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Congressional Success Government Protection Freedmen’s Bureau.

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1 Congressional Success Government Protection Freedmen’s Bureau

2 Freedman’s Bureau A Federal Agency created to provide relief for freedpeople and certain poor people in the South Only 900 agents for the entire South Food, Education, Legal Help Biggest success was education: –150,000 students –3,000 Schools –Howard University and Fisk University

3 Pres. Johnson and the Freedman’s Bureau President Johnson disagreed with the idea of a Freedman’s Bureau This angered the Radical Republicans in Congress They decided on a plan to remove him from power

4 A Governmental Showdown Impeachment Charge: Abuse of Power Cleared by one vote Stanton

5 African American Activism Equal rights Community Organization Political Representation

6 Ku Klux Klan Terrorist group Nathan Bedford Forrest Lynching and burnings Fear and intimidation Forrest

7 Redeemers Democratic political coalition Wanted to “Redeem” the southern way of life Black Codes Segregation Voting Restriction –Poll taxes –Literacy Tests –Grandfather Clause Sharecropping

8 Election of 1876 Democrat Samuel Tilden Republican Rutherford B. Hayes Too close to call A deal had to be made Tilden

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