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1 Data Normalization in Electronic Voting Systems: A County Perspective Paul Lux, CERA – Supervisor of Elections

2 1 Contest Identification Number Candidate/Choice Identification Number Party Affiliation Codes Counters Each Candidate/Choice Overvote / Undervote / Blank Vote Ballot Headers Common to all Ballots Specific to Certain Ballots Contests Footers Data Elements in Tabulation Systems

3 2 Data Variations Jurisdiction-specific Functionality Straight-Ticket Voting Vendor – to – Vendor Field Sizes Field Codes Data Field Formats Numeric Alpha Character Free-form

4 3 First Steps in Florida Standardization to Election Night Reporting ES&S Platform Premier Platform Sequoia Platform (Dominion also attended) Certified Vendors “Years away” from *.xml Dominion already using *.eml Old Way—67 Different File Translations

5 4 The New Way Division of Elections Specified Contest Codes Allow for Uniform Representation Contests Party Affiliations District Numbers 4 digit code (wanted 6) Preserve Statutory Contest Order Trial by Self-selecting Counties in PPP

6 5 Sample Code List (Primary) Okaloosa County Contest Codes for 08/26/2008 (Extract) ElectionOfficeJuris 1Juris 2 Contest Code Contest Description RepublicanUSR0011211Representative in Congress, District 1 – REP RepublicanUSR0021221Representative in Congress, District 2 – REP DemocratUSR0011212Representative in Congress, District 1 – DEM DemocratUSR0021222Representative in Congress, District 2 – DEM RepublicanSTR0042021State Representative, District 4 – REP RepublicanSTR0072041State Representative, District 7 – REP DemocratSTR0042022State Representative, District 4 – DEM DemocratSTR0072042State Representative, District 7 – DEM RepublicanBCC0013611County Commissioner, District 1 – REP RepublicanBCC0033631County Commissioner, District 3 – REP DemocratBCC0013612County Commissioner, District 1 – DEM DemocratBCC0033632County Commissioner, District 3 – DEM

7 6 Sample Code List (General) Okaloosa County Contest Codes for 11/04/2008 (Extract) ElectionOfficeJuris 1Juris 2 Contest Code Contest Description GeneralPRE1100President and Vice President of the United States GeneralUSR0011210Representative in Congress, District 1 GeneralUSR0021220Representative in Congress, District 2 GeneralSTA0011510State Attorney, 1 st Judicial Circuit GeneralSTR0042020State Representative, District 4 GeneralSTR0072040State Representative, District 7 GeneralCOC3100Clerk of Circuit Court GeneralBCC0013610County Commissioner, District 1 NonPartisanDCA0015211First District Court of Appeal – Robert T. Benton NonPartisanSCB0026402School Board, District 2 NonPartisanFD0017211Almarante Fire District, Seat 1 NonPartisanAMD9001Amendment 1 – Declaration of Rights

8 7 Implementation Presidential Preference Primary Test Successful Published Contest Codes August Primary Election November General Election Streamlined Statewide Election Night Reporting Counties Upload Usual Results Export Easy to Merge Cross-jurisdiction Results New Codes for 2010 Elections 6-digit

9 8 Sample Code List (6-Digit) Okaloosa County Contest Codes for 2010 (Extract) OfficeJuris 1Juris 2 Contest Code Contest Description USS11500PUnited States Senator USR00112001PRepresentative in Congress, District 1 USR00212002PRepresentative in Congress, District 2 GOV13000PGovernor STS00217002PState Senator, District 2 STR00420004PState Representative, District 4 SHF31500PSheriff BCC00236002PCounty Commissioner, District 2 CTJ001002550102Circuit Judge, 1 st Judicial Circuit, Group 2 SCB001640001School Board, District 1 AMD900100Amendment 1 (Statewide) REF930001Referendum 1 (Local Jurisdiction)

10 9 Problems with Data Normalization Other Voting Systems Data Access File Security Safeguarding Audits

11 10 Other Voting Systems Hand-counted Paper Ballots No Electronic Record to Import/Upload Non-Traditional Voting Systems Vote by Phone Voting Over the Internet How is Data Imported?

12 11 Data Access Who Should Have Access to This Data? Jurisdiction-Level Central Reporting Authority Other Consumers? Media? Political Parties? Individual Candidates? Who Has “Official” Totals? Third-party Error Check Accusations of Data Tampering

13 12 File Security Who Has “True” Copy of File? Safeguards Digitally Signed Encryption Hashing Some Form of Authentication Necessary

14 13 Audits New Level of Transparency Post Scans of Ballots Online Post Results Files Online Public Auditing by Interested Parties Safeguards Avoid Prejudicing Official Audit Timed Release of Statement of Votes Cast

15 14 Conclusion Tremendous Benefit to Normalizing Data Files States Media Public Issues Proprietary Software File Security Use of File Data Potential Benefits Too Great to not Pursue

16 15 Questions? Paul Lux Supervisor of Elections Okaloosa County, Florida 302 Wilson St. N., Suite 102 Crestview, FL 32536 850.689.5600

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