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Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama Reconstruction to Present Day United States Presidents.

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1 Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama Reconstruction to Present Day United States Presidents

2 THE GILDED AGE: 1868-1900 Western Development, Industrialism, Urbanization, & Immigration Abraham Lincoln (Civil War & Reconstruction) Ulysses S. Grant Rutherford B. Hayes James A. Garfield Chester A. Arthur Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison William McKinley


4 Election of 1860 & 1865 (52 years old) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Hannibal Hamlin & Andrew Johnson Occupation Before Office: Lawyer Civil War; Reconstruction- 10% Plan, Freedmen’s Bureau, Pacific Railway Act of 1862 Assassinated in 1865 13th Amendment Legacy: Saved the Union Personality: Funny, good listener, plain- spoken, obsessed with detail, & micromanager


6 Finished Lincoln’s 2 nd Term in Office Political Party: Republican Vice-President: None Occupation: Tailor Reconstruction, Impeached by Congress because of Radical Republicans (56 years old) Legacy: Father of Segregation Personality: cold, blunt, honest, stubborn, lacked flexibility


8 Election of 1868 & 1872 (46 years old) Political Party: Republican Vice-President(s): Schuyler Colfax & Henry Wilson Occupation: Farmer & Soldier Reconstruction & Gilded Age Panic of 1873 ($$$) Scandals: Whiskey Ring, & Credit Mobilier Battle of Little Bighorn Legacy: Father of the Civil Rights Movement Personality: loved animals, superstitious, artistic, hands-off micromanager, Motto: “Let us have peace”


10 Election of 1876 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: William A. Wheeler Occupation: Lawyer Gilded Age Great Railroad Strike of 1877 (54 years old) Legacy: ended Reconstruction with Compromise of 1877 & Supports Black Suffrage Personality: outdoorsman, “people person”, & physically fit


12 Election of 1880 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Chester A. Arthur Occupation: Laborer & Professor Gilded Age Assassinated because of attempt of Civil Service Reforms (49 years old) Legacy: Martyr of the “Spoils System” Personality: gifted speaker & debater, inconsistent, touchy- feely, despised patronage


14 Completed Garfield’s Term of Office Political Party: Republican Vice-President: None Occupation: Teacher & Lawyer Gilded Age Pendleton Act Chinese Exclusion Act (51 years old) Legacy: Restored dignity to presidency Personality: passive manager, honest, man of charm, entertainer, emotional, romantic, & procrastinator


16 Election of 1884 Political Party: Democrat (47 & 55) Vice-President: Thomas A. Hendricks & Adlai E. Stevenson Occupation: Lawyer Gilded Age Interstate Commerce Commission Haymarket Square Riot 1984 Pullman Strike Legacy: 1 st president to use veto freely & only President to serve 2 non-consecutive terms *Only Democrat between 1860 & 1892 Personality: Blunt, honest, efficient, quick temper, narrow-minded, good “money man”, & conservative


18 Election of 1888 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Levi P. Morton Occupation: Lawyer Gilded Age Battle of Wounded Knee Sherman Anti-Trust Act Signed Higher Tariff (55 years old) Grandson of William Henry Harrison Legacy: “Billion Dollar Congress” Personality: detail oriented, quit work at noon to be with children, “great public speaker”& 1 st to use Christmas tree

19 IMPERIALISM, PROGRESSIVISM, WORLD WAR I: 1898-1919 William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt William H. Taft Woodrow Wilson


21 Elections of 1896 & 1900 (54 years old) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Garret Hobart & Theodore Roosevelt Occupation: Teacher & Lawyer Gilded Age Supported Gold Standard Boxer Rebellion 1900 Annexed Hawaii in 1898 Spanish-American War Assassinated in 1901 Legacy: Modern politics Personality: moral, religious, formal manners, friendly


23 Completed McKinley’s Term in Office Election of 1904 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Charles W. Fairbanks Occupation: Historian, Soldier, & Rancher Legacy: The 1 st Modern President (42 years old) Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine “Big Stick Diplomacy” Panama Canal “Trustbuster” Conservationists Square Deal Coal Strike of 1902

24 Personality: Youthful, energetic, craved the spotlight, proud, animated speaker, thirst for knowledge, cherished role of President, strong sense of right & wrong, fearless


26 Election of 1908 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: James S. Sherman Occupation: Lawyer Largest President Dollar Diplomacy High Tariff & Slight conservation (51 years old) Legacy: Progressive in the regulation of monopolies Personality: fun, loved baseball & golf, good natured, joked about his size, & did not like being President


28 Election of 1912 & Political Party: Democrat (56 yrs.) Vice-President: Thomas R. Marshall Occupation: College Professor World War I Fourteen Points: League of Nations Missionary Diplomacy 18 th -Prohibition Federal Reserve Act 19 th -Woman’s Suffrage Legacy: Offered voters “New Freedom” by ending monopolies Personality: sportsman, joke teller, moody, gifted speaker, poor health

29 MODERN 1920S, GREAT DEPRESSION, & WORLD WAR II: 1920-1945 Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge Herbert Hoover Franklin D. Roosevelt Isolationism, Roaring 20s, Stock Market Crash, Great Depression, & World War II


31 Election of 1920: (55 years old) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Calvin Coolidge Occupation: Newspaper Editor & Publisher “Ohio Gang”: Teapot Dome Scandal Called for Washington Naval Conference in 1921 & worked for peace Legacy: did little to meet the economic & social needs of post-war America Personality: easy-going, poker player, nervous breakdowns, unfaithful in marriage, relaxed, & poor leadership skills


33 Completed Harding’s Term of Office Election of 1924 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Charles G. Dawes Occupation: Lawyer Former Governor of Massachusetts who settled Boston Police Strike (51 years old) “Silent Cal” Promised a “Return to Normalcy” Veteran’s Bonus Kellogg-Briand Pact Legacy: Restored dignity to the office after Harding’s scandals Personality: shy, reserved, man of few words, not innovative


35 Election of 1928 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Charles Curtis Occupation: Engineer Food Administrator during WWI Blamed for the Great Depression (54 years old) “Rugged individualism” Shantytowns = “Hoovervilles” 18 th Amendment: Prohibition Begins in 1929 Black Thursday- Stock Market Crash

36 Smoot-Hawley Tariff Legacy: Identified one of darkest periods in history. Personality: self-reliant, self- assured, didn’t like small talk, avid fisherman, extremely efficient, hard-working, dull speaker, & detail oriented


38 Elections of 1932, 1936, 1940 & 1944 (51 years) Political Party: Democrat Vice-Presidents: John N. Garner, Henry A. Wallace, & Harry S. Truman Occupation: Lawyer “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Great Depression & World War II (DDAY) New Deal: Relief, Recovery, & Reform “Court-packing Scheme” Social Security Act “Fireside Chats” Only President elected to 4 Terms in Office 1 st 100 Days & 2 nd 100 Days TVA, CCC,WPA, PWA, SEC,

39 Legacy: Fearlessly guided U.S. through war & depression, inspiring hope & confidence. Personality: sensitive, good listener, sportsman, loved movies, card player, charming, worked well under pressure, fearless, strong-willed, suffered from polio

40 POSTWAR ERA & COLD WAR: 1945-1974 Harry S. Truman Dwight Eisenhower John F. Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson Richard Nixon


42 Completed FDR’s Term of Office (60 yrs old) Election of 1948 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Alben W. Barkley Occupation: Clerk & Farmer World War II: bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki Desegregated the military after WWII Cold War: Berlin Airlift, Korean War “The Buck Stops Here” “Fair Deal” McCarthyism & Red Scare

43 Legacy: Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, established NATO- saved “western civilization” Personality: even-tempered, reader, pianist, loved to walk outdoors, confident, acted boldly & quickly


45 Elections of 1952 & 1956 (62 yrs) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Richard M. Nixon Occupation: Soldier Allied Supreme Commander of WWII- DDAY “Little Rock Nine” Crisis Brown v. Board of Education Legacy: Kept the peace & provided prosperity- a time of great national pride. Personality: superstitious, great cook, poker player, honorable, poor public speaker, never badmouthed others


47 Election of 1960 (43) Political Party: Democrat Vice-President: Lyndon B. Johnson Occupation: Author, Reporter Youngest President Cuban Missile Crisis & Bay of Pigs Invasion Civil Rights Movement New Frontier: Space program, & Peace Corps Legacy: His tragic assassination in Dallas, TX 1963 Personality: graceful, ladies man, very athletic, witty, 1 st Catholic


49 Completed JFK’s 2 nd Term of Office (55) Election of 1964 Political Party: Democrat Vice-President: Hubert H. Humphrey Occupation: Teacher Escalated the Vietnam War after Tonkin Gulf Resolution “ Great Society” Pushed for passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & 1968 Declared a war on poverty Voting Rights Act Race riots Medicare & Medicaid Did not seek a 2 nd term

50 Personality: complex, puzzling person, loved to play host, true Texan, competitive, hardworking, ambitious, & intimidating


52 Elections of 1968 & 1972 (56 yrs old) Political Party: Republican Vice-Presidents: Spiro T. Agnew & Gerald R. Ford Occupation: Lawyer 1 st President to visit China Started détente with Soviet Union Vietnamization: gradual withdrawal of troops from Vietnam War 1 st man on moon Environmental Protection Agency Legacy: Watergate Scandal, resignation, & “Tricky Dick” Personality: serious, avid bowler, pianist, entrepreneur, traditional values, patriotic, secretive


54 Completed Nixon’s Term of Office after his resignation (61) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Nelson A. Rockefeller Occupation: Lawyer Vietnam troops return home in 1975 Pardoned Richard Nixon for his actions Accidental President: Only President appointed VP & later succeeds to presidency Legacy: Restored a sense of integrity to White House after Watergate Scandal. Personality: dependable, honest, talented athlete, big on compromise, not prepared for presidency 2 assassination attempts by 2 different females


56 Election of 1976 Political Party: Democrat Vice-President: Walter Mondale Occupation: Business & Farmer Iran Hostage Crisis Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island Panama Canal Treaty Camp David Accords Legacy: Fought for human rights & diplomacy- became a exemplary leader of these causes after his presidency. Personality: religious, shy, intelligent, reader, hired minorities, ambitious, sarcastic, did not delegate


58 Elections of 1980 & 1984 (69) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: George H.W. Bush Occupation: Actor & Lecturer American hostages released from Iran “Reaganonmics” Berlin Wall fall down after Reagan persuaded Gorbachev Launching of Columbia Iran-Contra Scandal involving Nicaragua Challenger Explosion Appointed 1 st woman to Supreme Court

59 Legacy: The “Teflon President” Personality: former Hollywood actor, charmer, private, loved comics, optimistic, great communicator *Attempted assassination in 1981


61 Election of 1988 Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Dan Quayle Occupation: Business Persian Gulf War with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait Soviet Union collapses- Berlin Wall (64 years old) “Read my lips, no new taxes” Invasion of Panama Legacy: Admired as honest & principal leader Personality: Type A, workaholic, witty, put friends in key positions, decent leader


63 Elections of 1992 & 1996 (46 years old) Political Party: Democrat Vice-President: Al Gore, Jr. Occupation: Lawyer NAFTA is signed OK City Courthouse Bombing Impeachment Trial & is acquitted Monica Lewinski: Public Relations Affair Brady Bill Troops sent to Bosnia Legacy: Provided peace, low crime, & unprecedented prosperity

64 Personality: Flirtatious, chronic womanizer, saxophone player, reader, loved junk food, stubborn & commanding, peacemaker, hated making enemies, & “Slick Willie”


66 Election of 2000 & 2004 (54 years old) Political Party: Republican Vice-President: Dick Cheney Occupation: Business “No Child Left Behind” Sept. 11, 2001 Terrorists Attacks on America Known as “W” Hurricane Katrina 2005 Bush v. Gore Election 2000: Controversy in Florida with chads (votes) Legacy: Fought terrorism worldwide Personality: witty, athletic, party boy, outgoing, cocky, loyal, competitive, energetic


68 Election of 2008 Political Party: Democrat Vice-President: Joe Biden Current President “Cash for Clunkers” Buyouts: GM, Chrysler, & others (47 years old) Pushing for National Health Care System TO BE CONTINUED!

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