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If The Past is Prologue to the Future – We Will be Dancing in the Streets July 2007 Huntsville Madison Country Chamber of Commerce Marty Kress Executive.

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1 If The Past is Prologue to the Future – We Will be Dancing in the Streets July 2007 Huntsville Madison Country Chamber of Commerce Marty Kress Executive Director, NSSTC & VCSI

2 Thought for the Day “The only way to sustain competitive advantage is to ensure that your organization is learning faster than the competition.” Arie de Gues

3 The Spirit of Huntsville

4 Goal of Today’s Presentation Tell you where the NSSTC has been Tell you where I think the NSSTC is going Tell you how the VCSI will help enable this transition Tell you how you can participate What it means for Huntsville – in particular workforce development activities But first………….

5 NSSTC/VCSI – Value Proposition Key things to remember –It is not just what we do – it is how we do it –Requirements drive our initiatives – need to be aligned – value added –Collaboration is key – not just working together – sharing our strengths and assets – capitalizing on prior R&D investments –If we succeed – benefits go to the community – education and R&D –Goal – create a new value added R&D model

6 NSSTC Background Data NSSTC was created in August 2000 pursuant to a MOU between the State of Alabama and NASA MSFC – located in Cramer Hall Primary goal – maintain the science and technology programs at MSFC – model relies upon competitive procurement, direct program support, congressional initiatives Further goal – expand the science and technology capabilities of the Nation and Alabama – especially at the seven university partners of the Alabama Space Science and Technology Alliance MOU is executed pursuant to a Cooperative Agreement Mission – collaborative R&D critical to NASA AND educational opportunities for next generation of scientists and engineers Executive Director of the NSSTC is employed by the University of Alabama System – UAH employee


8 Located at 320 Sparkman Drive across from the UAH Campus in Cramer Hall Facility Square Footage: Office Space:112,300 Laboratory Space: 55,300 Classroom Space: 2,200 Conference Rooms/Common Space: 9,700 Computer Room: 1,700 National Weather Service: 10,000 Total Space: 201,200

9 NSSTC RESEARCH FACILITIES Advanced Optics Space Science Integrated Optics LabTime of Flight Lab Optics Lab (thin Disk and dye laser)Low Energy Ion and Electron Facility X-ray Detector Development Global Hydrology and Climate CenterUltraviolet Instrument Calibration Lab LIDAR Research FacilityCosmic Ray Detector Development Lab Aerosol Optics LabCosmic Ray Tracking/Analysis Lab Lightning Optics LabSpace Plasma Physics Lab SPoRT Lab (Short Term Prediction ResearchBeowulf Computer Cluster Lab and Transition)Solar Optical Laboratory Microwave LabSolar Physics Sounding Rocket P/L Lab Electronics Sensor LabData Ops Center Earth Science Computer LabInstrument Development Lab SERVIR Lab (remote sensing visualization)BATSE Data Analysis and Archive Lab ARF Lab (electronics)Extremophile Lab LIDAR LabDusty Plasma Lab Climate LabGamma Ray Lab Ozone Lab

10 Where is the NSSTC Going? Expand its business base – make the NSSTC a multi- agency entity Better optimize the assets at the NSSTC Increase the value proposition for the sponsoring federal labs Enhance the opportunities for participation by all members of the SSTA and local firms Create more hands on learning opportunities How Will it Do This? Part of that answer is VCSI What was the catalyst? Everything from “Rising Above the Gathering Storm”, state hi tech economic development initiatives, new national R&D initiatives, etc.

11 Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation New – 501 c 3 – Science & Research Organization -- engineering solutions, science applications, hands on learning Leading members of business, academic, and government research community serve as Board Members and Government Liaisons Goal of new entity -- nationally recognized R&D organization -- critical path of DOD and NASA missions, as well as other federal agencies Basic concept – integrate assets of government and industry with the university research community – regional and national assets Initial Focus – Global Weather, Unmanned Vehicles/Robotics, Space Power and Propulsion, Sensor Web, Enabling Technologies, Science and Exploration Assets include NSSTC staff and facility, Alabama research universities, local firms & businesses, government R&D organizations VCSI is investment in Alabama’s future, catalyst for high technology jobs, hands on laboratory for next generation of scientists and engineers Member based organization – firms and strategic university partners

12 Status Report on VCSI Just held 3 rd Board Meeting June 21 Board Members/Officers appointed and approved – two remaining slots – being filled Articles, Bylaws, Member Agreement, Strategic Plan finalized Member Agreement Being Signed IRS Notification Secured – Not for Profit Charitable Trust DUNS # Obtained – CAGE Code Documentation Done IPA Certification Obtained Three new contracts in place – TVA, Tawani Foundation, NASA MSFC Processing a new task order agreement with SMDC

13 Benchmarking for VCSI Looked at variety of organizations and projects –Danforth Plant Sciences – not for profit -- $100M endow ment – 100 staff -- $17.5 m annual revenues –SWRI -- $450 million – 3000 employees – not for profit -- initial endowment –GTRI – 1200 staff -- not for profit -- $275-300 million –Lincoln Lab – FFRDC -- 1100 staff -- $400 million –USRA – not for profit -- $50-100 m per year – university members –APL – former FFRDC – subsidiary -- 3600 staff -- $680 million –Battelle – charitable trust -- $3.5 b – endowment – 20,000 –Glennan Microsystems – not for profit -- $7.5m/year – member organization –Variety of NASA and DOD Institutes and Centers

14 VCSI Board of Directors Voting Members: Bill Gurley, PresidentMarc Bendickson, Executive VP Ron Gray, VPIrma Tuder, Secretary Gail Wall, TreasurerJoe Ritch, Counsel Chuck Karr, SSTARon Greenwood, UAH Glenn PriddyTony DiRienzo John HollyMarty Kress Non-Voting Members/Liaison: Suzy Young, AMRDC Dave King, MSFC John Horack, MSFC Howard Thrailkill, TVA Dave Williams, UAH Rodney Robertson, SMDC


16 VCSI Vision Create a nationally recognized R&D organization Brand HSV Region as innovative, high tech, R&D Center Integrate State & Local Assets with National Assets Create a hands-on learning environment for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators Enable Execution of Key National Thrusts -- the Vision for Space Exploration, Operationally Responsive Space, Future Combat Systems, etc. Create long lasting value for HSV – Capture an additional 1% of DOD and NASA Funding for R&D

17 VCSI Mission The Mission of VCSI is to provide innovative engineering and science applications for NASA, DOD, and other federal, state, & regional entities –Augment in-house R&T assets of NASA and DOD by linking them with university and business assets –Leverage government, industry, university, and other not-for- profit R&D investments – capitalize on prior investments –Integrate R&D assets and personnel into program and project teams –Provide troubleshooting capability for key technical challenges for key clients –Combine technology innovation with business innovation –Create a regional and national R&D reach back capability


19 VCSI BUSINESS MODEL RequirementCustomer(s)Project TeamProductsModel I.Real Time Weather SMDC, NASA, TVA, NOAA VCSI, Gov’t, Industry, University New Algorithms New Instrument/Sensor Platforms Gov’t to Gov’t Exchange of Technical Assets augmented with University Research II.Enabling Technology NASA, SMDCVCSI, Gov’t, Industry, Commercial Entity or nor for Profit Test Flight (Tether, Solar Sail, etc.) Optimization of a Gov’t Asset by a Not-for-Profit or Commercial Entity Unmanned System/Platform NASA/AMRDEC, SMDC VCSI, Gov’t, Industry, UniversityNew Platform (UAV, Microsat, Balloon) Optimization of Another Gov’t Agency to Meet Another Gov’t Agency Mission Requirement III. IV.Sensor Web System DHS VCSI, SMDC,NASA,Industry,Port Authority,Utilities,Local Gov’t Enhanced Decision Support Tool Optimization of Federal Gov’t Assets to meet State/Local Gov’t Requirements V.Propulsion System NASAVCSI, NASA, Industry, SMDCLow Cost Launch Vehicle Integration of Commercial Technology Integration with Gov’t Technical Expertise VI.Advanced Technology Capability NASA, DODVCSI Board of DirectorsEndowment to Hire Nationally Recognized R&D Expert Use of Endowment to Expand Key In-House Technical Expertise Water Temp Monitoring Sys VII. VIII. Advanced Sensor/ Active Remote Sensing TVAVCSI, NASA, University New Data ProductsUse of Gov’t/University Assets to Provide Solutions to Key Economic Equations NASA/DOD/NOAAVCSI, NASA, AMRDEC, SMDC, University, Industry New Solid State Laser Sensor suite Technology Accelerator – R for D – to Meet Broad Gov’t Requirement

20 Stakeholder Value Proposition Government –Cutting edge R&T capability –As Needed Resources Access –Enhanced Econ Rationale for Programs –Synergistic investments –Shared Risks –Mission aligned partner –Asset/technology integrator Industry –Competitive advantage –Cost/Risk Sharing –Member network/R&D Consortia –Access to IP –Product development opportunities –Preferred vendor status –Learning Opportunities –Technology Enhancement Community & State –Branding/Hi Tech Image –Additional S&T workforce –Access to emerging tech –New research sponsors/partners –Economic development –Community “industry” with reinvestment strategy Universities/Researchers –Enhanced Relationship with gov’t and business community –New research sponsors –Hands-on research –Higher TRL value research –Access to new business –Educational mission –Distributions for educational activities


22 Role for Huntsville Based Organizations Active members/active supporters of VCSI – its goals and objectives Advocates for our value proposition– innovative R&D organization here in Huntsville Source of key competencies for VCSI programs and projects Help us expand R&D activities in the region – capitalize on IP and new business initiatives Help VCSI execute some new and innovative collaborative activities for federal clients

23 Thought for the Day My friends, there was dancing in the streets of Huntsville when our first satellite orbited the Earth. There was dancing again when the first Americans landed on the Moon. There is only one Moon. I’m afraid we can’t offer any such spectaculars like that for some years to come. But I’d like to ask you, don’t hang up your dancing slippers. Werner Von Braun

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