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Carpetbaggers! Scalawags! republican reforms! African Americans in office ! Kendall, Rita, Dominique, and Jeremiah -1 st period(Ms.fischer)

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1 Carpetbaggers! Scalawags! republican reforms! African Americans in office ! Kendall, Rita, Dominique, and Jeremiah -1 st period(Ms.fischer)

2 The origin of …… The origin of scalawags was originally a German word meaning LOW GRADE FARM ANIMALS! They were not even considered to be people. In a discovered 1860 dictionary it was meant as ‘a worthless fellow ‘. After the war, the president wanted to get the south back to normal. they separated the economy by class and the scalawags were lower than the planter class, which was considered the lowest class.

3 Photographs essential to scalawags …

4 AFRICAN AMERICANS IN OFFICE After gaining the right to vote, African American quickly began to organize politically. At first, African American leaders was artisans, shopkeepers, and ministers. They were educated before the civil war. Helped by the republican party, these leaders gave speeches and recruited many blacks to take part in politics. African Americans went from slaves to legislators and administrators on nearly all level of government within a few years. African American participated in government, but did not control it. Many serve as mayors, police chief, school commissioner, and as delegates to state constitutional conventions. 14 were elected to the House of Representatives and 2 to the senate.

5 Hiram Rhoades revels… Hiram Rhoades Revels was the first African American United States Senator, taking the seat left empty by Jefferson Davis in 1861 when Mississippi seceded from the Union. Revels was born in the 1820s in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was the son of free parents of mixed African American and Native American ancestry.

6 QUESTIONS……????? Did blacks controlled the government? What was the argument presented to stop Revel from becoming a senator? What were the jobs of leaders during the civil war?

7 Publican reforms Republican reforms in the south The republicans repealed the black codes within the 1870s allowing blacks to finally vote. They also built hospitals and institutions for orphans, the deaf and blind, and the autistic. They also built roads, railways, bridges, and covered all of the payments. It seems like they were good republicans compared to today’s republicans. However sadly, they had to borrow money and were forced to raise property taxes to make it a reality. The worst recoil is that those who can’t pay it lose their homes and their land. This hurts families, land owners, and farmers drastically. Many republicans wanted to help the south but the rest among them were sour and were opposing it graft was very common in the south. Graft is gaining money through politics illegally. Graft also gave the southern democrats the opportunity to regain power in the 1870s.

8 carpetbaggers Carpetbaggers Northerners who moved to the South were called carpetbaggers. They were called carpetbaggers because they arrived in the south with bags made of carpet. Many southerners thought the North’s purpose in coming to the south was to exploit them. However, in contrast, carpetbaggers actually came to the South for other reasons. The first reason why carpetbaggers moved to the south was because they wanted to find more opportunities in the south that the North and West lacked. The second reason why the carpetbaggers moved to the south was to use the damage regions caused from the war in the south that was not being used. The last reason why carpetbaggers moved to the south was for the purpose of educating the many people that lived there. Despite the good intentions of the carpetbaggers, still many southerners disliked them. Their dislike fueled some of the southerners to form a supremist group known as the KKK-Ku Klux Klan. Why do you think was the purpose of the KKK? Do you think there purpose was fulfilled? Do you think the carpetbaggers were justified in moving to the south?

9 (The KKK) Its very name struck terror in the hearts of its victims. However, the beginning of the Ku Klux Klan was innocent enough. In December 1865, eight months after the South’s surrender, a group of six young men living in the village of Pulaski near Nashville, Tennessee decided to relieve their boredom by organizing a social club. All were veterans of the Confederate Army and some had attended college where fraternities with three-letter, Greek-based names were popular. In mock-imitation, they came up with the alliterative title Ku Klux Klan for their group. Their meetings would be secret and devoted to elaborate ceremonies. Members would disguise themselves with a costume made up of a sheet to cover their bodies, fanciful masks to hide their faces and pointed headgear that heightened their stature. Their leader would be known as the Grand Cyclops. Although their motives may have been innocent, the appearance of these white- sheeted, horse-mounted apparitions on the town’s darkened streets triggered a panic-driven flight for safety by the community’s recently freed slaves. Soon, terrorizing Blacks became a prime sport and the transition of the KKK from an innocuous social club to a ruthless vigilance committee began.

10 THE KKK #2 Transmitted by word-of-mouth and newspaper articles; knowledge of the Klan rapidly spread through the South. Post-war conditions in the former Confederacy were chaotic. The rapid expansion of the Klan was fueled by a wide-spread fear among many Southern Whites of an insurrection by former slaves and seething resentment against Northern “carpet-baggers” who had invaded the South since the end of the war. Local organizations mimicking the original group’s secrecy and costumes sprang up in various communities. It wasn’t long before the Klan evolved into one of the South’s most powerful organizations. However, there was no hierarchal chain of command – merely a loose-knit association of independent local groups that shared common goals and tactics. Former slaves and carpet-baggers were favorite targets for intimidation backed up by violent night-time raids that could end in death.

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