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ACCESSING SAFETY. Maximize Your Collaboration Myths Impact Next Steps.

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2 Maximize Your Collaboration Myths Impact Next Steps

3 Replacement The concept of independence must be replaced by a focus on interdependence.


5 The Promise... The Premise

6 Shorter-term, informal relationships that exist without little defined mission, structure, or planning effort. Longer term, more formal relationships that rely on under- standing of missions and focus on a specific effort. A well-defined long- term relationship designed to achieve results more likely to be achieved together than alone; involves a jointly developed structure, shared responsibility, and sharing of resources and rewards

7 Collaboration is a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship entered into by two or more organizations to achieve results they are more likely to achieve together than alone.

8 Partners focus on the way in which the current system can be improved by changing individual organization policies and procedures.

9 The organizations believe they are interdependent. Each organization has a unique role. Commitment to mutual goals: Jointly developed structure Shared responsibility Shared resources and rewards

10 Strategies Results Relationships Resiliency

11 Stages of Collaboration STAGE 1 Envision What the Collaboration Can Achieve Challenges:Work with an Initiator Invite Participation by Organizations Actively Choose Collaboration Envision the Destination

12 Stages of Collaboration STAGE 2 Ensure the Collaboration Gets Results Challenges:Organize the Core Collaboration Work Group Focus on Work Settle on Structure and Governance Prepare for Evaluation Resolve Conflict

13 Stages of Collaboration STAGE 3 Empower the Collaboration to Complete the Work Challenges:Manage the Work Invest in Change Rejuvenate the Effort

14 Stages of Collaboration STAGE 4 Endow a Broader Community with the Power to Collaborate Challenges:Create Visibility Involve the Community End the Collaboration

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