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National Workshop on RAWE 19-20 May,2012 Dr. C.S. Hunshal Dean (Home Science) College of Rural Home Science University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad,

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1 National Workshop on RAWE 19-20 May,2012 Dr. C.S. Hunshal Dean (Home Science) College of Rural Home Science University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, Karnataka


3 RAWE Objectives To familiarise the students with socio economic conditions of rural community and develop right perspective and positive attitude towards it. To develop interpersonal, group and mass communication skills in students To endow the students with experience in programme planning and implementation of their respective fields of specialisation by conducting need based activities. To interact and coordinate with grass root level functionaries of development programmes of Government and Non- Government organisation. To develop confidence and competence among students for solving problems and make decisions.

4 List of HSc Colleges in SAUs Sl. No. University Sl. No. University 1 ANGRAU, AP 10 Faizabad 2 AAU, Jorhat 11 OUAT, Bhuvaneshwar 3 Tura (Meghalaya) 12 PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab 4 UP (Kanpur) 13 RAU, PUSA, Samastipur 5 CCS HAU, Hissar, Haryana 14 Dantiwada, Gujarat 6 HPAU, Palampur 15 Bikaner, Rajasthan 7 KKV, Parabhani (MS) 16 Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore) 8 GBPUAT, Panthanagar 17 MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan 9 UAS, Dharwad

5 Univ. Year of StartProgramNo. of Students Degree program UAS, DWR1995-96, 2007-083+1, 2+2585BHSc OUAT, Bhuvanesh 20022+274- MKV, Parbhani (MS) 2002-03 to 2006-07 2007-08 to 2010-12 (in plant training) 3+1133 B.Sc. (Hons) HSc CAU, Meghalaya 20082+255 B.Sc (HSc) RAU, Pusa20032+218B.Sc. (HSc) MPUA & T, Udaipur 1998, 2006 (2+2) 3+1 2+2 289B.Sc. (HSc) PAU, Ludhiana 20022+2345B.Sc.(Hons) HSc ANGRAU, Hyd 1991-92 20013+1 1382 B.Sc. (Hons.)Home Science Dantiwada Gujarat 2005-2006 150 BSc (Hons) Home Science &Nutrition

6 Univ.Year of Start ProgramNo. of Students Degree program TNAU200220-30 per batch BSc Home Sci

7 As per IV Deans Committee Duration of RAWE and In-plant training (weeks) Sl No College RAWEIn-plant training Sl No College RAWE In-plant training 1 Ludhiana 10-1268 Samstipur 99 2 Faizabad 12 9 Pantanagar 216 3 Hisar 1210 Hyderabad 88 4 Imphal 6611 Dharwad 128 5 Jorhat 128 Madurai 66 6 Bikaner 135 Parbhani 88 7 Udaipur 416

8 Univ.Credit Hrs. Semester Break up for 21 weeks OrientationVillage StayTourIn-plantWritten exam. UAS,D 8+2+10 0105031002 OUAT, Bhuva ------ MKV, Parbha ni (MS) 1001 1 presentation & viva-voce 18 (4½m) (Field work) 1(documentation ) -18 (4½m)1 CAU, Meghal aya 20-2 ½ months- - RAU, Pusa 03 + exam09- 9 MPUAT Udaipur 8 S/NS+ 3 grade -2 months- 1 month PAU, Ludhian a 15 01+01 for village selection 8+1 evaluation & exhibition 01 71

9 Univ.Credit Hrs. Semester Break up for 21 weeks OrientationVillage Stay TourIn-plantWritten exam. SKDantiwa da AU, Gujarat 10+ 10 FN + HE 104-151 report & present ANGRAU, Hyd 101992 TNAU64+413

10 15. Evaluation System Univ.Evaluation Village stay/tour Atte nda nce Project work/ BehaviourWork experience/re port submission Written exam UAS,D10 (8+2)051540 OUAT, Bhuvaneswa MKV, Parbhani (MS) 7 credits (S/ NS)+3 credits (150marks) CAU, Meghalaya 17 credits (S/ NS)+3 credits Work done report - 60Viva-voce - 40 RAU, Pusa 055025 present- ation Report writing 20 MPUAT, Udaipur External Evaluation 50 marks 5 25 Project planning and implementation 5 Initiative and competence 5-discipline, 10-Impact assessment PAU Ludhiana 4(NC)+2(C)5Work Diary 5; Project Report 20; Performance, 20; Demonstrations/group discussions/Campaign 20; Exhibitions and Fair 5 25 (Oral )

11 Univ.Evaluation Village stay/tour Attenda nce Project work/ Behaviour Work experience/ report submission Written exam SK Dantiwada AU, Gujarat TNAU15 Daily record 1535 record25 commend activities 10 Viva 20 4020 Viva

12 10. In-plant Placement Univ.Name of institution/industriesDuration (weeks) UAS,DFood industries, Dietetic departments of Hospitals, Mass media centers, Commercial production of consumer utility products and floral decoration units, centers for Care and education of children with special needs, commercial garment manufacturing units. 10 OUAT, Bhuban MKV, Parbhani (MS) Sweekar –Upkar Institute for developmentally challenged, Hyderabad, ICDS Project, Parbhani 18 (4½m) CAU, Meghalaya Food Processing Industry, Dietetics Departments, Textiles Industry, Prasar Bharti Training Institute 2 ½ months(10week s) RAU, Pusa Hospitals, mass media centers, organisation and institution special need child, textile industries and Hotel Management 9 MPUAT, Udaipur Hospitals, Press & Media Centers, Ordia International, Siyaram Exports, Ganta Exports, Cheer Sagar, Tringlar Engineering, Interior Designing, Karani Institute, Architects, NIPCCD, Bodh Shikshan Sansthan, NID, Samarthan 3+1- 2 months 2+2– 6 months PAU, Ludhiana Hospitals, play homes, nursing homes, oldage homes, counselling centers, artichitects, florists, Sportking, Duke, Mass media centers 7

13 Univ.Name of institution/industries Duration (weeks) SKDantiwada AU, Gujarat Hospitals, hotels and media institutions ANGRAU, HydKVKs, NGOs, Govt. organisations TNAUFood industries, interior decorators, Event managers, Textile industries 75 days

14 12. Stipend/Incentives Univ.Stipend amount (Rs./head/month) Incentives UAS,DRs. 500/-- MKV, Parbhani (MS) Rs.500/- - CAU, Meghalaya Rs. 750/- per month RAU, PusaRs. 900/- MPUAT,Udaipur 3+1 – 750 for 6 months 2+2 – 500 for 6 months PAU, Ludhiana Rs. 500/- SKDantiwada AU, Gujarat 75% ICAR & 25 % State Govt ANGRAU, Hyd. @ Rs. 1500/ per month TNAU Rs 2000 RAWE; Rs500 Placement

15 13. Monitoring and supervision Univ.Monitoring and supervision mechanism UAS,D One teacher constantly stays with students during village stay OUAT Bub MKV, Parbhani (MS) Course Teacher and experts CAU, Meghalaya In-charge is responsible for supervision, Everyday faculty members of different departments attend the RAWE village for monitoring. RAU,PusaAll Dept staff MPUAT, Udaipur One teacher constantly stays with students during village stay PAU, Ludhiana One teacher constantly stays with students during village stay for 8 hours

16 U niv. Monitoring and supervision mechanism SK Dantiwada AU, Gujarat In-charge is responsible for supervision ANGRAU, Hyd.Daily verification, getting feedback. TNAURegular monitoring by paying visits

17 16. Feed back

18 From students First hand experience for students to understand the rural life and conditions Zeal to learn traditional/value addition rural skills Difficult to contact farm women during day time due to their involvement in home and farm activities Students need prior training in agriculture related technologies Safe accommodation for girl students needed All India Tour, RAWE and Industrial placement all in same Sem and the huge expenditure

19 Farm women learnt home science, agriculture and allied technologies Students were viewed as role models by the adolescent girls and farm women Rural folk got motivated to send their children for higher education. Exposure trainings were beneficial for SHGs, Youth organizations The programme should be continued through out the year. Farm Families

20 Development departments Anganawadies of the villages were benefitted by the students activities. School children and teachers appreciated the programmes and projects organised by the students Banks, Panchayats, Co-operative societies, Health dept. and NGOs of the villages were happy for linking with villagers Updating of knowledge & skills

21 Host institutions (Placement institutions/ industries) Opportunity for hands on training Job creators than seekers Highlighted the success stories of the farm families through media Students possess theoretical knowledge; needs practical orientation Need to increase the duration of placement Meghalaya - problems due geopolitical issues and frequent bandh.

22 Faculty Students developed dignity of labour and confidence Duration for skill development needs to be increased Co-operation needed by development departments Allotment of vehicle was essential exclusively for RAWE Private sectors and organisations/units and practitioners are not positive towards accommodating student trainees RAWE guide lines should be clear and common for all Home Science colleges No incentives for being a group teacher; teachers should be selected based on course load; TA DA not separately ear marked

23 17. Important innovations/technologies introduced as part of RAWE Low cost nutritious value added products for health security Low cost play materials for all round development of children Drudgery reducing and income generating technologies Care and construction of clothing Nutrition and child care information provided to the farming community. Dry flower making

24 18. Impact of RAWE on the Partners

25 Students Good exposure to village situation Exposure to rural traditions and customs Learn the indigenous traditional practices and remedies, Acquired skills of group dynamics and leadership. Learnt dignity of labour

26 Farming Families Exposure to new skills and techniques of income generating activities Awareness of Government developmental programmes, social evils, consumerism, Introduced the concept of small family norms and rights of the girl child

27 Development Departments Provided good opportunity for transfer of technology Helped to interact with home scientists and other experts Got the real concept of education and training facilities available in SAUs

28 SHGs/Local institutions Leadership qualities and self esteem of the farm women has been improved Objectives of the local institutions were achieved easily and effectively Farmer/farmwomen of SHGs have become empowered Entrepreneurship developed

29 Suggestions for improvement Provision should be made to meet the expenses of students towards stay, fees of placement institutions and conveyance Basic facilities including health, security and transport are very essential for successful RAWE Uniformity in evaluation All programs incurring huge expenditure not be included in the same semester Need based interventions be planned

30 Points for discussion Arriving at common RAWE program which would include the duration, credits, grading Attachment to KVKs, RSKs, ARS Common syllabus Improving the financial position of students

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