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GET FUZED with Z100 and Greg T & WIN Your WAY to the WORLD SERIES! Presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive WHTZ-FM Z100 917.542.5620

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1 GET FUZED with Z100 and Greg T & WIN Your WAY to the WORLD SERIES! Presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive WHTZ-FM Z100 917.542.5620

2 Campaign Description In what ways might Z100 drive tweens, teens, college students, young adults and families to Funfuzion during off-peak hours to experience the bowling, ice skating, arcade, go-carting and billiards amusements in a manner which brands Funfuzion the ultimate all-in-one destination for anyone looking for fun? Greg T, resident “frat boy” on Z100’s Z Morning Zoo, the #1 morning show in New York will visit Funfuzion with the Z100 Party Patrol to participate along with listeners in all the amusements Funfuzion has to offer. Beginning 2 weeks days prior to the on-site event Z100 will run promotional spots exciting listeners at the chance to GET FUZED with Z100 and Greg T at Funfuzion on Wacky Wednesday with 4 hours of unlimited amusements at the Fun Fuzed rate of $25. Streaming spot ads and a banner ad at will drive consumers to to sign-up for the E-FUN Newsletter to get their MYSTERY TURBO CARD. Consumers will redeem this card at Funfuzion at the Get Fuzed with Z100 and Greg T event to redeem their mystery value (as determined by the current MYSTERY TURBO CARD promotional program).

3 Win a Trip to the World Series* For 2 weeks prior to the GET FUZED with Z100 and GREG T event, Funfuzion will collect registrations for participation in the Win a Trip to the World Series on Wacky Wednesday contest. On-air spots will encourage consumers to visit Funfuzion between 12 PM and 8 PM Monday through Friday to register. Finalists will be chosen at random and contacted for a chance to come down to the GET FUZED with Z100 and Greg T event to participate in the Grand Prize contest. Registration Options: Set up a register to win display inside Funfuzion where patrons can enter the contest. Add 1 lucky finalist position redeemable via Funfuzion’s MYSTERY TURBO CARD program Contest Execution Ideas: Billiards 8 on the Break** Select a maximum of 2*** finalists for the chance to attempt to sink the 8 ball on the break to win the grand prize. Award bonus prizes based on how many balls the finalist hits into the pocket on the break. Bowling 7-10 Split** During the GET FUZED with Z100 and Greg T event, Funfuzion will designate one of their lanes the 7-10 split lane. Funfuzion will chose a maximum of 100 finalists*** to attempt to hit the 7-10 split. Award bonus prizes for any finalist who knocks down either the 7 or 10 pin. Hockey Scoro Shot** Select 10 finalists*** for the contest. The finalists will attempt to hit a hockey puck through a hole in a target set up in a hockey goal from the far blue line. Design larger holes adjacent to grand prize slot to award bonus prizes. * Alternative Prize Ideas: $10,000 Cash, $10,000 gift card to New Roc City, $10,000 Private Party at Funfuzion ** Contest Execution Requirements: Videotape execution is required for these contests *** Number of finalists may be adjusted up as prize value is adjusted down.

4 Grand Prize Insurance Think your budget is limiting your brainstorming capabilities? Insured contesting allows you to offer big money prizes for just a fraction of the cost. All insured contests offer a chance to win. You pay a fee based upon the size of the prize, the probability of a winner, and the number of contestants attempting the contest. Odds of having a winner are dependant on successful completion of task and number of participants. Though you are not guaranteed a winner, if you have one, we pay for the prize. We take the risk, you get the recognition! Insured contesting allows you to unleash your promotional capabilities. After further discussion the proposed insured contest can be customized further in order to guarantee excitement, cut through the advertising clutter, generate traffic, increase sales, and exceed your expectations. We’re your silent partner behind the scenes – so that you receive all the recognition and benefits of the promotion. Look at all you get! – Prize Coverage Contract – Maximum (1) Grand Prize Payout – Official Rules – Event Execution Checklist – POS Signage: Custom 2’ x 6’ Banner, Custom 11” x 17” RTW Sign What you provide is… Finalist Selection, video camera and tape for documentation, bonus prize awards.

5 Investment Breakdown DayDaypart # of Comm/Length Mon-Fri6am-8pm 8 x (5x:30sec/3x:15sec) Mon-Fri8pm-12mid 8 x (5x:30sec/3x:15sec) Sat-Sun10am-8pm 8 x (5x:30sec/3x:15sec) Sat-Sun8pm-12mid 8 x (5x:30sec/3x:15sec) Streaming: Mon-Sun (Online Radio)6am-12mid 200x:30sec BONUS! FREE Synch Banner Banner Ad 120X90 @ 25% rotation for 1 month $10,000 Value Grand Prize Insurance Personal Appearance by Greg T and the Z100 Party Patrol (2 Hours) BONUS! FREE 7 live reads by a Z100 DJ DAY OF EVENT 6am-12mid Net Investment: $19,950* Weekly Commercials: 32x Total Weekly Reach: 1,094,000+ Weekly Reach: 500,000 Weekly Impressions: 725,000 * Rates expire March 26, 2007

6 FAQs Why Z100? Z100 is the most listened to station in the country drawing 2.5 Million loyal listeners in NY metro with emphasis on the tween/teen demo, families and active adults. Consistently #1 across all dayparts and seasons, Z100 is the most efficient way to reach the most amount of your target consumers in New York metro and Westchester County. How do I know it will work? Z100’s exclusive listenership is the highest of any station in NY. Our listeners are loyal and subscribe vehemently to the passions, opinions and actions of Z100 personalities. In addition, with the incorporation of popular jock Greg T into your on-site event, you’re tapping into the 33% of our listeners who openly admit that personality endorsements can influence them to buy or do something. How do I make a radio commercial? Clear Channel Communications creative team will design a spot consistent with your brand, messaging and promotional elements fit for broadcast on radio and online. Your online spot will differ to provide that additional call to action so that listeners will maximize their streaming window and click on your synch banner for immediate access to How is this campaign going to deliver long-lasting results? Through a large online component driving consumers to register for the E-FUN Newsletter, and the high-perceived value contest which will drive consumer to your location to register, thereby capturing data, you will grow your email distribution list exponentially so as to keep consumers engaged with the Funfuzion brand long after your campaign has ended.

7 Contact Jennifer L. Pricci Account Executive Z100 WHTZ-FM NY.917.542.5620 NJ.201.209.6220 Cell.646.246.5176

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