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CHURCH BUILDINGS Section 94-95, 97. Section 94 CHURCH BUILDINGS Historical Background On 23 March 1833 a council was called to appoint a committee to.

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1 CHURCH BUILDINGS Section 94-95, 97

2 Section 94 CHURCH BUILDINGS Historical Background On 23 March 1833 a council was called to appoint a committee to purchase land in Kirtland upon which to build a stake of Zion. The committee was appointed, and some large farms were purchased. Among these was the Peter French farm, so-called after its previous owner. It was purchased because it had an excellent stone quarry and facilities for making brick. (See History of the Church, 1:335-36, 346.) The Kirtland Temple was later built on a part of the Peter French farm.



5 D&C 94:1-2. What Pattern Had the Lord Given for the City of the Stake of Kirtland? "The city of the stake of Zion" at Kirtland was to be built, "beginning at my house" (D&C 94:1). The city was to be laid out with the temple as the starting point and the rest of the city being built in relation to it. Joseph Smith drafted a plan for the "Central of Zion" in the spring of 1833 as a general plan for building "cities of Zion" (Berrett, Restored Church, p. 92). In the copy of the plan sent to the Church in Independence, the temple was to be located in the center tier of blocks in a one-mile-square plat. Independence, Missouri Temple Plat

6 “A TEMPLE IN OUR MIDST” A city includes homes as residences for individuals and families. The Savior desired to dwell among His saints. To do so necessitated that a house be built for Him. It is appropriate that His home should be in the center of all others. Thus, in the city of Kirtland the Lord instructed that the city should be an extension outward from His house. Discussion: Where else in the scriptures is a “temple” found as a central place? How does a temple center your life?

7 BUILDING COMMITTEE Hyrum Smith, Reynolds Cahoon, and Jared Carter were appointed as a committee to oversee the completion of certain buildings in Kirtland. To aid them in their assignment, the Lord gave them land adjacent to the temple lot. The Lord specified that the buildings for the First Presidency and the printing work should not be commenced "until I give unto you a commandment concerning them" (D&C 94:16). As it happened, the building of the Kirtland Temple took all the energy and finances of the Church. By the time it was completed, the faithful in Kirtland were compelled to leave for Missouri. Hyrum Smith

8 THE BUILDING OF THE PRINTING SHOP AND THE HOUSE OF THE PRESIDENCY On October 10, 1833, nearly two months after receiving section 94, it was decided to proceed with the construction of a printing office. The building would serve as both a printing office and an office for the presidency. The structure was completed the latter part of November 1834. The first story was used for the school of the prophets\elders and the upper story was used for the printing press. Other rooms on both levels and the attic were used for offices of the first presidency. The building was burned to the ground on 16 January 1838.

9 SUMMARY SECTION 94 The Lord has a building program, and is concerned about the physical facilities of His Church. Church buildings belong to the Lord and remind us of His presence. As members, we should be anxious to assist in erecting, renovating, and properly maintaining the Lord’s buildings. Our buildings serve as a means for, not an object of our worship.


11 BUILDING THE KIRTLAND TEMPLE SECTION 95 Historical Background: The commandment to build a temple to the glory of God was first given in December 1832 (see D&C 88:119). As of June 1833 the Saints had not obeyed. The Prophet Joseph Smith reported that at the time this revelation was given "great preparations were making to commence a house of the Lord," but "the Church was poor" and the work lagged. (HC, 1:349-50) On June 1 a circular was sent out to the members asking for all to donate and participate. The same day, this revelation was received.

12 THE LORD SHOWS HOW TO OFFER CORRECTION AND CHASTISEMENT 95:1 Three questions to consider when offering correction: Am I offering correction in the spirit of love? What motivates my offer of correction? After the moment of correction, do I offer a solution to correct the mistake?

13 WHAT EFFECT DID THE CHASTISMENT HAVE ON THE CHURCH? The chastisement had the intended effect. "Four days after the Lord had rebuked the brethren for their neglect, without waiting for subscriptions, the brethren went to work on the Temple. Elder George A. Smith, a recent convert, hauled the first load of stone for the Temple. Hyrum Smith and Reynolds Cahoon commenced digging the trench for the walls, and they finished the same with their own hands." (Smith, Church History and Modern Revelation, 1:407.)

14 DISCUSSION: WHY WAS BUILDING THE KIRTLAND TEMPLE OF IMPORTANCE TO THE LORD? Scan verses 4, 8-9 To prepare the apostles to prune the vineyard v.4 To reveal His “strange act” v.4 To endow the Saints with power from on high v.8-9

15 ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN: BUILDING THE KIRTLAND TEMPLE 95:14 3 June 1833 The First Presidency: “We went upon our knees, called on the Lord, and the Building appeared within viewing distance: I being the first to discover it. Then all of us viewed it together. After we had taken a good look at the exterior, the building seemed to come right over us, and the makeup of this Hall seems to coincide with what I there saw to a minutia. (Truman O. Angell, Journal, BYU Library, Special Collections) Do you know of any revelatory experiences regarding temple building? Hong Kong Temple Palmyra New York Temple St. George Temple

16 SUMMARY Most people will have the responsibility of chastising or correcting others from time to time. Whenever such occasions arises, we should be reminded of the need to perform our task correctly and follow the Lord’s pattern. The Lord accomplishes his purposes, such as building temples through his servants, but if we are slow to act the Lord will intervene.

17 ZION Section 97

18 ZION 2 Aug 1833 Kirtland Historical Background: On 20 July 1833 the first open violence against the Saints in Jackson County broke out. The printing press owned by William W. Phelps was destroyed, many of the Saints were turned out of their homes, and Edward Partridge and Charles Allen were tarred and feathered on the public square in Independence, Missouri. The Prophet, unaware of the problems, sent a letter to the leaders of the Church in Missouri on 6 August 1833 in response to questions concerning the School of Zion. The letter contained D&C 97, given 2 August 1833, and D&C 98, in which the Lord warned the inhabitants in Zion to observe his commandments or they would be visited "with sore affliction, with pestilence, with plague, with sword, with vengeance, with devouring fire" (D&C 97:26). As it turned out, the Saints did not reform. The promised devastation followed early in November 1833. (See HC, 1:390-93, 400.)

19 ZION School of Elders in Zion v.3-5 A Temple in Zion Prosperity in Zion

20 SCHOOL OF THE ELDERS v.1-5 Parley P. Pratt taught and supervised the school Walked 6 miles barefoot Sixty plus elders attended the school

21 A TEMPLE IN ZION v. 10-17 The temple’s location revealed in 1831 D&C 57:1-3 June 1833 instruction to begin building HC 1: 362 August 1833 Lord reminded the Saints to speedily build the temple

22 PROSPERITY IN ZION v. 18-28 Zion = pure in heart Promises for Obedience: Prosperity v.18 Spread herself v.18 Become glorious, great & terrible v.18 Nations of the earth to honor her v.19 Escape scourge, judgments v.25 Consequences for Disobedience: Vengeance v. 22 Scourges—until the Lord comes v.23 Pestilence, plague, sword, fire v.26

23 SUMMARY The principles of obedience is stressed by the Lord in this revelation. The key to Zion’s future, salvation, and prosperity was and is the first law of heaven—obedience. When the saints are obedient in erecting and properly using temples of the Lord, they have the assurance of having the power of the Lord in their midst.

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