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Musical Theatre of Karelia

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1 Musical Theatre of Karelia
Презентация по английскому языку Работу выполнила Ученица 6 В класса Ковылева Ксюша

2 The Musical Theatre is the most beautiful and famous building in Petrozavodsk.

3 Facts about Theatre Date of contruction: 1952-1955
The Theatre auditorium can accommodate 607 people

4 Architects The project of Theatre: Savva Brodsky, A.P. Maksimov and Elizabeth Chechik Inside works: Sergey Konenkov Sergey Konenkov

5 8 (eight) columns 10 (ten) human figures («Friendship»)

6 Aleksandrinsky Theatre
The Musical Theatre looks like Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Aleksandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg Bolshoi Theatre Aleksandrinsky Theatre

7 Repertoire Repertoire: opera, ballet, musical comedy and musical, classical and modern operetta

8 «Onega Mask» Ceremony of the annual Republican theater award "Onega Mask"


10 Thank you for your attention!

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