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GROUP B SENSELESS. SYNOPSIS Dave wakes up, tied to a bed in a mental asylum on a misty morning in September. He doesn`t really know why or how he ended.

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2 SYNOPSIS Dave wakes up, tied to a bed in a mental asylum on a misty morning in September. He doesn`t really know why or how he ended up there. ‘Being subjected to such brutal treatment at an early age opened up his inner madness’ said the psychiatrist. Every day he pleads with the nurses saying he is innocent; they tell him he is here for the benefit of him and society. One day some of the staff begin to teat Dave like an animal, beating and humiliating him. The constant pain pushes Dave to realise escape is the only option. Jimmi is a new nurse at the institute and has been warned that Dave is a very dangerous inmate and should not be trusted. Despite all the warnings Jimmi finds Dave charismatic and somewhat normal and begins to give him more and more freedom within the institute. While this is happening day begins to plot his escape although this is made difficult by constant excruciating head aces followed by bizarre flash backs. Slowly things begin to puzzle together, will he escape? What has he done? Has he been here before? 2

3 USP The concept of our film is centred around a person who seemingly has mental health problem. He is in a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane, and is pleading his freedom. Our film is a psychological thriller It is called ‘Senseless’ because the main character is truly senseless. He has not emotion or mind of his own. The tag line for this film is ‘Inside the mind of the criminal insane’ This reflects both the genre and sub genre of the film. This is the our selling point because we believe that it is a new exciting idea that will intrigue our audience. What has the man done? Is he innocent? 3

4 3 ACT TREATMENT 3 act treatment: Equilibrium: There is no clear equilibrium, however it will be like an average day in an asylum. He is woken up to take his daily medication, and prepares for breakfast. Dis-equilibrium: The character is trapped by a group of psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists, and they strap him down and start to test certain things. It is at this point that the patients realises he needs to escape and prove his innocence. New equilibrium: There is no new equilibrium, our character realises that he is in actual fact insane. 4

5 SHOOTING 21-22 November 2013 is our shooting dates and plan on filming a prison building to let the audience know where the location is set get a sense of dark and gloomy, then a hospital setting interior to get the correct atmosphere. Thursday afternoon 2:10 till Friday morning till 1:10 Camera: Amber, Actors: Frankie and Norton, Director: Joshua. 5

6 INFLUENCES Our main influence for this film was Shutter Island. As Shutter Island is a psychological thriller that focuses on characterisation and shows the psychological changes that the characters go through as the plot develops. The characters we are focusing on are the protagonist who is heavily influenced by Leonardo DiCaprio`s character (Teddy Daniels) in Shutter Island. 6

7 MISE EN SCENE We were going to create this film by Lewes prison; a house where the flash backs happen; and if feasible, a hospital room. The makeup will be, at times, gory but naturalistic. For instance some blood and a black eye to give the illusion of reality. The costumes will be again naturalistic, according to the scene, such as an asylum outfit for the hospitalised man. The storyline will be easy to follow, with hints of a few …….. To put the audience off and create more tension. It’s based around this man who has been put into a mental hospital, unjustly and the plot follows him through his escape. We don’t want to go over board with the props however the ones we will be including are knives, needles and old toys in his childhood for the flash backs, and to set the scene and atmosphere. The characters in our film sequence are minimal. There is the main character, Dave, who is the person put in hospital unjustly; a man who befriends Dave and helps with the escape; a hospital nurse Jimmi, who is unfair towards Dave which then consequently brings back memories for Dave to his childhood. The final character is the father of Dave who appears in the flash backs. 7

8 RISK ASSESSMENT The use of props including knives and needles. The props need to be carried to the location safely and once in use the actors must be briefed on how to use the prop safely and how to put them away. The location of filming will have to be checked out appropriately for any hazards to the actors and camera crew. 8

9 MARKETING We plan for our film to be marketed using bold posters in major cities, placed in transport advertising space and large shopping centres. We will also place paid adverts on relevant YouTube videos and on social media websites such as Facebook and twitter. These adverts will be shown to our target audience to ensure growing interest in the film. Bringing it out around Halloween time allows us to capitalise on an audience who may be seeking a film to scare them. As it is a thriller, we are going to make our film 15+. We plan to premier it on a building, Halloween night, in London, we make the venue private, however the sound will eco further, enabling us to captivate future viewers and generate interest. We will sell the film on blue ray for those movie fanatics who love watching in high definition, or DVD as a simple, fun entertainment. This way we are broadening our audience as it’s opening the doors to two types of movie watchers. 9

10 AUDIENCE APPEAL The reason why our title sequence will draw in an audience is because our idea is unique. Its a bold, hard hitting thriller 10

11 SUMMARY To summaries Our film is a psychological thriller set in a mental hospital. We will start the adverting campaign in October, Halloween time. We plan to premier it Halloween night on private land, on a building, letting the sound echo to gain a wider audience. The target audience is 15+ Does anyone have any questions? (Please take one of our information leaflets) We hope you find this an interesting concept and thank you for listening. 11

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