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Last Second Review ‘cause this is IT!. PLACES (1-14) PithomRaamsesMidian The Wilderness Goshen Rameses to Succoth (14:37) Not Philistine Way Wilderness.

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1 Last Second Review ‘cause this is IT!

2 PLACES (1-14) PithomRaamsesMidian The Wilderness Goshen Rameses to Succoth (14:37) Not Philistine Way Wilderness of R.S. Etham Before Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the Sea, opposite Baal Zemphon

3 PLACES (14-24) Red Sea  W. of Shur (3) Marah – bitter Elim (12 wells; 70 palms) W. Of Sin: No Pots of Meat! Yes manna, quaiil! Rephidim –no water; battle Rock at Horeb (18) Massah & Meribah Altar: W. Of Sinai (19) Bounds: Red Sea to the sea; Philistia, and from the desert to the River (23:31)

4 Plagues Chapter 7 (1 Plague) Water to Blood Chapter 8 (3 Plagues) Frogs (1-15) Lice (15-19) Flies (20-30) Chapter 9 (3 Plagues) Pestilence (1-7) Boils (8-12) Hail (13-35) Chapter 10 (2 plagues) Locusts (1-20) Darkness (21-29) Chapters 11-12 Death of the Firstborn P. Said they could go! Go– w/ conditions

5 PASSOVER (12-13) Now the first month of the year (12:2) Take a lamb on the 10 th of the month for each household(12:3) Unless too small for the household Male, first year lamb, sheep or goat, without blemish Kill the lamb on the 14 th. (At twilight—everybody!) Spread the blood; roasted, unleavened bread, bitter herbs NO raw, boiled in water YES roast in fire, head and entrails Burn the leftovers

6 PASSOVER (12-13) Now, no leaven for seven! (On day 14…) 14 th Day Until 21 st Day (evening): no leaven! Holy convocation at 1 & 7 of week Passover No breaking bones Must eat in one house No carrying flesh outside the house No uncircumcised males One law for all! Ch 13: It’s Abib! Donkey  Lamb

7 CHAPTER 15 Chiefs of E d om, D ismayed M ighty men of M oab – tre m bling Inhabitants of Canaan—melting (into milk and honey!) Inhabitants of Phili s tia – S orrow will take hold (S&P!)

8  donkey -- Moses wife and sons (4:20)  serpents – Moses, Aaron, Magicians  Frogs (in house, bedroom, bed, houses of servants, people, ovens, kneading bowls—removed tomorrow!) dead in stinking heaps (Ch 8)  Lice (was dust—on man and beast—God’s finger!) (Ch 7)  Flies (swarms of, difference, house of P, his servants’ houses, and into all the land; corrupted!) (Ch 8)  cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen, sheep (9:3) -- pestilence  dog's tongue (Ex 11:7)  1 y/o male lamb, w/o blemish, goat or sheep (12)  redeem firstborn donkey with a lamb (13:13)  eagle's wings (Ex 19:4)  lots of ox laws…  dogs: throw meat to the dogs if torn apart by beasts (22:31)  Too numerous beasts! (Ch 23)  hornets (sent before you) (23:28)

9  People: Jacob’s descendants, Joseph, a new king, Pharaoh, Shiphrah, Puah  Places: Egypt, Pithom, Raamses  What happened: Jacob’s descendants – 70 in total – came to Egypt. Joseph was already in Egypt. Joseph and his brothers died. A new king did not know Joseph. He afflicted the children of Israel with burdens. They built supply cities. The king told the midwives to kill the male children. The midwives did NOT kill the males. Pharaoh then commanded that sons must be cast into the river.

10  People: Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses, Pharaoh, Reuel, Zipporah, Gershom  Places: Egypt and Midian  What happened: A son was born and was hidden for 3 months. Then he was placed in an ark. Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby. The baby was called Moses. Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. He killed the Egyptian. Later he saw 2 Hebrews fighting. Pharaoh sought to kill Moses for killing the Egyptian so Moses fled to Midian. He married Zipporah and had a son Gershom.

11  People: Jethro, Moses,  Places: Midian, Horeb-the mountain of God, Egypt  What happened: Moses saw a bush that burned but wasn’t consumed while tending the flock of Jethro. The LORD told Moses that he (Moses) was to return to Egypt and take the children of Israel out of bondage, out of Egypt.

12  People: Moses, Aaron, Jethro, Zipporah  Places: Egypt  What happened: Moses’ rod became a serpent, his hand became leprous, and he was told if those two signs weren’t believed, he could pour water onto dry land. Moses did NOT want to talk to Pharaoh. The LORD said his brother Aaron would be the spokesman. Jethro told Moses to go in peace. Moses and family left. Zipporah circumcised a son. Moses and Aaron met in the wilderness. The elders of Israel believed the signs.

13  People: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh,  Places: Egypt  What happened: Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh the LORD required His people to hold a feast in the wilderness. Pharaoh did not agree. His taskmasters no longer provided straw. They took stubble instead. Their quota of bricks was not reduced. They complained to Moses that he made them abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh.

14  People: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, magicians  Places: Egypt  What happened: Moses and Aaron’s rod became a serpent. The first plague-WATER INTO BLOOD- followed. The magicians also did so.

15  People: Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron, magicians  Places: Egypt  What happened: FROGS – LICE – FLIES

16  People: Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron, magicians  Places: Egypt  What happened: PESTILENCE – BOILS - HAIL

17  People: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, servants  Places: Egypt  What happened: LOCUSTS – DARKNESS

18  People: Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron  Places: Egypt  What happened: The LORD spoke of one more plague – DEATH of FIRSTBORN

19  People: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh  Places: Egypt (Rameses to Succoth)  What happened: The LORD gave rules for the Passover lamb, when to take, how to eat, WHO could eat it, also unleavened bread. DEATH of FIRSTBORN. The children of Israel left in haste and plundered the Egyptians. About 600,000 men besides children journeyed from Rameses to Succoth. They had been in Egypt 430 years.

20  People: Moses, Pharaoh, bones of Joseph  Places: Egypt, wilderness of the Red Sea, Succoth to Etham  What happened: Consecration of firstborn, Rules of unleavened bread, pillar of cloud, pillar of fire

21  People: Moses, Pharaoh  Places: Egypt, Pi Hahioth, Migdol, Baal Zemphon  What happened: Pharaoh took chariots and pursued them. He overtook them camping by the sea. They were afraid and complained. They crossed on dry ground. The Egyptians did not!

22  People: Moses, Pharaoh, Miriam, Aaron  Places: (in the song - Red Sea, Philistia, Edom, Moab, Canaan) Red Sea, Wilderness of Shur, Marah, Elim  What happened: They sang a song about Pharaoh’s expectations, what actually happened to the Egyptians, what WOULD happen to their enemies, and God’s power. Bitter water at Marah, promise of no diseases, water and palm trees at Elim.

23  People: Moses, Aaron  Places: Elim to the Wilderness of Sin, mention of Egypt, border of Canaan  What happened: They complained because of hunger, manna and quails and the rules for gathering

24  People: Moses, Joshua, Aaron, Hur, Amalek  Places: Wilderness of Sin to Rephidim, Horeb, Massah, Meribah  What happened: No water at Rephidim, Fight with Amalek at Rephidim – Moses hand up, Israel prevailed, hand down, Amalek prevailed.

25  People: Jethro, Moses, Zipporah, Gershom, Eliezer, Aaron,  Places: Midian,  What happened: Jethro brought Moses’ wife and sons. They discussed hardships of Pharaoh, the LORD’s deliverance from Pharaoh, and the need for rulers of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens.

26  People: Moses, Aaron  Places: Rephidim to Wilderness of Sinai  What happened: Preparation for 10 commandments

27  People: Moses  Places:  What happened: TEN COMMANDMENTS, rulers about altars

28  Rules of male and female servants, offenses resulting in death, penalty for injury when fighting, rules for beaten or injured servants, woman with child, rules about oxen and open pits

29  Rules about livestock, fields, property, borrowed goods, etc, strangers, lending, offering firstborn, meat torn by beasts

30  Rules for justice, animals, strangers, letting the land rest in the 7 th year, Feasts to be kept. Promise of Angel, Fear, and hornets

31  People: Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Joshua  Places: Mount Sinai  What happened: Preparation for Moses to go up to Mount Sinai; sapphire

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