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Human Development & Leadership Division 2007-2008 Strategic Profile May 2007.

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1 Human Development & Leadership Division 2007-2008 Strategic Profile May 2007

2 Individuals, groups, and organizations throughout the world experience and practice the development of human potential through superior leadership performance. Vision Statement

3 To empower the continuous improvement of human development and leadership through cross-disciplinary publications, education, and programs for our members and the communities of practice in which they live and work. Mission Statement

4 4 Organizational Components Membership Committee Publications Committee Programs Committee Education Committee Audit Committee Nominating Committee Examining Committee Treasurer SecretaryChair Chair-Elect Recruiting Hospitality Recognition Web Page Newsletters Primers Speaker Bureau Conferences Exhibits Body of Knowledge Curriculum ASQ HQ DAC Strategic Planning Member Units Minutes History Budgeting Accounting Dennis Kam Keith SandraJanetLori Belinda Dennis John Rick Tom Finance Process Elections Succession Fellow Members Scholarships & Grants Regional Councilors Division Councilors vacant

5 5 Division Chair Serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Division. Chairs Division and Division Council meetings. Provides direction and focus for Division activities. Serves as liaison to Division Affairs Council (DAC). Ensures ASQ guidance and direction is adhered to. Monitors Division Management Plan (DMP) progress. Arranges for the independent audit of Division records. Tom Berstene

6 6 Division Chair-elect Serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Division. Fulfills duties of the Chair during the Chair’s absence. Serves as Division liaison for ASQ standards activities. Serves as liaison to Section Affairs Council (SAC). Coordinates Division strategic planning activities. Consolidates committee operational plans. Recruits and coordinates Member Unit Councilors. Dennis Burke

7 7 Division Treasurer Disburses and deposits funds as authorized by the Council. Maintains Division financial records. Serves as Division liaison to ASQ accounting. Prepares annual budget for Council approval. Provides Treasurers Report to all Division Council meetings. Provides reports and information to the Council and ASQ. Rick Biehl

8 8 Division Secretary Keeps records of all Division activities. Arranges all meeting logistics. Sends notifications and agendas. Consolidates and distributes committee reports. Serves as database manager for the Division. Maintains Division Council roster. John Breckline

9 9 Committee Chair Chairs all meetings of her or his committee. Participates in Council activities and meetings. Provides written reports to Secretary prior to meetings. Prepares operational plans for each fiscal year. Submits timely budget requests to Treasurer. Continually recruits committee members. Involves volunteers in committee activities. Identifies and trains successor candidates. Enlists support of Division Chair when issues arise.

10 10 Membership Committee Develops strategies for recruiting new members. Coordinates Division exhibit booth. Monitors membership status and reports to Council. Welcomes new members to the Division. Investigates departing members from the Division. Manages hospitality at Division meetings. Provides Division member lists to Council. Serves as liaison to ASQ Membership Committee. Sandra Storli

11 11 Programs Committee Develops guidelines for Division program activities. Arranges for Division attendance at WCQI. Plans and manages Division participation in conferences. Maintains the Division speaker list. Seeks speaking opportunities for Division members. Serves as liaison to ASQ Conference Management Board. Lori Dellinger

12 12 Publications Committee Plans and manages Division publication development. Identifies, solicits, and nurtures prospective authors. Manages the production and distribution of publications. Solicits and edits content for newsletter publication. Manages newsletter layout and production process. Coordinates communication of newsletter availability. Coordinates distribution of publications to members. Manages editorial process. Manages content of Division web page. Serves as liaison to ASQ Publication Management Board. Janet Biehl

13 13 Education Committee Manages the Body of Knowledge (BoK) for the Division. Develops materials and programs against the BoK. Provides resources and information for member study. Identifies and reviews non-ASQ resources for member use. Promotes and monitors HD&L Discussion Forum. Serves as liaison to ASQ Education & Training Board. Belinda Chavez

14 14 Audit Committee Understands ASQ audit policies and requirements. Audits financial records and reports to the Division. Certifies Division annual report and balance sheet. Monitors and reports Division Management Program (DMP) compliance. Keith Conerly

15 15 Nominating Committee Solicits candidate nominations for elected positions. Pre-qualifies candidates for nominations. Prepares Division ballot for submittal to ASQ. Prepares communication materials for Division election. Dennis Burke

16 16 Examining Committee Develops guidelines for Division awards and recognition. Recommends candidates for awards and recognition. Submits Division members for advancement to Fellow status. Manages Ash Ogle Scholarship applications and awards. Kam Gupta

17 17 Regional Councilor Is a member from within the Region. Maintains contact with ASQ Regional Directors. Promotes the Division to ASQ Sections within the region. Maintains data on any Section activities within the region. Communicates conference activity within the region. Identifies partnering opportunities and communicates those activities to appropriate committee chairs.

18 18 Regional Councilors Region 1VacantRegion 9Vacant Region 2VacantRegion 10Vacant Region 3VacantRegion 11Vacant CanadaVacantRegion 12Vacant Region 5VacantRegion 13Vacant Region 6VacantRegion 14John Breckline Region 7VacantRegion 15Vacant Region 8VacantInternationalVacant

19 19 Division Councilor Is a member of the Division. Promotes HD&L service offerings to the Division. Maintains data on any activities within the Division. Communicates conference activity within the Division. Identifies partnering opportunities and communicates those activities to appropriate committee chairs.

20 20 Division Councilors Automotive Division 294 Vacant Textile & Needle Trades Division 0 Vacant Lean Enterprise Forum 313 Vacant Information Integrity Forum 0 Vacant Aviation, Space, & Defense Division 155 Vacant Electronics & Communication Division 153 Vacant Energy & Environmental Division 158 Vacant Design & Construction Division 115 Vacant Biomedical Division 186 Vacant Chemical Process Industries Division 144 Vacant Food Drug & Cosmetic Division 249 Vacant Quality Management Division 1542 Vacant Audit Division 650 Vacant Product Safety & Liability Prevention Forum 84 Vacant Membership numbers as of June 28, 2006

21 21 Division Councilors Inspection Division 228 Vacant Reliability Division 171 Vacant Statistics Division 347 Vacant Software Division 208 Vacant Measurement Quality Division 336 Vacant Customer-Supplier Division 311 Vacant Service Quality Division 492 Vacant Healthcare Division 267 Vacant Education Division 302 Vacant Government Division 172 Vacant Community Quality Councils Int’l Group 0 Vacant Six Sigma Forum 500 Vacant Teamwork & Participation Forum 431 Vacant Membership numbers as of June 28, 2006

22 22 2007-2012 Goals Expand and grow membership base. Expand product and service offerings to members. Increase exposure through presence at conferences. Expand pool of future member leaders. Build process maturity with HD&L operations. Globalize division activities to reflect member-country proportions.

23 23 2007-2008 Objectives Staff Regional and Division Councilor positions. Design volunteer intake process. Roll out HD&L overview presentation. Develop formal HD&L Body of Knowledge agreeable to membership. Expand overall committee participation to 50 members. Endow Ash Ogle Scholarship Fund to guarantee one scholarship per year. Launch Speaker Support Program. Establish library of member-authored presentations and briefing papers on the Division web page. Double the number of regular columns in the newsletter. 1000% increase in discussion forum activity.

24 24 2008-2009 Objectives Grow division to 5,000 members. Expand The Human Element newsletter to quarterly publication. Place at least 12 Speaker Bureau engagements. Increase conference presence to 8-10/year. Increase publication rate of Primers to 3-6/year. Expand education program to K-12 and undergraduate age- appropriate coverage.

25 25 2009-2010 Objectives Place 100 th Speaker Bureau engagement. Divide Primer series into sub-series based on narrower areas of expertise.

26 26 2010-2011 Objectives Build membership to include 5% of every ASQ member unit. Generate 50% of Division revenue from program activities.

27 27 2012+ Aspirations Professional certifications oriented toward HD&L body of knowledge.

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