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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY August 2012 Conducted by the National Federation of Republican Women.

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1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY August 2012 Conducted by the National Federation of Republican Women

2 2 Daily we hear the media and others perpetuate stereotypes about Republican women, who we are and what we believe. No comprehensive survey of Republican women had ever been taken to provide data for a substantive response. Thus, the National Federation of Republican Women’s Table Talk Survey was born, a survey created by Republican women for Republican women. Between July 1 and August 6, 2012, more than 8,500 women representing every one of the 50 states and several U.S. territories participated, providing us with this much needed data. We are anxious to share the early results. This is an Executive Summary of the survey results and addresses five topics: Demographics, Policy, Problems, Our Perspectives and Elections. No analysis or interpretation of the results has yet been formulated, just the raw data. This is an important beginning for Republican women! The NFRW is now ready and equipped to lead in this discussion. NFRW President August 27, 2012

3 DEMOGRAPHICS Who are the 8,500 Women Who Took This Survey? 3

4 DEMOGRAPHICS  59% NFRW members; 41% not members  Responses received from every state and most territories  Ages range from 18-75+  32% own a business  53% have college degrees(includes bachelor’s, graduate and post graduate)  75% volunteer in their community  41% employed  51% retired  8% unemployed 4

5 5 POLICY POINTS What Do We Believe?

6 Policy Points  America is not regarded around the world as a strong leader.  We are equally divided on whether to increase our military presence aroundthe world.  We are divided on whether America should spread democracy to othercountries.  America should support Israel.  America should increase its number of military personnel.  Almost all believe there are too many federal regulations controllingbusinesses and the private lives of Americans. 6

7 PROBLEMS FOR TODAY What is Impacting Us? 7

8 Problems For Today  Top issues facing our country: government spending and infringement of ourConstitutional rights.  Facing women in the country: unemployment and infringement of ourConstitutional rights.  Facing area where I live: economy, unemployment and governmentspending.  Facing women where I live: unemployment and personal finances.  Facing our children: quality of education and social issues (drugs, socialmedia and family issues).  Future debt due to government spending will have the greatest impact onour children.  Most important obstacle facing women in the country: traditional vs. non-traditional family-based issues and values. 8

9 OUR PERSPECTIVES How Do We See Ourselves? How Do We See Our Nation? 9

10 Our Perspectives  Republican Women have a belief in a higher power and are faith-driven,fiscally-conservative and have a strong moral compass.  Media creates perception that women candidates are inferior to malecandidates.  Women are capable of making high-level decisions.  Americans have lost their respect for the elderly, patriotism, veterans,religion, education, parents, elected officials and the U.S. Constitution.  Today’s workforce does not have as good of a work ethic as previousgenerations.  It will take longer than four years for our nation to heal. 10

11 ELECTIONS Why Do We Support the Republican Party? Who are We Voting for in 2012? 11

12 Elections  Top issues in 2012: economy, Obamacare and federal spending.  75% women are more politically active.  Believe America will be better served by having a Republican President andCongress.  Support the Republican Party over other parties because of the belief inlimited role of government, traditional values and the U.S. Constitution.  Most accurately describes political philosophy: 89% conservative orsomewhat conservative; 6% moderate.  Over 99% plan on voting in November.  Over 95% would vote for Governor Romney if elections were held today. 12

13 13 National Federation of Republican Women 124 N. Alfred Street | Alexandria, VA 22314 | 703.548.9688 | 703.548.9836 (fax) | The National Federation of Republican Women extends a very special thank you to all of the Republican women across our great nation who participated in this survey, and also to Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day, Karen Watson of GOPBuzz, Sonja Eddings Brown of The Kitchen Cabinet, and Karen Floyd of Palladian View for helping to promote the survey via their Facebook pages, e-mails, and “tweets.”

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