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Balto the Wonder Dog..

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1 Balto the Wonder Dog.

2 Balto sculpture made by Frederick Ros / Frederick Roth erected in Central Park in New York in 1926

3 For several decades, visitors of Central Park New York can admire views of the bronze statue of Laika, the only such statue of its kind. This monument Baltic - husky, which became a symbol of the pride of the American people in the mid 20s

4 The history of Balto Balto was born in 1923 in the town of Nome (Nome), Alaska. The first years of life spent behind the Baltic Movements food for the city. He was considered a rather slow dog, not suitable for heavier work. In the beginning of 1925 diphtheria, a terrible disease that affects children, broke in Nome. To help children needed vaccine with sulfur, which supply dried up in all local hospitals. Contact me by telegraph to all nearby cities, it became clear that little is left of the vaccine in Anchorage (Anchorage), which is thousands of miles from Nome. But how to deliver the vaccine to the city?

5 Ice storm and the storm was not allowed to fly airplanes
Ice storm and the storm was not allowed to fly airplanes. It was decided to transfer the vaccine by train to the city of Nenana (Nenana), but then the city could not deliver it because of the lack of railways. However, Nenana was located at a distance of nearly a thousand kilometers, completely ice desert. Residents of Nome suggested output: equip dog sleds and rely on speed and power of a dog, and the skill of leading teams.

6 Projectiles team, teams went to meet the icy wind and snow storms
Projectiles team, teams went to meet the icy wind and snow storms. Many surrendered during the transition. This is not surprising, because it was almost impossible to find a way in snowstorms. The first arrived in Nenana Gunnar Cassin (Gunnar Kassen), whose harness huskies led ... Balto.

7 And when Gunnar Kasson lost all hope of saving the children of Nome, Balto, who remembered the way, he began to lead harness. He led the team back to the city, without slowing down until the last moment - a safe journey to Nome. Upon arrival, the dogs were so exhausted that they have no strength left even to bark, but the necessary vaccines were delivered to the patient

8 Impressed by this miracle, the press did Balto new hero of the nation
Impressed by this miracle, the press did Balto new hero of the nation. Articles about him appeared in newspapers around the world, and at the end of the year, a statue carved FG Roth (FG Roth) was installed in Central Park, engraved with the words: "Endurance, Fidelity, mind."

9 After returning teams Gunnar Cassin in Nome, over time it will organize a tour of the country. Balto and his team of huskies gather crowds around him, creating hype and attracting attention.

10 Dogs carry harness, delivered to the wheels to keep in shape. All S. M
Dogs carry harness, delivered to the wheels to keep in shape. All S.M.I full message about the famous tour. After a while messages disappear from S.M.I and excitement suddenly drops. Balto goes on the trail of George Campbell. He soon discovers that with the increasing popularity of the Baltic, and increased interest in commercial organizations to his person. As a result, the Baltic States with sled bought Sam Houston and organized a performance in one of the city's theaters. Entrance only for gentlemen

11 George came to the theater and saw a terrible picture
George came to the theater and saw a terrible picture. Balto and the other dogs were planted on steel chain. When you try to escape from the shackles of chain to beat the dogs, causing the severe pain. Angered Campbell came to Houston and asked to redeem dogs. As a result, he agrees to sell them for $ 2,000 and gives George a period of two weeks. Campbell returned to Cleveland. Begins collecting money across the country. Dogs redeem and bring to Cleveland. In Cleveland Museum of Balto and other huskies again become popular, they come to watch the children, guided tours with them draw pictures ...

12 The last years of his life spent in the Baltic Cleveland Zoo and died in From there, he went to the museum in Cleveland, where he was made of stuffed, it was replaced by brown black coloring. Scarecrow Balto and left to stand in a cold basement of the museum. However, since then every year on the same path traveled by Gunnar, Balto and the famous sled huskies, competitions have been held. All the same harsh conditions, the same route were the strength not many participants, despite the fact that the temperature during the competition was much higher than that established in

13 And to this day in the history of schools in Alaska are Balto, his act is not dead, he will forever remain a symbol of valor, honor, dignity and unbroken will to win ...

14 screening "Balto" (Eng. «Balto») - full-length animated film based on a true story, tells the story of Balto, a brave sled dog that delivered diphtheria serum to save the children of the town in Alaska (1925). Cartoon studio was created Amblimation (unit Amblin Entertainment) Steven Spielberg

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