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Martin Barragan Karen Contreras Maria Lopez Rayme Velasquez Maria Teshe Period 2.

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1 Martin Barragan Karen Contreras Maria Lopez Rayme Velasquez Maria Teshe Period 2

2  God, Country, Liberty

3  Address of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County: 1903 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506  Phone: (818)558-7600  FAX: (310)388-1526

4  Smaller government/less government involvement (which includes reduced government spending and government taxes)  National security (strict foreign policy/ large role of military/patriotism/support of military on the offense)  Free trade and capitalism  Pro-life and conservative religious values  Vouchers for the education system  Politically fair over politically correct  Proponents of the NRA and all Constitutional rights  Immigration laws should be enforced or changed.

5  The Republican Party is focused on the key issues of today: making taxes simple and fair, reforming and protecting pensions, expanding options for education and health care, and protecting public safety and our national defense.

6  The perspective the republicans have in the role of government toward the political world is to keep our homeland safe and to better the economy.  One issue is security and defense; they believe in a proactive military and defense. Supports building weapons and technology that serve to protect our nation. Believe that peace is achieved through strong defense. Increase defense and research budget.  Another issue would be tax reform, which the republicans would cut taxes, low interest rates and the repeal of death tax penalty in effort to stimulate the economy.  The republicans are more conservative because they are protecting their country and try to better the economy.

7  The perspective the republicans have in the role of government toward the economic world, is seeking a policy renewal from: crony capitalism, tax policy, education reform, alternatives to Obama care, and many more.  One issue that the republicans have is job creation; with a team of a Republican President and Congress will create the confidence that will get Americans back to work.  Another issue is small businesses and entrepreneurship; they will reform the tax code to allow businesses to generate enough capital to grow and create jobs for our families, friends and neighbors all across America  The republicans are more liberal because they are helping the economic world and trying to help families and businesses.

8  The perspective the republicans have in the role of government in the social world is a majority of the GOP's national and state candidates are pro-life and oppose elective abortion on religious or moral grounds.  An issue is most Republicans support school choice through charter schools and school vouchers for private schools; many have denounced the performance of the public school system and the teachers' unions.  Another issue would be in 2004 Republican platform expressed support for the Federal Marriage Amendment to the United States Constitution to define marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman.  In the social world the republican are liberal because are not fair towards public schools and not fair to the peoples transgender

9  The perspective the republicans want in the role of government in the cultural world is to grant western land to settlers free of charge.  One issue is Birth control coverage; which is insurance coverage for contraception mirrors, a sharp partisan divide among the public.  Another issue is immigration; they will create a humane procedure to encourage illegal aliens to return home voluntarily, while enforcing the law against those who over stay their visa  In the cultural world the republican are conservative because they accept change in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs.

10 LiberalConservative Abortion: A woman has the right to decide what happens with her body. A fetus is not a human life, so it does not have separate individual rights. The government should provide taxpayer funded abortions for women who cannot afford them. The decision to have an abortion is a personal choice of a woman regarding her own body and the government must protect this right. Women have the right to affordable, safe and legal abortions, including partial birth abortion. Abortion : Human life begins at conception. Abortion is the murder of a human being. An unborn baby, as a living human being, has separate rights from those of the mother. Oppose taxpayer-funded abortion. Taxpayer dollars should not be used for the government to provide abortions. Support legislation to prohibit partial birth abortions, called the "Partial Birth Abortion* Ban" Taxes: Higher taxes (primarily for the wealthy). Support a large government to provide for the needs of the people and create equality. Taxes enable the government to create jobs and provide welfare programs for those in need. Government programs are a caring way to provide for the poor and needy in society. Taxes: Lower taxes and a smaller government with limited power will improve the standard of living for all. Support lower taxes and a smaller government. Lower taxes create more incentive for people to work, save, invest, and engage in entrepreneurial endeavors. Money is best spent by those who earn it, not the government. Government programs encourage people to become dependent and lazy, rather than encouraging work and independence. Private Property: Government has the right to use eminent domain (seizure of private property by the government--with compensation to the owner) to accomplish a public end. Private Property: Respect ownership and private property rights. Eminent domain (seizure of private property by the government--with compensation to the owner) in most cases is wrong. Eminent domain should not be used for private development. Same-Sex Marriage: Marriage is the union of people who love each other. It should be legal for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, to ensure equal rights for all. Support same-sex marriage. Opposed to the creation of a constitutional amendment establishing marriage as the union of one man and one woman. All individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, have the right to marry. Same-Sex Marriage: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Oppose same-sex marriage. Requiring citizens to sanction same-sex relationships violates moral and religious beliefs of millions of Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

11 Former Presidents of the United States of America Famous People  Abraham Lincoln  Theodore Roosevelt  Ronald Reagan  Richard Nixon  Lindsey Lohan  Adam Sandler  Mel Gibson  Britney Spears

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