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Chapter 13 Reconstruction and the New South

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1 Chapter 13 Reconstruction and the New South
13.2 Congressional Reconstruction

2 I. The Moderates v. the Radicals
1. restore the Union 2. keep former Confederates out of gov. 3. some civil equality Supporters of African American suffrage radicals- freedman right to vote Land Reform Break up the large plantations Give to former slaves- create economic independence

3 Moderate Republican or Radical Republican?
The main goal of Reconstruction is to create an entirely new South and give African Americans the right to vote The main goal of Reconstruction is to restore the southern states to the Union, keep former Confederates out of government, and give African Americans some civil equality.

4 Assignment With a partner one person will be a moderate Republican the other a Radical Republican. Create a skit in which you debate your goals for Reconstruction

5 II. Congress v. Johnson Moderate and Radical Republicans join forces
The Freedmen’s Bureau- March 1865 Distributed food and clothing, employment agency, provide education Johnson vetoed bill for extension of bureau The Civil Rights Act of 1866 1. Full rights to all- vetoed by Johnson Fourteenth Amendment 1. Equal citizenship- not guaranteed voting rights

6 III. The Radicals come to Power
Race Riots Violence against African Americans The Elections of 1866 and the Reconstruction Acts Republicans control Congress- gained control of Reconstruction Military districts- Union troops

7 Respond In what circumstances- and for what offenses- is it right and proper to remove a president from office?

8 IV. Presidential Impeachment
Johnson removes Secretary of War- Edwin Stanton House votes to impeach- violates Tenure of Office Act Johnson acquitted in heated debate Johnson’s power broken

9 Graphic Organizer The Impeachment of President Johnson
Reasons Why the House Voted to Impeach Reasons Why the Senate Voted to Acquit

10 V. Further Political Difficulties
Election of 1868 Republicans nominate U.S. Grant New African American voters supported Republican- narrow win Fifteenth Amendment Right to vote for all Voting rights still limited Did not extend voting to women

11 Homework 13.1 and 13.2 Main ideas worksheets Quiz tom and 13.2

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