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VOCABULARY 5 CHAPTER 14. averse How does Michael Moore feel about the death penalty?

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2 averse How does Michael Moore feel about the death penalty?

3 Complete this sentence. If she is averse to worms, why………….?

4 detract Her blemishes ______________ her good looks.

5 What detracts from his macho image?

6 What is detracting from the beauty of Venice?

7 disdain

8 Casey Anthony is on trial for murdering her daughter. When people saw pictures of her partying right after her daughter disappeared, they were shocked. It is difficult for most people to talk about this case without expressing their ______for _________.

9 divulge No!!!! That’s not the way to……….

10 What could this possibly mean? IRS Has Info on Abducted Kids—But Can't Divulge - Privacy laws prevent agency from giving up data from returns Follow this link:

11 What about you???? Who do you divulge your secrets to?

12 elation It’s like jumping for joy!!!

13 This man is elated. Why does he feel such elation?

14 What about them?

15 endow To endow is to give someone a valuable gift.

16 We say that people are endowed with gifts from God. What is Susan Boyle endowed with? What about Vanessa Hudgen?

17 What abilities are these animals endowed with?

18 expulsion This is the most famous expulsion. Who was expelled and from where?

19 Can you explain these pictures?

20 mortify Erin tells a story about something that mortified her. What did she do, and why was it mortifying?

21 Mortifying moments Watch this demonstration of what can go wrong with public proposals YouTube - Marriage Rejected Mortifying Text Fifth grade was the worst year of my life. All four of my parents were crazy, the kids at school teased me all day long, and I got an impetigo. That's one of those gross kid diseases; it looks like a big scabby cold sore. When the first kid asked what it was, instead of giving the right answer (It's a cold sore. Shut up or I'll kill you.), I answered like an Asperger's-having know-it-all: It's an impetigo. It's a fungal infection that many children get. You shouldn't make fun of a person with a fungal infection. I got my new name right away. As the days went by and the impetigo got worse (it spread over my entire upper lip and crawled up into my nose) the kids made up a song, too. When I got on the bus each morning, they would chant: There's a fungus among us! A fungus among us! I would make my way down the aisle and kids would offer me their lunch money not to sit next to them. The bus aisle was one thousand feet long. (From

22 nullify

23 What does a divorce do? What happens if you nullify a treaty?

24 ominous Which one is the more ominous?

25 Which is more ominous? What about these?

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