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Incomplete History of MSEs in the US Mark Ardis Rose-Hulman Institute August 6, 2005.

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1 Incomplete History of MSEs in the US Mark Ardis Rose-Hulman Institute August 6, 2005

2 Ardis -- MSE History 2 Outline Early Beginnings First Generation Programs Second Generation Programs Current Trends

3 Ardis -- MSE History 3 1968?

4 Ardis -- MSE History 4 Early Beginnings 1968: NATO Conference 1976: Freeman, Wasserman & Fairley (2nd ICSE) 1978: IEEE CS Subcommittee on Model Curricula for Software Engineering Bruce Barnes, Dick Fairley (chair), Peter Freeman, Leon Stucki, Tony Wasserman

5 Ardis -- MSE History 5 First Generation Programs 1978: Seattle University 1978: Texas Christian University 1979: Wang Institute of Graduate Studies 1985: University of Saint Thomas 1985: National University 1986: Monmouth University 1987: Andrews University 1987: Rochester Institute of Technology

6 Ardis -- MSE History 6 Seattle University (1978) MSE ~500 graduates Part-time Curriculum developed by Leon Stucki and Lawrence Peters

7 Ardis -- MSE History 7 Texas Christian (1978 - 2000) MSE MS Soft. Des. & Dev. (1980 - 1992) ~100 graduates Part-time Curriculum developed by A.A.J. Hoffman, influenced by Freeman and Wasserman

8 Ardis -- MSE History 8 Wang Institute (1979-1987) MSE 128 graduates Full-time: 1 year Part-time: 3-5 years Curriculum based on work by Dick Fairley and advisory committee

9 Ardis -- MSE History 9 WIGS Founded by An Wang Inventor of core memory Needed to endow a non-profit institution with his stock

10 Ardis -- MSE History 10 WIGS Advisory Committee

11 Ardis -- MSE History 11 WIGS Technology Transfer Summer Institute  short courses on CS topics  helped recruit students Distinguished Lecture Series Corporate Associates Program Distinguished Scholars

12 Ardis -- MSE History 12 WIGS Students Corporate Support  AT&T  Digital Equipment Corporation  Hewlett Packard Entrance "Interview"  Assessed prerequisite knowledge

13 Ardis -- MSE History 13 University of St. Thomas (1985) MS Soft. Des. & Dev. MS in SE MSS (Soft. Sys.) ~2000 graduates Part-time Curriculum developed by Bernie Folz and industrial affiliates

14 Ardis -- MSE History 14 National University (1985) MSSE ~2000 graduates Part-time Several campuses in California Curriculum developed by faculty/industry committee, studied programs at Seattle, Wang Institute

15 Ardis -- MSE History 15 Monmouth University (1986) MSSE 610 graduates Part-time Curriculum developed by a faculty/industry committee, influenced by programs at Texas Christian and Wang Institute, and by SEI model curriculum

16 Ardis -- MSE History 16 Andrews University (1987) MSSE ? graduates Part-time Curriculum influenced by Wang Institute

17 Ardis -- MSE History 17 Rochester Institute (1987) MS Soft. Dev.&Mgmt. 480 graduates Part-time

18 Ardis -- MSE History 18 1600s?

19 Ardis -- MSE History 19 Saugus Ironworks (1641 - 1653) First successful ironworks in the Colonies Closed in 1653 Technology was spread by craftsmen to other ironworks

20 Ardis -- MSE History 20 Second Generation Programs 1988: Boston University 1989: George Mason University 1989: Carnegie Mellon University

21 Ardis -- MSE History 21 Boston University (1988) MS Sys. Engin. 324 graduates Part-time TV Studio Curriculum developed by John Brackett

22 Ardis -- MSE History 22 George Mason University (1989) MS Soft. Sys. Engin. 501 graduates Part-time Curriculum developed by Dick Fairley, Hassan Gomaa, and Bo Sanden

23 Ardis -- MSE History 23 Carnegie Mellon (1989) MSE 266 graduates Full-time: 12-16 months Part-time: 3-5 years Curriculum developed by joint SCS/SEI committee led by Jim Tomayko

24 Ardis -- MSE History 24 Video Dissemination Project Videotaped early CMU MSE courses Distributed for use in tutored video format FAU used them to deliver courses at 6 corporate locations

25 Ardis -- MSE History 25 SE Education Conferences Started by the SEI Education Program Now sponsored by IEEE CS, ACM SIGSOFT and ACM SIGCSE Disseminated Curriculum Modules, MSE Curriculum Established a community of software engineering educators

26 Ardis -- MSE History 26 CMU MSE Studio Modeled on architectural studio Encourages reflection and mentoring Widely copied in other MSE programs

27 Ardis -- MSE History 27 Later Generation Programs Auburn University California State University, Fullerton California State University, Sacramento Carroll College DePaul University Drexel University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Fairfield University Florida Atlantic University Florida Institute of Technology International Technological University Kansas State University Mercer University National Technological University Naval Postgraduate School North Dakota State University Oakland University Oregon University System Penn State University-Great Valley San Jose State University Santa Clara University Southern Methodist University Southern Polytechnic State University St. Mary's University at San Antonio Texas State University, San Marcos Texas Tech University University of Alabama-Huntsville University of Alaska at Fairbanks University of Colorado-Colorado Springs University of Houston-Clear Lake University of Maryland, University College University of Michigan-Dearborn University of Minnesota University of Pittsburgh University of Scranton University of South Carolina University of Texas-Arlington University of West Florida University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse West Virginia University

28 Ardis -- MSE History 28 Growth in MSE Programs 1978 1990 2005 15 51 2 1996 21

29 Ardis -- MSE History 29 Estimated Graduation Rates (21/51 programs) 1982 1987 1992 1997 2002 29 167 320 506 664

30 Ardis -- MSE History 30 Current Trends Most MSE programs are part-time Many programs are experimenting with distance education Core courses are now being offered in undergraduate programs Software Engineering 2004 guidelines standardizing curricula

31 Ardis -- MSE History 31 Questions?

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