic, banks, others Agility International Logistics Pte Ltd, Pfizer, Novartis Manufacturing, GlaxoSmithKline, Federal Express, Automotive Association of Singapore, NatSteel Corporation, Nestle Singapore, Schindler Lift, JTC Corporation, Avago Technologies, BSI Bank, Ssang Yong Engineering & Construction, Sato Kogyo, Kajima Corporation, Biomedical Sciences Institutes, IBM Singapore, May Bank, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology, Canyon Offshore, Hallin Marine Offshore, Johnson Control, Eastman Chemicals Singapore, Seiko Instruments, Weatherford Asia Pacific, Xstrata Coal, Chiyoda Singapore, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Roche Diagnostics AP, Research in Motion, International Paint, Jurong Island checkpoint, InVivos, Honeywell Aerospace, Givaudan, TUV Singapore, Vodafone Global Enterprise, SIA Engineering Company, InVivos Pte Ltd, etc.

47 Testimonials from Training Centers & Customers
Appreciations of Heartsine AEDs and Trainers Testimonials from Training Centers & Customers

48 Testimonials from Training Centers

49 Testimonials from Training Centers

50 Testimonials from Training Centers

51 Testimonials from Customers

52 Testimonials from Customers

53 Testimonials from Customers

54 YOU will WIN with HEARTSINE…

55 Why installed AEDs in Airlines?
Provide Customers a Heart Safe Zone Distinguish VIPs on board May not have trained Emergency Rescuers on board – CPR Advisor Light weight thus cost savings Charge additional 1kg freight cost on every flight Reputation as a caring and responsible carrier Protects and limit Liabilities

56 Why installed AEDs in Hotels / Casino / Clubs?
Provide Customers a Heart Safe Zone Majority are guests and paid visitors Distinguish VIPs High stress activities in MBS High number of visitors Hugh compound and various recreational facilities Reputation as a caring and responsible service provider Protects and limit Liabilities

57 How does having an AED helps in your City?
Medical Bills – Post Cardio hospital care maybe costly . Welfare of Citizen – Project a caring governance. Protection – against potential costly and embarrassing lawsuits Image – Heart Safe Zone

58 Why Install in Schools ? Adults place a high value on protecting the lives of children Undetected cardiac problems exist within school population In US, as many as 1 in 5 children may suffer from cardiac myopathies in which the heart muscle is unusually thick. Even schools for young children have many adults present every day. Schools provide a natural placement option for public access defibrillation programs; Schools serve as a central gathering points within the community; Educational value in placing AEDs in schools

59 Why installed AEDs in Community Centers
Provide Visitors a Heart Safe Zone Welfare of Citizen – Project a caring governance. Many Visitors are Distinguish VIPs High number of visitors Hugh compound and various recreational facilities Protects against embarrassing lawsuits Reputation as a caring and responsible organization

60 Why installed AEDs in Outward Bound Training Center?
Society places a high value on protecting the lives of future Leaders Undetected cardiac problems exist within youngs In US, as many as 1 in 5 children may suffer from cardiac myopathies in which the heart muscle is unusually thick. Training programs are physically and mentally strenuous. OBS training centers are normally remotely located and with strenuous activities. Educational value in placing AEDs in schools

61 Why installed AEDs in Shipyard/Oil & Gas?
Provide Workers and Customers a Heart Safe Zone Hazardous working environment High stress activities Hugh compound Normally located at remote area and far away from Hospitals or Medical aids Protects and limit Liabilities

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