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RANGEVIEW PB4L – R.I.S.E System whanau/community guide

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1 RANGEVIEW PB4L – R.I.S.E System whanau/community guide
School-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning reward system.

2 School- wide Our cornerstone values

3 What is pb4l? Positive Behaviour for Learning was ultimately designed to address inappropriate behaviour in children and young people. Led by the Ministry of Education, it is a joint initiative between a number of education sector organisations and is delivered by the Ministry in partnership with non-governmental organisations, early childhood sector organisations, and Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour (RT:LB).

4 What is pb4l? The programme is actually a collection of programmes for schools, teachers and parents; all are aimed to promote positive behaviour. The rationale behind PB4L is that by improving students’ behaviour and their home and school environments, their engagement and achievement will consequently improve. It hinges on the premise that positive behaviour can be learned and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearned. The School-Wide framework, based on the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) framework in the United States. Students are taught in very specific terms what behaviours are expected of them and there is a consistent response to these behaviours across the school. It involves a behavioural stocktake of all the incidents, reports, detentions, suspensions, and stand-downs, allowing the school to track its progress over time. According to the Ministry, 628 schools will have access to PB4L School-Wide by The Ministry provides $10,000 per school per year for the first three years of implementation

5 The principles behind PB4L
Positive Behaviour for Learning believes: positive behaviour can be learnt and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearnt individual children are not a ‘problem’ – we need to change the environment around them to support positive behaviour punishing and isolating children doesn’t bring about long-term and sustainable changes in behaviour we need to concentrate on a small number of evidence-based programmes and frameworks that we know work there are no quick fixes. Behaviour change takes time.

6 R.i.s.e card positive behaviour system
Small RED cards that can be given by ANY staff member in ANY school setting: Class, playground, assembly, sports etc. When you receive a card it can be ‘cashed in’.

7 How can STUDENTS get them?
By displaying any of the 4 School Values: RESPECT: Towards others-teachers, classmates, all adults, using basic manners & being polite, wearing correct uniform with pride, respecting the learning & school environments INTEGRITY: Being honest, responsible, organised, prepared, doing the right thing, following school policies & rules SERVICE: To others, holding doors open for teachers, helping, picking up rubbish, doing jobs, duties , kindness, consideration, work around the school, volunteering and assisting others, using your initiative ENDURANCE: Doing your best, effort, positive attitude, staying on task, completing work, homework, assignments

8 What do I do with them? When you receive a R.I.S.E card you need to clearly write your name and class on the card and tick the correct school value it has been received for. You then have 3 options when you earn a R.I.S.E Card.

9 Put them in the R.I.S.E prize draw
Place the card in any R.I.S.E box around the school to go in the Y7/Y8 weekly R.I.S.E draw. (5 names from each Year level). If your name is picked out in the draw, you can CHOOSE from the chart to redeem ANY one of the weekly rewards. There is also an end of term draw for a major prize, so you get a 2nd chance for every card you have in the draw!!!

10 Buy chocolate You can collect R.I.S.E cards to buy chocolate from your Homeroom Teacher. 20 RISE cards = 1 Mini-Choc bar. 

11 Collect them You can collect R.I.S.E cards to earn a certificate from your Homeroom Teacher. 20 RISE cards = 1 Certificate.

12 Weekly R.I.S.E draw prize examples.
Sit on the staff balcony and have your lunch with 3 friends 1 X Chocolate Bar from your H.R Teacher Positive phone call home from Year level leader 1 Stationery Item from the office Personal Mufti Day Heat your lunch in the food room with 3 friends Bus Quick Pass - 1st on the bus! Free entry to the next social Be Principal for a period Sit on stage in assembly Bring your skateboard or scooter to school for a day Free slushy from the tuck-shop Play on an iPod for 1 period Take 3 extra books out from the library Tuck-shop Quick pass – straight to the front of the line! 1 R.I.S.E certificate for any value of your choice Have the library all to yourself Extra sports session for your class 1 period free time Get out of the yo-yo test once

13 Rewards – End of term R.I.S.E Draw
Sports equipment Free entry to graduation Westfield voucher ITunes MUSIC Voucher DVD Family Hamper Permanent Tuck-Shop Quick Pass Permanent Bus Line Quick Pass FREE ENTRY TO ALL SOCIALS FREE pIZZA

14 R.I.S.E Certificates At least 5 certificates are awarded each week either in PB4L Home Room time or through an assembly for showing one of the 4 school values Certificates are kept at school in the homeroom class R.I.S.E Clear file You can ALSO earn a R.I.S.E certificate by collecting 20 R.I.S.E cards

15 Values Badges When you earn 4 R.I.S.E certificates for a particular value (e.g. RESPECT) you are eligible to receive the corresponding value badge. Awarded by Year Level Leaders Names are published school-wide (website, newsletter) RESPECT INTEGRITY SERVICE ENDURANCE

16 Principal’s Certificate
R.I.S.E Badges Upon earning each of the value badges, you are eligible to receive a R.I.S.E badge & Principals Certificate. Awarded by senior management Names are published school-wide (website, newsletter) All students who have a R.I.S.E badge have a FREE mufti day in the last week of each term R.I.S.E RESPECT INTEGRITY SERVICE ENDURANCE Principal’s Certificate

17 The winning house each term receives a FREE mufti day
House Points Not given for behaviour or in class work habits Given in ‘ones’ Used in competitive situations only e.g. a class quiz, sports, singing etc. Winning house receives a Mufti Day Athletics Day Cross Country 2 X Other House Competition Days Friday Sport Lunchtime sports The winning house each term receives a FREE mufti day


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