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Samples of Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, and motion path animation effects

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1 Samples of Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, and motion path animation effects
This presentation can be viewed only on a version of Microsoft PowerPoint that supports the new animations.

2 Basic Entrance/Exit Appear / Disappear
Blinds (Horizontal In, Vertical Out) Box (“In” In, “Out” Out) Checkerboard (Across In, Up Out) Circle (“In” In, “Out” Out) Crawl In / Crawl Out (In From Bottom, Out To Right) Diamond (“In” In, “Out” Out) Dissolve In / Dissolve Out Flash Once Fly In (In From Left, Out to Top-Right)

3 Basic Entrance/Exit (cont.)
Peek In / Peek Out (In From Bottom, Out To Top) Plus (“In” In, “Out” Out) Random Bars (Horizontal In, Vertical Out) Random Effects Split (“Horizontal In” In, “Vertical In” Out) Strips (“Left Down” In, “Right Up” Out) Wedge Wheel (4 Spokes In, 8 Spokes Out) Wipe (In From Bottom, Out To Left)

4 Subtle Entrance/Exit Expand / Contract Fade Faded Swivel Faded Zoom

5 Moderate Entrance/Exit
Ascend Center Revolve Color Typewriter Compress / Stretchy Descend Ease In / Ease Out

6 Moderate Entrance/Exit (cont.)
Grow & Turn Rise Up / Sink Down Spinner Stretch / Collapse (In Across, Out To Top) Unfold Zoom ( ”In” In, “Out Slightly” Out)

7 Exciting Entrance/Exit
Boomerang Bounce Credits Curve Up / Curve Down Flip Float Fold Glide Light Speed

8 Exciting Entrance/Exit (cont.)
Magnify Pinwheel Sling Spiral In / Spiral Out Swish Swivel (Horizontal In, Vertical Out) Thread Whip

9 Basic Emphasis Change Fill Color Change Font Change Font Color
Change Font Size Change Font Style Change Line Color Grow / Shrink Spin Transparency

10 Subtle Emphasis Bold Flash Brush On Color Brush On Underline
Color Blend Color Wave Complementary Color Complementary Color 2 Contrasting Color

11 Subtle Emphasis (cont.)
Darken Desaturate Flash Bulb Lighten Vertical Highlight

12 Moderate Emphasis Flicker Grow With Color Shimmer Teeter

13 Exciting Emphasis Blast Blink Bold Reveal Style Emphasis Wave

14 Motion Paths The next four slides show the motion path animation effects, which are available in PowerPoint XP for Windows and PowerPoint 2003 for Windows, that cause text or objects to move across the screen. These animation effects will play in PowerPoint 2004 for Mac. You can’t, however, add them in PowerPoint 2004 for Mac. In earlier versions (for both Windows and Mac), these animation effects won’t play. In PowerPoint for Mac, you can reorder motion path animation effects, adjust the Start and Speed in the Animation Dialog box, or delete the motion path animation. Any other changes you make to the motion path animation will cause the animation to not play.

15 Basic Motion Paths Heart 4 Point Star Hexagon 5 Point Star Octagon
Parallelogram 8 Point Star Pentagon Circle Right Triangle Crescent Moon Square Diamond Teardrop Equal Triangle Football Trapezoid

16 Lines & Curves Motion Paths
Arc Down Diagonal Up Right Spiral Right Arc Left Down Spring Arc Right Funnel Stairs Down Arc Up Heartbeat Turn Down Bounce Left Left Turn Down Right Bounce Right Right Turn Up Curvy Left S Curve 1 Turn Up Right Curvy Right S Curve 2 Up Decaying Wave Sine Wave Wave Diagonal Down Right Spiral Left Zigzag

17 Special Motion Paths Bean Inverted Triangle Buzz Saw Loop de Loop
Curved Square Neutron Curved X Peanut Curvy Star Plus Figure 8 Four Pointy Star Horizontal Figure 8 Swoosh Inverted Square Vertical Figure 8

18 Custom Motion Paths Line Curve Freeform Scribble

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