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FNSA Treasurer Gabi Zafrani, RN BSN Student

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1 FNSA Treasurer Gabi Zafrani, RN BSN Student

2 Penny Wars  Fundraiser that is held during convention  Collect pennies in a designated jug or jar decorated with your school’s name- be creative and show your school spirit- you must bring your own jug/ jar/ piggy bank!  Silver coins will deduct points, so put silver coins in your competitors jars!  Winning school will receive ½ of the earnings of their penny jar  Write a check for total amount- your treasurer (me) appreciates not having to count pennies all night!

3 Pennies PRN  Fundraiser that is held before convention Set up coin jars around your school Challenge fellow students and instructors to contribute Then, bring the money in the form of a check The school with the most money will earn points towards Chapter of the Year!

4 50/50 Raffles  This year in lieu of an auction, we will be holding 50/50 raffles on both Thursday and Friday of convention Tickets can be purchased for $2, at the FNSA table Each day in the closing session, a winning ticket will be announced, and the winner will receive 50% of the total earnings, while the other half goes to the scholarship fund

5 Resume Reviews  At both convention, and the student day of preconvention, we will be holding resume reviews for students For a $5 donation, you can have your resume reviewed by a professional consultant, as well as receive job hunting tips This is a great way to improve your first impression and develop your professional portfolio! All the proceeds will go to FNSA scholarships

6 CHALLENGES  This year each school that is represented in the House of Delegates will have an envelope or box on the end of their school’s table Each school’s delegates will have the opportunity to collect funds from their schools- and the top three schools with the most challenge funds will receive points for chapter of the year First place- 15 points, Second place- 10 points, Third place- 5 points The challenge funds will be used to endow the Carol Petrozella scholarship

7 Scholarships  The scholarship application can be found on the FNSA website at and also in the printed handbook Scholarship Applications are due November 1 st between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Registration Desk

8 School Fundraising  Reserve your fundraising tables now! Tables will be set up during convention Sell shirts, mugs, stickers, or just about anything No food or drinks can be sold Reserve your table for just $10

9 Sustaining Members  Students challenge your instructors and schools to become Sustaining Members! Individuals can become a Sustaining Member for $30.00 As a school you can become a Sustaining Member for $50.00 per year Sustaining membership dues help ensure scholarships for nursing students

10 Thank You  Current Sustaining Members Questions? Challenges?

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