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1 BUSINESS OBJECTS Beginner’s Lab Session (Basic) BUSINESS OBJECTS_BegLab 2.ppt.

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1 1 BUSINESS OBJECTS Beginner’s Lab Session (Basic) BUSINESS OBJECTS_BegLab 2.ppt

2 2 Welcome and Introduction Welcome: We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the University of Michigan – Flint, Beginners (Basic) Business Objects Learning Session. This was created to give you a basic understanding of the essentials to get you started using this reporting tool – hope you enjoy the session. Introduction Business Objects (BusObj) is a Web-based tool used for ad hoc querying and reporting against relational databases.  It provides multiple ways to retrieve, analyze and report on data  It is used only to retrieve data not to change it (read-only)  Saving & printing using BusObj are performed similarly to Microsoft products  It is a point-and-click environment  Tremendous flexibility in the way that data can be managed, retrieved, and reported on  Take advantage of predefined reports or choose to create your own

3 3 Examples of What You Can Get From BusObj: Budget Data (Carry forward, Base Budget, Budget Transfers, etc.) Revenue & Expense Data (line by line detail or high level summaries, etc.) Payroll (salary & fringe benefits by person, department, project/grant, etc.) Human Resources (appointment data, union information, tenure status, etc.) Procurement (PCard, purchase order, voucher information, etc.) Basic Information (department id, programs, project/grants, account, etc.)

4 4 DATA WAREHOUSE There are multiple UNIVERSES within BusObj – which is where our University data is stored (Warehoused) Frequently Used Examples of these are:  FN01Rev Exp Act and Endow (Financials)  FN06Procurement  PR01Payroll  HR01Human Resource The Financial Services & Budget Office has up-to-date lists of employee access (training courses are needed for access). M-1 Forms must be completed and submitted to the Flint Financial Services and Budget Office in order to gain access.

5 5 Getting Started … Logon to Wolverine Access ( University Business Reporting UM-Data Warehouse You will need to enter your UniqName, Kerboros password, and MToken. If you had access to the previous version of Business Objects; the first time you logon you will be required to enter your Business Objects password at the Citrix prompt.  If you do not remember your password, you need to call the MAIS Helpdesk at (734) 936-7000 and follow the prompts. Confidentiality Statement:  Some of the data is confidential, so care must be exercised in determining which data is distributed and to whom.

6 6

7 7 Retrieving Business Objects Query A query is a program for retrieving data from a database and presenting the results as a report Most of you will be running UM-Maintained (Corporate) queries. These queries are maintained by MAIS. To access these queries open Public Folders then UM-Maintained.

8 8

9 9 Most of the time you will be either working out of the Financials or Payroll Universe. Click the plus (+) sign next to Financials.

10 10 Selecting and Refreshing a Query Select the FN01 Rev Exp Act and Endow. The number of queries that will be displayed will depend on your level of access. Additional pages can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the page number on the right top corner. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL PAGES

11 11 BusObj Query (cont.) Double Click on the title CMB Flint GF Department Reconciler Report. (Below the query name there is a description of the universes the query accesses. You will need access to all of the listed universes. Choose a query with known access.) Complete information in the various prompt boxes on the left side. Click “Run” when all of the boxes are filled in.

12 12 Next a prompt will appear listing the various queries contained within the report that did not refresh. Review the list. Currently the AR/Billing will not refresh. Click OK.

13 13 Printing 1.Select View on the toolbar. 2. Select PDF

14 Printing Continued 14 Select the Print Icon to print all or Select from the menu on the left Select “View in HTML format to return to previous screen.

15 15 Saving the file to Excel or PDF 1. Select Document from the toolbar. 2. Save to my computer as. 3. Select Excel or PDF 4. Select either Open or Save.

16 Selecting one Report to Save 1. Select a Report from tabs on the Query 2. Select Document from the toolbar 3. Select Save report to my computer as 4. Select either Excel or PDF 16 1 2 5. Click the “X” in the upper right corner to exit query 5

17 Additional Available Queries 1. Select Public Folders 2. Interim Unit-Maintained 3. Click on Flint 17

18 18 Retrieving a sent Query Sometimes you may need a query that is not a UM-Maintained query. These queries can be sent to you by another user. They will arrive in your Inbox. Click on the Inbox Select the query and Refresh.

19 19 Leaving Business Objects Click on Log Out to exit Business Objects.

20 20 Business Objects Training… MAISLINC website offers a variety of eLearning (online courses) and instructor lead courses. The Website is : https://maislinc.umich.edu The site also has many Business Objects references in PDF format that are printable. In order to gain access to the Payroll Data Warehouse, you need to do the eLearning course first (contact the Flint Accounting Office if you need assistance) For Human Resources Data Warehouse access you will need to inquire with the Flint Accounting Office and Human Resources Department (due to increased confidentiality issues)

21 21 Thank You ! We hope you enjoyed this Beginner’s Session (and learned a little something along the way)

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