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College of Engineering

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1 College of Engineering
NC State University College of Engineering

2 Engineering Programs Affiliated with Other Colleges
Academic Departments Biomedical Engineering (BME) Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) Computer Science (CSC) Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Nuclear Engineering (NE) Engineering Programs Affiliated with Other Colleges Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Wood and Paper Science (WPS) Textile Engineering (TE)

3 Quick Facts Degree Programs — 18 BS — 17 MS — 13 PhD
170 distance education courses through Engineering Online 6 distance education master’s degree programs offered

4 Quick Facts Enrollments Fall 2006 Fall 2006 Freshman Class
– Undergraduate ,625 – Graduate ,840 Fall 2006 Freshman Class – Total New Freshmen 1,397 – Avg. SAT 1233 – HS GPA 4.24 – More than 50 percent are in top 10 percent of their high school graduating class

5 Quick Facts Degrees (2005-06) Undergraduate 1,040 Graduate 556
Among U.S. public colleges of engineering whose highest degree is a doctorate: — 15th best undergraduate engineering degree program Among all U.S. engineering colleges: — 3rd in total degrees awarded — 2nd in BS degrees awarded — 11th in MS degrees awarded — 22nd in PhD degrees awarded

6 Quick Facts 6th in BS degrees awarded to African-American students
5th in BS degrees awarded to women students

7 Quick Facts • 19 US patent applications and 1 foreign application filed, 62 invention disclosures, and 1 copyright disclosure in • 20th among public research colleges of engineering, US News & World Report • Among all U.S. engineering colleges — 14th in industry-sponsored research — 17th in total research expenditures ($95 M)

8 Quick Facts 930 faculty and staff, including 247 tenured and tenure-track faculty members 11 faculty are members of the National Academy of Engineering 77 Presidential and NSF recognitions for achievement, including 52 NSF Career awards

9 Quick Facts — Outreach IES is the first industrial extension service established in the nation (1955). Over the past five years, companies assisted by IES reported $500 million in direct economic impact from IES’ services; in , IES helped retain or create 1,237 jobs across the state. Industrial Extension Service (IES) director Terri Helmlinger Ratcliff is the first woman to serve as president of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

10 Research Breakthroughs
— Industrial Engineering’s Electron Beam Melting Machine is First and Only in US. — NC State Students Grind Pork Skins into Biomedical Gold — a senior design project would transform waste into valuable biomedical material and increase manufacturing jobs. — Chemical Engineers Construct Tiny, Floating ‘Eyeballs’ on Microchip — devices can act like tiny factories for materials with potential for a wide variety of uses.

11 Research Achievements
Using three full-scale bridge sections, Civil Engineers in the Constructed Facilities Lab (CFL) are testing new materials that will make bridges stronger and safer as well as reduce costs and duration of repairs. The state-of-the-art CFL is one of only four public labs in the US accredited to perform code compliance testing for the International Code Council.

12 Research Achievements
At the Forefront of Nuclear Engineering NC State has one of the top nuclear engineering programs in the world (ranked 8th by USN&WR). The department is part of the $4.8B Idaho National Laboratory consortium, making NC State part of the nation’s premier initiative for nuclear energy research, development, and education.

13 Research Achievements Helping Prepare North Carolinians for the Future
— The new North Carolina Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) will allow students to gain experience through on-site and distance education. — BTEC will not only prepare students for jobs in biomedical and pharmaceutical industries but also attract those industries to our state.

14 Research Achievements
NC State Leading the Way in Biomedical Engineering — NC State’s joint Department of Biomedical Engineering with UNC-CH is an indicator of our rapidly expanding biomedical emphasis. — Mechanical Engineering researchers have designed devices that reduce trauma during heart surgery. — Today, 6 people who had lost their sight can now see, thanks to groundbreaking work by NC State’s Electrical Engineering researchers who developed the prototype microchip for the artificial retina.

15 Innovations in Research and Academics
— The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering opened a new laboratory dedicated to environmental engineering research in March 2006. — Electrical and Computer Engineer Maysam Ghovanloo has developed a better device for people with Parkinson’s Disease. — Motorsports is used in new curriculum to help teach math and physics to K-12 students.

16 Achievements in Academics
Engineering Minority Students Demonstrate Academic Excellence — For the 2005 honors convocation, 71/166 (44 percent) of our minority Engineering freshmen achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher. — Nine of the 25 campus-wide students with a perfect 4.0 were in Engineering. — Shelly Strickland (biomedical and biological engineering ’04) is First Native American Park Scholar at NC State.

17 Achievements in Academics
New Distance Education Initiatives — Graduate degree programs in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science and engineering under development — BSE program with a concentration in mechanical and aerospace engineering offered in Havelock in partnership with Craven Community College, NAVAIR, and the Navy Depot — Undergraduate courses delivered to the Gateway Technology Center in Rocky Mount as a part of the pre-engineering transfer programs offered at Nash Community College, Edgecombe Community College, Halifax Community College, and Wilson Technical Community College — A new Certificate Program in Patent Examination developed in partnership with the US Patent and Trademark Office

18 Achievements in Academics
Improving Education Across the State — NC State students and faculty work with middle and high school teachers through workshops and summer programs. — NC State student interns bring math and science to life for middle schoolers. — The Engineering Entrepreneurs’ Program helps students move ideas to the marketplace, creating new startup companies that boost our economy. — “Engineering on the Road” outreach service reaches thousands of students statewide.

19 K-12 Advancements NC State a Leader in Women in Engineering Programs
— NC State Gets WISE with the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Living and Learning program. — Laura Bottomley directs the Women in Engineering and Outreach Programs, which secured two major grants — $2M from NSF and $500,000 from GE Foundation. — Girls on Track hosts a math and science summer camp for middle school girls. — Summer programs expanded to include elementary school students

20 Featured Faculty Faculty Garner Top Awards
National Academy of Engineering — 2 more faculty, Carol Hall and Joe DeSimone, are elected to NAE in 2005 — Annie Anton and Christine Grant are selected to participate in the 2006 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium by the National Academy of Engineering National Science Foundation Awards — PAESMEM: Christine Grant, Winser Alexander, COE Academic Affairs — PECASE: Jason Haugh, Veena Misra — Director’s Distinguished Teaching Scholars Award: David Ollis — NSF Career Awards: 52 — NSF Special Creativity Award: Jan Genzer

21 Student Achievements NC State Students Take First Place in World Competition — Twice ! Students and advisors from the Senior Design Center in Computer Science garnered first-place wins in the IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition World (CSIDC) twice, in 2005 and 2006, breaking all records.

22 Student Achievements Students Help NASA Roll with Tumbleweed on Mars
— The tumbling tumbleweed, a symbol of the stark prairie solitude of the American West, may one day roll across the red wastes of Mars on a wandering high-tech search for water and life. — NC State students just may be the ones to get things rolling.

23 Student Achievements Engineering Graduates Highly Recruited
NC State hosts its most successful Engineering Career Fair in spring 2006 — the event attracted 180 companies, and 2,060 students attended. The event proved so popular, a fall 2006 Engineering Career Fair was added to the calendar.

24 Outreach Achievements
Assisting the Military — At Cherry Point, our researchers work with the Navy to help the Vertical Lift Center extend equipment service life. — Industrial Extension Service helped Marines streamline their maintenance facility on the base. — Engineering Online program allows military stationed around the world to take graduate courses in engineering and computer science. — ME alumnus Thomas Metz (MS’80) led US Army in Iraq. — NE alumnus Raymond Odierno (MS ’86) led the capture of Saddam Husssein.

25 Alumni Involvement Alumnus Fitts Makes $10 Million Gift to Endow Industrial and Systems Engineering — Distinguished Alumnus Edward P. Fitts (IE ’61) donated $10 million to endow the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, September 2005. — The commitment is the largest gift ever received by the College of Engineering from an individual donor and the largest endowed gift to academics in NC State’s history. — Fitts hopes to increase awareness of the strengths of the internationally recognized program in industrial and systems engineering at NC State University.

26 Achieve! The Campaign for NC State
September 2005 the University kicked off its historic $1 billion fundraising campaign — Achieve! The Campaign for NC State. The College of Engineering has raised $197.5 million toward its goal of $225 million.

27 Engineering on the Move
College of Engineering Relocates to Centennial Campus

28 Engineering on the Move
College of Engineering Relocates to Centennial Campus — Engineering Building I (EBI) is the new home of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The building was completed in 2004, and the dedication ceremony was held April 22, 2005.

29 Engineering on the Move
College of Engineering Relocates to Centennial Campus — Engineering Building II, the new home of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, opened in fall 2005. — At the dedication ceremony held April 28, 2006, Progress Energy announced a $1.2 million gift to the College of Engineering. In recognition of the gift, two conference rooms, a terrace, and the bridge that connects the two wings of EBII bear Progress Energy’s name.

30 College of Engineering Relocation
The Oval

31 Engineering on the Move
College of Engineering Relocates to Centennial Campus — Engineering Building III, the future home of the departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, received $8.7M in planning money in summer 2005 from the State Legislature, and $61 million in funding for construction has been officially approved. — Engineering Building IV will house the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Office of the Dean.

32 College of Engineering
NC State University College of Engineering

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