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Uzbekistan State World Languages University

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1 Uzbekistan State World Languages University
Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan State World Languages University

The Uzbekistan State University of World Languages in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, was founded in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of May 12, 1992 No 401, by merging the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages and the Republican Pedagogical Institute of the Russian Language and Literature.

Training professional language teaching specialists and researchers The Bachelor’s Courses: English German French Spanish Chinese Russian Russian and Russian Literature for foreigners Theory and practice of translation Journalism (International and Sports journalism) Total No of students in academic year

4 The Master’s Courses: English Literature and literary criticism
Linguistics (English, German, French, Spanish,Chinese, Russian) Theory and practice of translation (by languages) International journalism Sports journalism Total No of Master’s students in academic year - 332 The second foreign language programmes imply Arabic, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Malay, Polish, Indian, Turkish, Greek and Indonesian languages

5 Subdivisions of the UzSWLU
Recently the Republican Scientific-Practical Centre for Developing Innovative Methodologies in Foreign Languages’ Teaching was created. The Centre is responsible for retraining and upgrading of pedagogical personnel, and preparation and publication educational and didactic literature in learning and teaching foreign languages in line with the highest international standards. The Centre devises recommendations for testing and certification of language proficiency in the republic and develops distance education. There is the Republican Language Training Centre where one who wishes can attend the language classes and learn English, French or German. There is also the institute of senior researchers, where senior scientific workers conduct investigations for their doctoral dissertations and write monographs in theory-related linguistic subjects. Out of 480 teachers 88 are candidates of sciences, associate professors, and 18 are doctors of sciences, professors. There are three lyceums under the UzSWLU which train graduates of secondary school, years 9-12 of compulsory 12-year secondary education.

English Faculty 1 English Faculty 2 English Faculty 3 Roman-German Faculty Translation Faculty International Journalism Faculty MANAGEMENT CENTRES Innovative Methods Devp. Centre Language Learning Centre Information-Resource LYCEUMS LYCEUM #1 LYCEUM #2 LYCEUM #3

The Uzbekistan State University of World Languages has professional links with more than 30 prestigious HEIs from many countries of the world, namely: England Belgium France Poland Germany South Korea Spain Egypt Greece Malaysia Italy Russia China, etc.. In the framework of the mutual agreements study visits to participate at the international conferences, seminars and forums, as well as students and masters exchanges and trainings for upgrading professional skills of the university professors and teachers are put into practice.

8 Upon graduation our students work in the following professional areas:
State educational institutions (schools, academic lyceums and vocational colleges, HEIs and teachers’ upgrading and retraining institutions; Public administration institutions; Non-government organisations, funds, professional associations; Mass media, publishing houses and printed press, information agencies, TV, Radio, publicity and advertising agencies, PR structures, newspapers, consultancy, etc.; Scientific-research and analytical centers; State and private enterprises; Representation offices and embassies of and in foreign countries; Joint ventures; Archives, libraries, museums; Culture and tourism spheres, etc.

In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of may 23, 2013 № PD-1971 «On measures for improving the activity of the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages”, it was conferred the status of the republican key educational and scientific-methodological institution for the system of continuous education in foreign languages. The aim is to ensure the implementation of measures for the further development of learning foreign languages, and to upgrade and improve the quality of training of qualified teachers of foreign languages for secondary schools, vocational colleges and academic lyceums in accordance with international standards.

10 UzSWLU’s New Mission Training of qualified foreign language teachers for secondary schools, vocational colleges, academic lyceums and higher educational institutions, using modern pedagogical and information-communication technologies of teaching foreign languages; development and continuous improvement of state educational standards, curricula, textbooks and teaching aids for foreign languages for the entire system of continuous education in accordance with international standards, involving, as appropriate, international consultants; Development and implementation of modern methods of teaching foreign languages in all educational institutions of continuous education as well as institutions of training and retraining of teachers in foreign languages with regard to international experience; Training and retraining of teachers and methodologists of foreign languages, especially of specialized universities and institutions of training and retraining of teachers.

In 2012 Uzbekistan accepted the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) as a nation-wide educational standard of reference for learning, teaching and assessment of foreign languages. English being the key language in economy, society, education, and industry, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan has undertaken an initiative to align ESL programs nationwide according to the CEFR levels of language proficiency:  A1 - Elementary Schools, General English, Part I A2 - Secondary Education, General English, Part II B1 - Vocational Schools and High Schools, English for Specific Purposes, including language programs B2 - Higher Education non-language programs and High School language programs C1 - Language programs, Masters, Doctorate

Together with the international experts from Great Britain a new teaching plan for the next teachers’ generation was elaborated based on PRESETT Project. As a result, the first year students of 17 HEIs switched over to completely new programmes, compiled with due regard for all-European international standards known as CEFR. The programmes included 21 new subjects (modules). On completion of the HEI the graduates are expected to have the mastery of language at C1 level.

13 Official Internet site


15 Electronic journal “Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan” and Internet portal
Home Page Journal Contents Current Issue Archives Authors Terms of Publishing Forms of Documents Design of Articles/References Copyright Our authors Editorial Editorial Board Advertisements Contacts Innovations FL Teaching Normative Documents Interactive Teaching Methods Information Resources Language Learning Resources Fiction Literature Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Media Technologies Methodological Cabinets Various About Us Forum Photo /Video Gallery Our Partners Interactive Services Latest References Feedback Secondary Schools SSVE HEIs UzSWLU Primary Schools

16 New Main Campus of UzSWLU
Building А –Administrative and educational premises, capacity – 2200 seats Building Б – 3RD English Faculty, capacity seats Building В – Information and Resource Centre Building Г – Faculty of Translation theory and practice– 1000 seats Building Д– Sports Complex (gymnasium and a swimming pool) Building Е – Canteen, capacity – 400 seats


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