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Lending a Roku Presented by Marisa Crowley Reference Librarian, Merrick Library 3/31/2015.

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1 Lending a Roku Presented by Marisa Crowley Reference Librarian, Merrick Library 3/31/2015

2 Equipment /Supplies Roku streaming stick (49.99) Case for circulating – we bought a Case Logic neoprene 7” tablet case ($5-$15) Laminate instructions and loan rules, include in case Laminate Roku “Get Started” guide (eliminate Step 4) Laminate Merrick Library tag, attach to zipper of case

3 Initial Setup Create account at (need email address) Activate/Register each Roku device – I did this using a TV and a laptop Create an account at (need email address, during this creation, you will agree to create an Ultraviolet account at the same time) Add and register Vudu channel on device (limit 5) Add/Delete any other channels you want/don’t want on the device – (we only have Vudu)

4 Adding Movies to We only add digital copies that we receive with the Blu-rays we have already ordered. It comes with a free redemption code: Go to Under ‘Services’, choose Redeem Ultraviolet Copy Enter title and redemption code

5 Processing Barcode the HDMI stick Create bibliographic record in Sierra – we chose not to barcode remote, inserted a note “check for stick, remote, 2 piece charger” keep a list of titles available somewhere (ours is a Google spreadsheet automatically updates on our website)

6 Rules for Patron Use Must have a valid Merrick Library card in good standing May not add any channels or make any purchases using the ROKU (no credit card info needs to be stored in Roku or Vudu account) Must return the ROKU to the Circulation Desk on the day it is due (NO BOOK or MEDIA DROP) The loan period is 7-days, no renewals. $1 per day late fee. $50 Replacement Fee if all materials are not returned or are lost/damaged. Includes ROKU stick, remote, USB power cable + wall adaptor.

7 Tech Requirements for Patron Use HDTV with HDMI input High-speed Internet (DSL or cable) Wireless router **The faster the Internet connection the better the video quality. For best viewing results: minimum of 1.5 Mbps for standard definition and 3.0 Mbps for HD

8 Get Started (for Patrons) Insert the ROKU HDMI directly into your TV. You can power the stick using the wall plug if your TV does not provide sufficient power. Use the ROKU remote to enter your password to connect to your Wireless Network. Once connected, use the remote to choose the VUDU channel. Use the remote to choose the “MYVUDU” tab. Browse the selection of movies and choose any to watch.

9 FAQs  Can I use the library’s Vudu channel with my own personal Roku? (no)  How does it work? It is a streaming service. Our Roku devices are linked with our Vudu account which is where the movies stream from.

10 FAQs Where can I see a list of movies On our website. Or on your TV screen if you have already connected our Roku at your home to your wifi. Choose the Vudu channel and go to the “MyVUDU” tab Nothing happens when I connect the Roku to my TV – Make sure the stick is also connected to a power source in addition to your TV. – Make sure your TV is on the correct source/input as the HDMI port the stick is plugged into. – If still nothing is happening, try a different HDMI port – such as the one your cable box is connected to since we know that one works

11 Notes We recently added a 2 nd Roku due to popularity, registered with the same existing account – this way both devices have all the same movies. We might add more as demand increases. We have had an approximate 3-6 person wait-list since January. Since we only utilize Vudu on the Roku, we might look into the following: Walmart is now touting its new VUDU Spark streaming stick, a small dongle that resembles Roku's streaming stick and functions. That device is $25. It includes a remote and connects users to the VUDU video service only – no other apps.

12 Questions and Contact Marisa Crowley Reference Librarian, Merrick Library 516-377-6112 x124

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