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ACCESSIBLE MOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS PRESENTED BY: Kala Rounds & Lauren Lipinoga Supported by: Kristin Harte & Shaun Hoppel.

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1 ACCESSIBLE MOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS PRESENTED BY: Kala Rounds & Lauren Lipinoga Supported by: Kristin Harte & Shaun Hoppel

2 ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCES CONTACT INFO 25 Capen Hall, Buffalo NY 14260-1632 Phone: (716) 645-2608 Email: Website:

3 WHAT IS A MOBILE APPLICATION? ●Also known as an “App” ●Small stand-alone program ●Can be utilized in the mobile environment or in a traditional computer system

4 *DISCLAIMER* It is important for us to define what we mean by an “accessible” mobile application Our definition of an accessible mobile application for the purpose of this workshop is that: Many of the apps we suggest today may be more beneficial and accessible to someone who has a learning disability (i.e. ADHD). Many of the apps we demonstrate MAY NOT be accessible or beneficial for someone who has a visual impairment.

5 LET’S LOOK AT SOME APPS! Audible Apps College Apps Magnifying Apps Note Apps Specific Disabilities Apps Test Preparation Apps Time Management Apps iReadWrite


7 ANY.DO ●PLATFORM: Android ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Allows you to remember all of the tasks you want to do and get them done. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Seamless Cloud Sync ○Speech Recognition ○Alerts ○Snooze Tasks ○Google Task sync ○Notes ○Repeating/Recurring Tasks ○Missed Call ○Auto Complete

8 iTALK ●PLATFORM: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Appending to existing records, you have the ability to choose from three levels of recording quality, then manage your recordings, all with just a fingertip. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○High- quality handheld recording ○Easy, convenient user interface & controls ○Email your recordings directly from iTALK ○Supports iTunes file sharing ○Auto-noise cancellation ○Built in search function to locate recordings by title

9 OVERDRIVE ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free to download but requires subscription to use ●DESCRIPTION: Ability to read E-books and listen to audio books from your library. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Available 24.7 ○No late fees-titles are automatically returned ○Place holds, create wish lists, and return titles easily

10 DRAGON DICTATION ●PLATFORM: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Easy to use voice recognition that allows you to speak and instantly see your text and email messages. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Fast and accurate, fully automated speech recognition ○Horizontal toolbar enables fast access to all search sites ○Easily modify or correct search queries by using a list of alternative suggestions

11 COLLEGE APPLICATIONS 1). Adobe Reader 2). GMail 3). Blackboard Mobile Learns 4). UBUpdates 5). UB Mobile*

12 ADOBE READER ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Ability to easily view and interact with PDF documents. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Access PDF files ○Manage PDF files ○Share PDF files

13 GMAIL ●PLATFORMS: Android & iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Ability to access real-time notifications, use multiple accounts, and search your entire inbox. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Threaded conversations ○Respond to google calendar invites ○Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam ○Send and receive attachments

14 BLACKBOARD MOBILE LEARN ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Makes it easier for you to access your courses wherever and whenever you want. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Check grades ○Post to discussions ○Attach files from dropbox ○Read announcements ○View content ○Create and comment on blogs and journal posts ○Take mobile-friendly tests ○Receive push notifications of course activity

15 UBUPDATES ●PLATFORM: Android & iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Lets you know about everything around UB in the palm of your hands. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Get information for the events around UB ○Browse buildings on each of the three campuses ○Learn and update waiting time at your favorite coffee/lunch places ○Learn latest news about UB ○Learn up to date bus schedules for UB ○Ask and answer questions about any topic ○Write about UB, classes, activities, cold weather, etc ○Access to UB sports information

16 UB MOBILE ●PLATFORM: Android & iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Get essential information and services about UB anywhere at anytime. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Search of all UB sites ○Access to MyUB ○Access to UBlearns

17 MAGNIFYING APPLICATIONS 1). ZoomReader 2). Vision Assist App*

18 ZOOMREADER ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $19.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Magnify and read printed text. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Allows pictures to be taken of the object being viewed ○Converts the image into text ○Reads the text back to you

19 VISION ASSIST APP ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $5.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Provide magnification and enable you to improve the contrast to help you read or see what you want to read. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Save your enhanced images to your camera roll ○Full screen image ○Uses autofocus ○Pause/freeze images ○Zoom an image up to 20 times ○Fully compatible with voiceover

20 NOTES APPLICATIONS 1). WritePad 2). Notability 3). iAnnotate 4). IdeaSketch 5). NoteLedge 6). Evernote*

21 WRITEPAD ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $3.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Converts handwritten notes into text. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Spell check with a customary dictionary ○Save and transfer notes over wifi or sync notes with other apps ○Select, cut, copy, paste, insert special characters such as space and return, etc.

22 NOTEABILITY ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $2.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Notability is so powerful that it will transform how you work: sketch ideas, annotate documents, sign contracts, complete worksheets, keep a journal, jot travel notes, teach a class, make a presentation and much more. With iCloud support, your notes stay up to date on all your devices. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Handwriting, ○note taking, ○audio recording, ○annotate PDFs, ○cloud sync your notes to Dropbox

23 iANNOTATE ● PLATFORMS: iOS and Android ● COST: $9.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Allows you to read, annotate, and share PDFs. Improve your productivity and organization. ● KEY BENEFITS: ○Choose from several options: pen, highlighter, underline, etc. ○Drag and drop the exact tools you need to create custom toolbars for your specific workflow ○Scroll one page at a time or throughout the entire document ○Use keywords to search the full text or filenames of every document to your library ○Lets you have up to eight documents open at once ○Arrange documents by folders ○Connect with box, dropbox, google drive, and share or e-mail text summaries

24 IDEASKETCH ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Draw a diagram--mind map, concept map, or flowchart and convert it to a text outline. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Copy text from another app ○Share diagrams and outlines via email or the cloud ○Save to your photos

25 NOTELEDGE ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $2.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Allows you to take notes with powerful editing functions such as handwriting, typing, photo-editing, audio and video recording. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Realistic handwriting and drawing ○Take notes and record at the same time ○Organize your notes with table tools ○Crop and copy selected contents and paste them wherever you like within the active area ○Crop and drag screenshots from websites directly to your notes ○Manage your notes under calendar view ○Share your notes

26 EVERNOTE ●PLATFORMS: iOS & Android ●COST: Free to download and use; $5 for premium monthly and $45 for premium annually ●DESCRIPTION: Helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use, stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use ○Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists ○Save, sync and share files ○Record voice and audio notes ○Search for text inside images ○Organize notes by notebooks and tags ○Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account ○Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use ○Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter

27 SPECIFIC DISABILITIES APPLICATIONS 1). Type-o HD 2). Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults 3). Learning Ally 4). Mobile Accessibility 5). AppWriter US*

28 TYP-O HD ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $14.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Powerful word prediction engine for dyslexic and/or trouble with spelling. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Finds your word in its vast model of common English words and phrases ○Listen to your word before you select it ○Hear your words and your sentences before you email or SMS them ○Knows the most common spelling mistakes, and will often suggest words even if you have misspelled them

29 HIDDEN CURRICULUM FOR ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS ● PLATFORMS: iOS ● COST: $1.99 ●DESCRIPTION: On a daily basis, we are surrounded by unstated rules and customs that can make the world a confusing place for people with autism spectrum disorders. Learn how to deal with this ever-elusive “hidden curriculum” through real-life examples and suggestions by Judy Endow, an adult on the spectrum. Items cover topics such as social relationships, community, money matters, workplace, and many others.

30 LEARNING ALLY AUDIO ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free to download app but requires a subscription to use ●DESCRIPTION: This app is committed to making reading accessible for all who learn differently. It also provides over 75,000 audiobooks, audio textbooks, and other recorded books to help anyone who experiences difficulty in reading print material succeed. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Direct downloading ○Page and chapter navigation ○Variable speed control ○Last position playback ○Bookmarking capabilities ○VoiceOver compatible

31 MOBILE ACCESSIBILITY ● PLATFORMS: Android ● COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Screen-access application which allows people who are blind or have low vision to use their mobile device in an intuitive, easy and simple way. ● KEY BENEFITS: ○ Make and answer phone calls easily ○ Manage your contacts ○ Set alarms ○ Full web browser experience ○ Manage your calendar ○ Full access to e-mail ○ GPS application

32 APPWRITER US ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $29.99 ●DESCRIPTION: Offers users of all ages with reading and writing disabilities the necessary tools for unlocking a world of information. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Seamlessly integrated and comprise context based word suggestions, text-to-speech, integrated PDF-reader, and the special Dyslexie-font ○Choose between different reading strategies ○Ability to highlight the text ○Word prediction feature ○Manage the created documents by e-mailing, sharing with dropbox, or google docs

33 TEST PREPARATION APPLICATIONS 1). Flashcards 2). Popplet lite*

34 FLASHCARDS ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Easy-to-use studying application with material for any class or standardized test. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Create new decks of flashcards quickly and easily ○Store and share your flashcards using dropbox or email ○High resolution images ○Discard cards that you have mastered ○Study your flashcards in the order that you learn best-alphabetical, random, etc.

35 POPPLET LITE ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Great for work. Great for school. Popplet is a platform for your ideas. Popplet's super simple interface allows you to move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can capture your ideas and sort them visually in realtime. Quickly and easily! ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Explore ideas: brainstorming/mind mapping ○Plan projects: diagrams/process charts ○Record thoughts: journals/notes/lists ○Collect inspiration: scrapbook/travel plans ○Create galleries: photo albums/portfolios/presentations ○Study: school projects/class notes

36 TIME MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS 1). Student Time Tracker 2). myHomework 3). inClass*

37 STUDENT TIME TRACKER ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: $0.99 ●DESCRIPTION: The more time you spend learning, the better the results. Track the time spent on your courses, get a complete overview of your study patterns. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Track the time spent on each course ○See your study patterns through charts ○Record important events ○Keep track of deadlines/task progresses ○Timer to track your time ○Notifications to fill in your timesheet or when you have overdue tasks

38 MYHOMEWORK ●PLATFORMS: iOS and Android ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: On the go planner to keep track of homework and commitments. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Track your classes, homework, tests, and assignments ○Calendar display ○Supports time, block and period-based schedules ○Receive homework reminders

39 inCLASS ●PLATFORMS: iOS ●COST: Free ●DESCRIPTION: Organize your schedule, courses, and semesters in order to help you ace your classes. ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Video/audio/photo notes ○Background recording ○iTunes file sharing ○Repetitive tasks ○Retina display ready ○Local alarms ○Automatic course selection ○Recognizes what classes you are in

40 iREADWRITE ●PLATFORMS: iOS and Android ●COST: Free for anyone that goes through Accessibility Resources at the University at Buffalo for accommodations. Must sign up through the office to obtain the license number (username/password) and receive training. ●DESCRIPTION: ●KEY BENEFITS: ○Multiple accessible tools

41 Any Questions? Contact: Accessibility Resources 25 Capen Hall, Buffalo NY 14260-1632 Phone: (716) 645-2608 Email: Website:

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