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June 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: Staying Focused on GPE Actions June 14, 2014 2:00 pm ET Dial 888 409-6709 RESULTS the power to end poverty.

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1 June 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: Staying Focused on GPE Actions June 14, 2014 2:00 pm ET Dial 888 409-6709 RESULTS the power to end poverty Guest Speaker: Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) 1

2 Happy June 14: Sample agenda for group meetings after the call Tweet Today’s Call: Use the hash tag #RESULTScall, include @RESULTS_tweets Agenda  1. Introduce new people, eat snacks, laugh  2. Listen to the call, no, really listen to the call  3. Practice laser talk  4. Make decisions on GPE media: who is still writing? Who will pitch your editor?  5. If you have Republican reps, who will ask them to write their own letter to the Administration like Reps. Ross, Reichert, and McCaul have (let Lisa Marchal, Allison Grossman, or me know if you need copies of the 3 letters)?  6. Check in on IC preparations for those going: next slide 2

3 IC Preparation Items 1.Use the IC Checklist to prepareIC Checklist to prepare 2.Schedule lobby meetings and share your schedule in the on line form: 3.Schedule a lobby prep. meetings with Crickett Nicovich ( 4.Invite Representatives, Senators and key staff to the reception: invitation on IC web pageinvitation on IC web page 5.Submit questions for keynote speakers about poverty solutions or how we can partner to end poverty.Submit questions for keynote speakers 6.Send photos of: 1) RESULTS in action in your community, and/or 2) people holding a written message completing the phrase, “The change I want to help create in the world is…”. Send photos to: 7.Help us create an IC photo album of photos of the conference using Eversnapp. Join our album and share the photos you take via your phone right away, or your camera later. Here is where you can join: 8.Read the Global Legislative handbook: Find them on the IC webpage: 9.Location of kickoff and reception: Lobby Day kickoff is at the Lutheran Church across from the Supreme Court: Lutheran Church of the Reformation. It is in the middle of the Capitol, so neither the House or the Senate is closer. The reception is at the Washington Court Hotel, Grand Ballroom. 10.Engage others not coming to the IC. See the IC Checklist for ideas. We are also working on live streaming parts of the conference on Monday 6/23.IC Checklist 11.Who will send the media advisory to your local paper about people going to DC?the media 12.Welcome folks from the Real Change Fellowship in to your group. See this letter attached to Conference call email. 3

4 Opening the Call: RESULTS Executive Director Dr. Joanne Carter -Great work on GPE -International Conference 4

5 Guest Speaker: Rep. Jan Schakowsky  Why global education is important to me.  Why meeting with members of Congress is important.  Short Q & A 5

6 Legislative Update: Senior Legislative Associate Allison Grossman GPE Update and Opportunities Media work we can still do GPE call in day on Monday, 6/16 6 GPE Media Count: -14 Editorials -13 Opeds - 7 Features -60 Letters to the editor - 6 Radio spots Congressional Support: -81 signers on Rep. Schakowsky’s letter -3 Republican letters to President (Ross, Reichert, McCaul)

7 Grassroots Café: Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy Ken Patterson Grassroots Shares: Working the media Debbie Baskin David Corner Grassroots shout outs to Willie Dickerson, Isabelle D’Arcy, Mark Coats (Austin), Ken & Linda Schatz (Tampa), Bob Dickerson (WA State). International Conference open phones: your best tips to prepare Grassroots Board Nominations due Sunday. Get them to Jack McLaughlin ( Need your reporting—without it people will never know how awesome you are: Development Update 7

8 June Resources  June Action Sheet: Write a letter to the editor or oped on GPE June Action Sheet  GPE Resources: Editorial packet, GPE sign on letter update, background on GPE, Republican sign on letters GPE Resources 8

9 Grassroots Superstars 9 Debbie Baskin, Salt Lake City, UT Group Leader: Group Health & Media David Corner, Tacoma Washington: Work of a Media Superstar

10 Fundraising Update “Everyday Hero Dash” Virtual Race  Register for $25 virtual race at  Create your own fundraising website at if you’d like to inspire friends to donate in your honor. Run/walk from June 1-30  Coming to the International Conference? Run or walk with us! (costumes encouraged)  Make it a Friends and Family activity by doing it with a group as a fundraiser and asking friends and family to contribute on line This awesome medal can be yours for $25 !

11 Polling Questions for April!  How many writers/editors will you be pitching with the GPE pledging story this final week?  How many people will you ask to call the White House on June 16 GPE Call-in Day? 11

12 Laser Talk: Call the President on GPE Hello, My name is ___ and I live in (city, state). I am calling today because there are 57 million primary school aged children around the world who are not in school. I am asking President Obama to commit $250 million over two years to the Global Partnership for Education at the June 26 pledging conference in Brussels. Investing in the Global Partnership is the best way to get children into school and build lasting education systems in poor countries. I am joining 81 members of the House of Representatives in making this request. I believe that every child should be able to access a quality education, and a successful replenishment will support sending 29 million children to school for the first time! Thank you for your time, and have a great day! 12

13 Let’s make a final push for GPE media and Congressional Support! Next National Conference Call will be joint Global/US Poverty Call July 12 at 2:00 pm ET Thanks for your passion. See many of you in Washington. 13

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