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Republican Candidates 2012 March. CNN projects a Romney victory in Wyoming caucuses Votes Delegates Mitt Romney 39%10 Rick Santorum 33% 9 Ron Paul of.

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1 Republican Candidates 2012 March

2 CNN projects a Romney victory in Wyoming caucuses Votes Delegates Mitt Romney 39%10 Rick Santorum 33% 9 Ron Paul of Texas 20% 6 Newt Gingrich 8% 1



5 Counting the results from Wyoming, CNN now estimates the following total delegate count: Romney: 181 (pledged, 158; unpledged, 23) Santorum: 61 (pledged, 60; unpledged, 1) Gingrich: 39 (pledged: 35; unpledged, 4) Paul: 33 (pledged: 33, unpledged, 0)

6 DNC attacks Romney over female health care

7 Poll: Republicans win enthusiasm contest

8 GOP spotlights president's 100th fundraiser

9 Savannah paper endorses Romney

10 Gingrich: 'I have to win Georgia'


12 Poll: Romney widens lead over Santorum



15 Voters Indicate Tight Race for Congress Republicans, Democrats each have the support of 47% of registered voters

16 Romney dominates Super Tuesday ad spending

17 Romney pledges not to embarrass

18 Michigan results provoke accusations, ire

19 Gingrich robo call labels Santorum 'union bosses' pal'

20 Paul flier hits the other candidates

21 Seattle Times supports Romney as ‘default choice’ ahead of caucuses

22 Virginia Poll: Romney way ahead but voters skeptical Romney 56%Paul 21% (Santorum & Gingrich are not on the ballot)

23 Ohio poll: All tied up in crucial Super Tuesday state Santorum35%Gingrich 17% Romney31%Paul12%

24 Gaffes keep Romney playing defense

25 Santorum lumps McCain, Dole, H.W. Bush into losing clan of GOP moderates

26 Ohio poll: Obama edging up but still under 50%

27 Romney ad goes on the attack in Ohio

28 Washington GOP chair predicts Romney, Paul win


30 CNN projects Romney will win Washington state caucuses

31 WA REPUBLICAN CAUCUSES March 3, 2012 Open caucuses: Any registered voter may participate in the GOP caucuses, but must sign a form stating they consider themselves to be Republican and that they will not participate in any other party's nominating caucus this year. 43 total delegates: 40 delegates tied to March 3 caucuses; 3 unpledged RNC delegates.

32 Republican Caucuses Results by County


34 Gingrich energy ad to air in post- Super Tuesday states

35 Poll: Gingrich ahead in Georgia by double-digit margin Newt Gingrich38%Rick Santorum22% Mitt Romney24%Ron Paul 3%


37 Romney, Santorum tied in Ohio Rick Santorum34%Newt Gingrich15% Mitt Romney32%Ron Paul13%


39 Barbara Bush robo calls for Romney

40 Romney gets backing from key Republicans

41 Poll: All tied up in Tennessee Rick Santorum35%Newt Gingrich20% Mitt Romney31%Ron Paul 9%

42 Former Bush A.G. Ashcroft backs Romney

43 New Ohio poll suggests Romney with momentum Mitt Romney34%Newt Gingrich15% Rick Santorum31%Ron Paul12%

44 Tea party not settled on any one candidate

45 Super PACs prepare for long haul

46 CNN Poll: Catholic support for Romney crucial in Ohio

47 Barbara Bush: This is the 'worst campaign I've ever seen'




51 Ohio ad breakdown shows negative ads dominant



54 Nate Silver: 538 Projections

55 3 things to watch on Super Tuesday Romney's big day. He's been the off-and-on frontrunner throughout the race, but a big Super Tuesday could begin an end game toward a sometimes hesitant base coalescing behind Romney. Turnout. It's the biggest dance yet for Republicans, so the number of people who show up at the polls could be an indication of how energized Republicans are now and what that might mean for the fall. Anyone leaving the race? No. Even if Romney doesn't win in Ohio and/or Tennessee, he'll be able to take the podium tonight and point to wins in other states. Expect Santorum to also declare victory and emphasize that he was outspent by Romney in the states he lost. Newt Gingrich will get a big win in Georgia, and is already looking ahead to next week's contests in Alabama and Mississippi. And Ron Paul could finally win his first contest in one of the caucus states.








63 The Results Roll In…

64 Gingrich wins Georgia primary, CNN projects



67 Romney wins Virginia primary, CNN projects



70 Romney wins Vermont primary, CNN projects



73 Romney wins Massachusetts primary, CNN projects



76 Santorum wins Tennessee primary, CNN projects



79 Santorum wins Oklahoma primary, CNN projects



82 Palin on open convention: Anything is possible

83 Santorum wins North Dakota caucuses, CNN projects

84 Open caucuses: Open to any voting-aged individua l. 28 total delegates; all delegates tied to caucuses.

85 Romney wins Idaho caucuses, CNN projects



88 Romney wins Ohio primary, CNN projects



91 Palin votes for Gingrich

92 ‘Joe the Plumber’ wins GOP primary in Ohio (9 th CD)

93 Romney wins Alaska caucuses, CNN projects

94 Closed caucuses: 27 total delegates. 24 delegates tied to March 6 caucuses; 3 Unpledged


96 No knockout blow for Romney: Romney wins 6 states, fails to blunt Santorum's conservative support

97 Romney wins 6 states, but Santorum draws conservative support

98 Loudly Catholic Santorum loses Ohio Catholics


100 5 things we learned from Super Tuesday 1. Palin leaves door ajar: Palin has been relatively quiet about her future political plans in recent months -- until Tuesday night when she wouldn't rule out a White House run or, gasp, agreeing to be an eleventh-hour consensus candidate if there is an open convention this summer in Tampa. 2. Obama's diversion: On a day Republicans were expected to dominate the political news cycle, Obama held a press conference. Do you remember him? He is the Democrat that one of these Republicans will face in November. Over the past year, Obama has held 100 fundraisers, and his campaign is using this fight for the GOP nomination to organize a general-election ground game. Obama certainly is not going to emerge from a divisive primary bruised, battered and broke. His GOP rival will.

101 5 things we learned from Super Tuesday 3. Santorum's "lack of" organization: While Santorum might have grass-roots support, he is being greatly hurt by not having a full campaign organization in place. Santorum is here -- a leading candidate for the GOP nomination -- yet his campaign has made some very costly mistakes. He ceded Virginia -- where he lives -- and its 46 delegates because he failed to qualify for the ballot. He lost the chance at picking up another 18 delegates in Ohio, because he failed to file full delegate slates. 4. Romney has an Appalachia problem: Romney, a Harvard-educated millionaire, had his first test among Appalachian voters this election cycle and he did not get a passing grade. In the hilly counties along the Ohio River in eastern Tennessee and in north Georgia -- culturally conservative locales where another Harvard grad named Barack Obama was viewed with deep skepticism in 2008 -- Romney lost badly to Santorum, and in some spots, to Gingrich. 5. Newt needs more than Georgia: After his humbling loss to Romney in Florida a month ago, Gingrich eagerly viewed Super Tuesday as the moment to revive his candidacy. His campaign figured it would score wins in delegate-rich conservative states like Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma, while also remaining competitive in Ohio. Instead, it won only Georgia -- Gingrich's home state.

102 Paul still winless after Super Tuesday

103 Up Next…

104 Poll: Romney holds big lead in New York, but running behind Obama

105 Romney expects to win nomination outright

106 Santorum ally calls for Gingrich exit

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