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BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) Part One ENTER.

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2 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) Part One ENTER

3 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) Warm-up I. Listening materials Listening materials II. About the author About the author III.Do you know?Do you know? IV. Warming-up questions Warming-up questions V. Warming-up activitiesWarming-up activities

4 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) I.Listening materials Listen to the passages. Complete the spots. To be continued on the next page. 1.Writer Joseph Heller died of a _1__ __2_ when he was 76 years old. Joseph Heller was famous for writing a book called Catch-22. It was about life in the American __3_ during World War II. The book made fun of _4__ and __5_ who make rules that do not make sense. In the United States, the word catch-22 came to mean a _6__ __7_. Americans love this new idea that Joseph Heller gave to the language. LISTEN 1. heart 2. attack 3. military 4. rules 5. officials 6. stupid 7. rule Keys

5 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) To be continued on the next page. I.Listening materials 2.Our next scientist of the millennium is the Austrian doctor Sigmund Freud. He changed scientific ideas about the mind. Doctor Freud was born in 1856 in Moravia. He established the idea that dreams help us understand our _1__ self. He said this is the part of the mind containing wishes, desires or __2_ __3__ too frightening to recognize. Sigmund Freud’s work on the causes and treatment of mental sickness helped form the ideas of modern __4__. His ideas about sexual development led to the discussion and treatment of sexual problems. Many of Sigmund Freud’s ideas are no longer used today, but no one __5_ his great influence on the science of mental health. 1.unconscious 2.bad 3.experiences 4.psychiatry 5.disputes Keys

6 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) I.Listening materials 3. The Pentagon is one of the largest office buildings in the world. It is the headquarters of the United States __1_ Department. The building is in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. It has 5 sides. That is why it is called the Pentagon. The building was designed that way because of 5 roads that are the borders of the surrounding land. It covers _2__ __3_ of land and has more than 340,000 square meters of space. About 24,000 people work in the Pentagon. About half are _4__, the other are part of the military forces. They form part of 4 groups: the Departments of the Army, __5_ and ___6__ and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Keys 1.Defense 2.12 3. hectares 4. civilians 5. Navy 6. Air Force To be continued on the next page.

7 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) I.Listening materials To be continued on the next page. Army engineers began building Pentagon in 1941. It was completed 16 months later. It was built to __7_ the offices of the War Department. Congress created the War Department in 1789 to __8_ the military services. 9 years later, Congress created the Department of the Navy to separate the land and __9_ forces. After World War II, Congress approved the National Security Act, which created the National Military Establishment. Keys 7. house 8. supervise 9. naval

8 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) I.Listening materials It was _10__ by a Secretary of Defense and had 3 military departments. The Department of War became the Department of the Army. The Army Air Forces became a _11__ service, the Air Force. The Navy and the Marine Corps continued under the Department of the Navy. The Secretary of Defense became a member of the president’s cabinet and developed policies and programs for the National Military Establishment. In 1949, Congress created the Department of Defense to _12__ the National Military Establishment. Since then all the military departments have been supervised by the Secretary of Defense from his office in the Pentagon. The first Secretary of Defense was James Forrestal. Keys 10. headed 11. separate 12. replace The end of Listening materials.

9 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) II.About the author Reginald Rose: one of the leading writers from television's “Golden Age” in the 1950s, who was best known for the movie “Twelve Angry Men”. Rose died of complications from heart failure at age 81 in Norwalk, Connecticut. To be continued on the next page.

10 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) II. About the author To be continued on the next page. Distinguished works: Rose won an Emmy Award in 1954 for writing the Studio One television version of "Twelve Angry Men", in which one juror painstakingly sways the 11 others debating the fate of a Puerto Rican youth charged with killing his father. Rose received an Academy Award nomination for the screenplay of the 1957 film version, which starred Henry Fonda, who co-produced the movie with Rose. The film, which also featured Lee J. Cobb, Ed Begley Sr., E.G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, Jack Warden and Martin Balsam, was directed by Sidney Lumet and was also nominated for best picture that year. Rose, a native New Yorker whose work was distinguished by his focus on social and political issues, won three Emmy Awards and was nominated for six.

11 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) His focus: A fearless Golden Age of Television writer of the highest caliber, Reginald Rose's ability to tackle pressing social issues distinguished him from the pack and, along with such contemporaries as Rod Serling and Paddy Chayefsky, left an indelible mark on the history of thought-provoking television drama. II. About the author The end of About the author.

12 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) To be continued on the next page. III. Do you know? Do you know how the author comes to write this play? Here is what the author said: “Twelve Angry Men” is the only play I’ve written which has any relation at all to actual personal experience. A month or so before I began the play I sat on the jury of a manslaughter case in New York’s General Sessions Court. This was my first experience on a jury, and it left quite an impression on me. When I received my jury notice I wasn’t very pleased. There are eight million people in New York, why do they have to choose me. All the other prospective jurors I met in the waiting room the first day also grumbled and muttered.

13 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) To be continued on the next page. But, strangely, the moment I walked into the courtroom and found myself facing a strange man whose fate was suddenly more or less in my hands, my entire attitude changed. I as hugely impressed with the almost frightening stillness of the courtroom, the impassive, masklike face of the judge, the brisk, purposeful scurrying of the various officials in the room, and the absolute finality of the decision I and my fellow jurors would have to make at the end of the trial. I doubt whether I have ever been so impressed in my life with a role I had to play, and I suddenly became so earnest that, in thinking about it later, I probably was unbearable to the eleven other jurors. III. Do you know?

14 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) It occurred to me during the trial that no one anywhere ever knows what goes on inside a jury room but the jurors, and I thought then that a play taking place entirely within a jury room might be an exciting and possibly moving experience for an audience. Actually, the outline of this play, which I began shortly after the trial ended, took longer to write than the script itself. The movements in the play were so intricate that I wanted to have them down on paper to the last detail before I began the construction of the dialogue. III. Do you know? To be continued on the next page.

15 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) I worked on the idea and outline for a week and was stunned by the time I was finished to discover that the outline is twenty-seven pages long. The average outline is perhaps five gapes long, and many are as short as one or two pages. This detailed setting down of the moves of the play paid off however. The script was written in five days. III. Do you know? To be continued on the next page.

16 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) In writing this play, I attempted to blend four elements which I had seen at work in a jury room during my jury service. These elements are: (1) the evidence as remembered and interpreted by each individual juror (the disparities here were incredible); (2) the relationship of jury and juror in a life-and-death situation; (3) the emotional pattern of each individual juror and (4) the physical problems such as the weather, the time, the uncomfortable room, etc. All of these elements are of vital importance in any jury room, and all of them presented excellent dramatic possibilities. III. Do you know? The end of Do you know.

17 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) 1.Suppose the same crime was committed nowadays, what would the court do to find out the truth? (Would there be any DNA testing or detailed forensic evidence?) 2.Do you think it is fair to endow a jury with the full responsibility to decide whether a suspect is guilty or innocent? How do you understand the role of a judge in a court and that of a jury? 3.In what way has the jury changed a lot? (Why do you think the jury in this trial consisted of only white men, no women or the Blacks? Was smoking allowed in the jury room?) 4.Do you know that language can have power as well? Can you feel the power of language in the text? In what way is language powerful? Give some examples. IV. Warming-up questions To be continued on the next page.

18 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) IV. Warming-up questions The idea, that one person, or a small group of people, can actually make a significant difference. It's easy to become disillusioned by a barrage of facts, supposed facts, obfuscations, and outright lies, whether in a court or in an election. But finding the strength to push all these aside and participate in the process to the best of your ability is an important part of what Twelve Angry Men is all about. Suggested answers 5.What do you think is the main theme? Twelve Angry Men is about one individual's ability to stand up for what he believes, even when others ridicule him. It is also a powerful study not just of the criminal justice system, but also of the diversity of human experience, the nature of peer pressure, and the difficulty of ever fully knowing the truth. The end of Warming-up questions.

19 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) 1.Try to work out a list of words or expressions used in a criminal court. 2.Please give a simple character sketch for each of the jurors. 3.See the movie to have a better understanding of the story. V. Warming-up activities The end of Warming-up activities.

20 BTLEW Lesson 5 –Twelve Angry Men (Part One) Part One This is the end of Part One. Please click HOME to visit other parts. HOME BTLEW

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