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CH 22 Insights- Reconstruction Government attempts to help ex-slaves fit into American society Goal Questions- 1) Identify three ways Freedmen (ex-slaves)

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1 CH 22 Insights- Reconstruction Government attempts to help ex-slaves fit into American society Goal Questions- 1) Identify three ways Freedmen (ex-slaves) tried to assert their new independence and move up economically 2) Identify and explain two new hardships for ex-slaves in their new independence 3) Explain the difference between President Johnson and the Republican plan for Reconstruction

2 Ch 22 Insights ID- Educating Young Freedmen and Women (482) Summary 1- Why was education so important to freed slaves? – Way to improve life through ed. And read bible OI- Freedmen Define Freedom 1) Identify one way slaves demonstrated their freedom – Looking for family members, last name 2) Who were the “Exodusters”? – Af/Am. That moved to Kansas 3) Why was the church so important for Freedmen (Ex- slaves)? – It was the only institution ran by Af/Am (trust)

3 ID- Excerpt P. 484 (Women from the North…) Summary 2- What group of people enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to help blacks in the South? – Women from north OI- Freedman’s Bureau 4) What was the problem that whites realized blacks were facing with their new found freedom? – No skills, education, or property 5) What was the purpose of the Freedman’s Bureau? – Help ed. Blacks, provide welfare/help for blacks f. gov. 6) What were two reasons blacks wanted to learn to read? – Read bible, improve life 7) What was one failure of the Freedman’s Bureau? – 40 acres and a mule (never came to pass where Af/Am. Would have been given land confiscated from planters in return for years in slavery) – Many whites were racist – Disbanded too early to really help (US not ready gov. purpose to help people)

4 ID- Sharecroppers Picking Cotton (487) Summary 3- Even though ex-slaves still worked for their former masters, what was a new found benefit in their work? – Choose hours, partial owner of what was grown Summary 4- What was the problem most ex-slaves developed working for their former masters? – Stuck in a cycle of poverty/debt (owners could change contract/rent) OI- The Baleful Black Codes 8) What was the primary purpose of the Black Codes? – To return blacks to slavery (take away any civil rights) 9) Identify one penalty of the Black Codes? – Arrested and forced to work for former master instead of prison 10) Why did many slaves slip into the status of Sharecropping? – They had no other way to make a living (sharecropping allowed freemen ability to rent some land, only skill Freemen had was farming)

5 Reconstruction Plans- goal of Federal government is how to bring back Southern states but ensure Freedmen had rights Lincoln’s Plan- did not want to punish S. – 10% Plan- only 10% of whites had to pledge loyalty to US Lincoln is shot putting Reconstruction in hands of Johnson Radical Republicans- in Congress want to punish South – Wade-Davis Bill- 50% plan (of whites had to pleade loyalty to US) Vetoed by Lincoln Pres. Johnson’s Plan- racist, wants to gain favor of rich Southern whites, vetos any plans that give Freedmen equal rights – Enacts Lincoln’s 10% Plan- black codes are enacted, ex- confederates are elected to Congress, Election of 1866- Republicans win 2/3s majority in Congress (can override Pres. Johnson’s veto, enact Military Reconstruction Act

6 Summary 5- What group of people is President Johnson denying rights and protection to? – Freemen (Af/Am) OI- Johnson Clashes w Congress 11) Civil Rights Bill (define) – Made Af/Am. Citizens and ended black codes 12) What was President Johnson’s response? – Veto (shot down bill after Congress passed it) 13) What was the Republican solution to possible repeal of Civil Rights Bill? – 14 th Amendment 14) What right did the solution place on Freedmen? – Citizenship (anyone born in US) – Due Process and Equal Protection- all people have equal rights (no more black codes)

7 ID- Military Reconstruction 1867 (491) Summary 6- Identify what happened to the status of Southern states? – States dissolved and turned into districts ran by army OI- Reconstruction by the Sword 15) How was the South divided by the Military Reconstruction Act – 5 military districts commanded by a general and policed by Army 16) Identify 1 condition for a state to reapply for admission – Ratify/accept the 14 th Amendment giving Af/Am. rights 17) What law gave blacks suffrage (right to vote) – 15 th Amendment (stated the right to vote can not be deprived due to race) – ?What is another way the South could prevent Af/Am from voting Poll taxes, literacy tests, Grandfather clauses

8 ID- Black Reconstruction (494) Summary7- Where will these black leaders serve their constituents (supporters)? – Washington DC (Congress OI- The Realities of Radical Reconstruction in the South 18) Who were Hiram Revels and Blanche K. Bruce? – First two Af/Am Senators 19) What was a carpetbagger? Why were they hated by Southerners? – Northerner who moved south (Supported/helped Af/Am, often corrupt and inept) Scalawag- Southerner who supported the North 20) Identify an example of political corruption? – One carpetbagger “saved” $100K while earning a salary of $8K – Legislative supplies (perfume, fine meats, alcohol, coffin)

9 ID- The Ku Klux Klan Summary 8- Identify an identifiable trait in the Klansman uniform? – Covered face (w. sheet) OI- The Ku Klux Klan 21) Who would Klansmen try to pretend to be in order to scare freed blacks? – Civil War Confederate GHOSTS 22) What was a most grotesque example of how the Klan would intimidate blacks? – Lynching (group murder of Af/Am usually hanging and/or burning) 23) What kind of people were attracted to the Klan? – Thieves, murderers 24) What were some of the tactics used to try and prevent blacks from voting? – Intimidation, literacy tests Gov reaction (Klan Act- said a county could lose Habeas Corpus if blacks prevented from voting)

10 ID- Impeachment Drama Summary 9- What event is this ticket for? – Impeachment of Pres. Johnson OI- Johnson Walks the Impeachment Plank, A Not so Guilty Verdict 25) What did Johnson do to cause Republicans in Congress to begin impeachment proceedings? – Fired Edwin Stanton (last Rep. in Johnson’s cabinet) ?Why is there a Dem. In Johnson’s Cabinet? Does the President have the right to fire his Cabinet members? 26) What was the vote in the House of Rep. to impeach Johnson? – 126 impeachment- 47 against

11 27) After Johnson was impeached by the house, where would Johnson find himself next to see if he would be removed from office? – Senate 28) By how many votes was Johnson saved from being impeached? – 1 vote 29) How many Republican Senators voted not to impeach Johnson? – 7 Senators 30) Identify one reason Johnson was not impeached – Pres. Johnson did not commit a crime 31) Explain why impeachment would have been a “Dangerous Precedent” – President’s should only be removed for committing a crime, not political reasons b/c the party in control does not like the President ?Why were Republican’s so upset at Johnson? – Blocking equal rights legislation for blacks passed by Rep.

12 ID- Alaska and the Lower 48 States Summary- Approximately, how big is Alaska in comparison with the lower 48 states ?(use a fraction) – 1/5 size of US OI- The Purchase of Alaska 32) Who and why was Alaska sold? – Russia, b/c it could not defend Alaska is Canada or US attacked 33) How much did Alaska cost? – $20 million 34) What was the reaction by Americans? – “Seward’s Folly”- Alaska was a major waste of money 35) Why was the purchase of Alaska seen as a good investment? – Natural resources- fish, timber (later gold and oil) – Access to Asia for US ships to refuel

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