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Pop Michael Jackson (King of POP) Popular Songs Include :  Billy Jean  Beat it  Thriller  Smooth Criminal  Man in the Mirror  Earth Song  They.

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3 Pop Michael Jackson (King of POP) Popular Songs Include :  Billy Jean  Beat it  Thriller  Smooth Criminal  Man in the Mirror  Earth Song  They Don´t Care about us  Black or White  Heal the World  Bad

4 Interesting Facts About Pop Music Katy Perry holds the same record as Michael Jackson for most number one singles from an album Led Zeppelin, REM, and Depeche Mode have never had a number one single, Rihanna has 10 Barbra Streisand has sold more albums than Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Pearl Jam combined. Madonna was a drummer in the early 1980’s for the Breakfast Club, a pop band and part of another band called Emmy Prince got his first and middle name from his dad’s jazz band that was called the Prince Rogers. Jimmi Hendrix was once a part of Little Richard’s band during the 1950s. However, Little Richard ended up kicking him out of the band because he was always stealing the spotlight away from the lead singer

5 R & B R. Kelly Popular Songs Include :  I believe I Can fly  Step in the name of love  When a woman’s fed up  You remind me of something  Down low( nobody has to know)  Happy People  Seems like your ready  Bump N Grind  Play  Ignition

6 Interesting Facts About R & B Music Early R&B music originated in Atlanta, Georgia where black-owned radio stations and theatre venues helped the music to thrive. Artists like Ray Charles, Little Richard, and James Brown became known as some of the most important and influential R&B performers of all time. Charles was a talented pianist, singer, and arranger Little Richard calls himself "the originator, the emancipator, and the architect of rock n' roll“ Brown was nicknamed "The Godfather of Soul" for his soulful vocals and raspy voice.

7 Country Johnny Cash Johnny Cash Popular Songs Include :  A walk in the line  Folsom prison blues  Ring of fire  Hurt  Jackson  Sunday morning coming down  Ballad of a teenage queen  One piece at a time  Man in black  A man named sue

8 Interesting Facts About Country Music Country music was originally called “hillbilly music ” In the 1940s, Ernest Tubb helped re-brand this type of music “country music”. Atlanta has become the home of commercial country music. Atlanta is also the most famous music country state within United States People consider Jimmy Rodgers the father of country music Henry Ford is the auto maker of Ford manufacturer. He spent much money in order to promote country music in the 1920s Country Music is related to cowboy lifestyle Crazy Water Crystals is the patent medicine for people. It came from Mineral Wells in Texas. It had sponsored many country music artist on the radio.

9 Rap & Hip Hop Tupac Shakur Popular Songs Include Popular Songs Include :  H H it Em Up  California Love  Pain Changes  Dear Mama  Life Goes On  Ghetto Gospel  Keep Y Head up  Thugs Mansion  A ll Eyez on me

10 Interesting Facts About Rap & Hip Hop Music Rap music is poetry accompanied by groovy beats and attractive tones from the bass guitar and keyboards/synthesizers. Rap is often referred to as “ Hip Hop “ Hip Hop was considered anovelty act in the 1980s Hip Hop songs consist of a bassline, a drum beat and sampled music / originally sequenced loops Hip Hop should not be considered a genre it is the culture while Rap is the genre.

11 Alternative Tori Amos Popular Songs Include:  Professional Widow  Crucify  Talula  Me and a Gun  Silent all these years  Cornflake girl

12 Interesting Facts About Alternative Music Alternative Music is known as Alternative music, Alternative rock or just Alternative. It started to become popular in the 1990’s but started in the 1980’s Alternative music came from underground bands from the 80’s In the UK Alternative music is known as Indie

13 Techno Richie Hawtin Popular Songs Include :  Cacoon  Ping Pong  Lost  Consume  Pakard  Close  Marbles  Loop  Ask yourself  Spastik

14 Interesting Facts About Techno Music Since Techno is part of technology, it is all made on a computer and uses a music producing software Synthesizers are the most common instrument used in techno music. Synthesizers can imitate almost any other instruments Techno is a sub-genre of electronic dance

15 Classical Ludwig Van Beethoven Popular Songs Included :  Symphony No. 9  Piano Sonata No. 14  Bagatelle in A minor  Symphony No.5  Piano Sonata No.8  Fideljo

16 Interesting Facts About Classical Music Paul Wittgenstein, brother of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, lost his right arm while serving in the Austrian army during World War I. But he performed as a professional pianist commissioning left-handed compositions from Maurice Ravel, Richard Strauss and Sergei Prokofiev. Couac is a French word for a bad note from a defective or mishandled reed instrument, so named because it sounds like a duck's quack Felix Mendelssohn, a prodigy often compared with Mozart, may not have been the most talented musician in his family. When his older sister Fanny was just 12, she played from memory 24 preludes from J.S. Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier." Later, Felix would publish some of Fanny's work under his own name, partly because of societal mores against her doing so. One of them, "Italien," became very popular, so much so that in 1842 when Felix met Queen Victoria of England, she sang the piece to him. Reportedly, Felix admitted it was his sister's composition. An early version of the trombone was called a sackbut.

17 John Cage's most famous composition, "4'33"," requires a musician to make no sound for four minutes and 33 seconds. British composer Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, also known as Lord Berners, meals based on color schemes — for example : matching beet soup with lobster, tomatoes and strawberries. When serving such a meal, he also would dye the pigeons and doves outside his home a matching hue. In addition, Berners constructed a tower at his estate west of London and posted a sign: "Members of the public committing suicide from this tower do so at their own risk.“ In the 19th century, a singer who was on tour would bring along a "suitcase aria," a favorite piece of music to be inserted into whatever opera was being performed, whether it made any dramatic sense or not, Baton was a safety device, Before that, conductors used a longer staff to keep time, sometimes to dangerous effect. While conducting a performance in the 1600s, French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully hit his foot with the staff. Accident took a turn for the worse and killed him.

18 Reggae Bob Marley Popular Songs Included : Popular Songs Included :  Is This Love  No Woman No Cry  Could You Be Love  Three Little Birds  Buffalo Soldier  Get Up Stand Up  Stir It Up  One Love/People Get Ready  I Shot The Sheriff  Redemption Song  Exodus  Waiting In Vain

19 Interesting Facts About Reggae Music Bob Marley and his group, The Wailers, are the best known performers The richest living reggae artist alive is Shaggy who is worth $22 Million If Bob Marley was still alive he would be worth $130 Million. His net worth is more than the top 10 richest living artists combined. Bob Marley has 11 legitimate children to several woman and 2 illegitimate children Reggae was invented partially by an accident, their was reverb on the amp which mimicked the chord on the offbeat. This is where reggae came from. The majority of the old reggae artists from Jamaica were shot in gang related incidents. Even Bob was shot but survived. The Queen of England presented Beenie man with the reggae artist of the year award. There are over 15 Music forms that have been derived from reggae. It has been a major influence on the music They are 200 Reggae Festivals world wide each year. Most in the USA

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