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Unit 3 Exam Review Ms. Ramos Alta Loma High School.

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1 Unit 3 Exam Review Ms. Ramos Alta Loma High School

2 The British justified their refusal to withdraw from the northwestern posts by claiming that the US had failed to live up to its promises ► in the peace treaty.

3 When the Annapolis meeting of 1786, that was called to discuss commercial problems seemed about to fail, ___ proposed a convention in Philadelphia to deal with constitutional reform. ► Alexander Hamilton

4 The model for many of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention was the ► Roman republic.

5 The Great, or Connecticut, Compromise settled the issue of representation by allowing ► 2 senators & representatives dependent on its pop

6 The principle of the Three-fifths Compromise was that ► 3/5 of slaves would count for representation and taxation.

7 The most drastic departure from past experience under the new Constitution was the creation of a powerful presidency.

8 The president’s veto power and the impeachment power of congress are both examples of ► checks and balances.

9 During the ratification of the Constitution, bitter disputes in ___ led to the writing of the Federalist Papers. ► New York

10 Much Anti-federalist opposition to the Constitution disappeared when ► Federalists promised to add a bill of rights.

11 The French Revolution and the ensuing war between France and Britain tended to ► further divide American political parties.

12 In the election of 1796 when John Adams was chosen president, ____ was elected vice-president. ► Thomas Jefferson

13 The French demand for a bribe as a condition to negotiations with America was called the ► XYZ Affair.

14 The repressive measures which Federalists passed primarily to smash their Republican opponents were the ► Alien and Sedition Acts.

15 The winner of the 1800 election was chosen by the ► House of Representatives.

16 ____ wanted to preserve America as a nation of minimal government and small independent farmers. ► Thomas Jefferson

17 The purpose of the ___ was to maintain Federalist control of the judicial branch against Jeffersonianism. ► Judiciary Act of 1801

18 E

19 A

20 E

21 A

22 D

23 B

24 D

25 D

26 A

27 B

28 D

29 B

30 E

31 B

32 E

33 A

34 B

35 D

36 E

37 D

38 Homework

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