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The Emperors and the Republican Government

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1 The Emperors and the Republican Government
Aim: to understand the finer workings of Roman Government and how they changed in the Imperial period. Starter: Can you remember the main differences between the 3 periods of Rule? Write them down

2 Beyond Senate and Emperor
The ‘Cursus Honorum’ was the name given to the legal structure used in Republican Rome. It was intended to be progressive: Usually start at the bottom, and work your way up. There were numerous different roles within the Senate.

3 Task: Use the information provided to annotate you’re A3 sheet.
You annotate what the different roles were. Try and come up with some way of differentiating them- this can get a bit tricky. Note: You will probably have to refer back to this sheet at a later date.

4 Review How would you describe the government of the Roman Republic?
Do you think it was an effective form of government? Julius Caesar Are you surprised Julius Caesar declared war on them?

5 Here comes the Emperor Julius Caesar declared himself Dictator- All powerful (and then got stabbed a lot!) Augustus wanted to give the impression of some how restoring the Republic/ saving it. He still wanted all the power of a King/ Emperor.

6 Task: Read the written extract about how Augustus changed the Republic. Annotate these onto your diagram (may want to use colour to highlight which offices he changed etc.)

7 Review Was the Roman Emperor ‘All Powerful?’

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