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Attendant Training. REACH Respect Always Excellence Always Ambition Always Consideration Always Honesty Always.

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1 Attendant Training

2 REACH Respect Always Excellence Always Ambition Always Consideration Always Honesty Always

3 Guest Expectations The customer’s arcade expectation is generally low Our goal is make a FEG / CCME arcade the entertainment venue of choice. How do we raise expectations

4 Our Expectations Perform duties outlined in your Job Description. Follow opening / closing procedures / PM Plan Show up on time able to work a full shift Perform each task to the best of your ability Maintain a professional appearance and conduct. Be alert for people scouting the location Have fun and smile !!!!

5 Arcade Standards All games working 100% in like “new “ condition Exceptionally Clean Well maintained Building Exceptional Redemption Counter Display Instant win games full and themed Do the Small Details that Count:

6 Customer Service Preparation Connect to customer across multiple channels Help the customer help themselves Have a plan for when things go wrong Customer Service on the Spot Employee Training Celebrate the “Jackpot” Take Family photo’s

7 Guest Encounter Be available in a timely manner Greet the customer in a friendly way Listen / Ask questions Apologize if necessary Solve the problem – as quickly as possible Thank the customer.

8 Hostile Guest 1.Assume the customer has the right to be angry 2.Listen to understand without emotion - set limits 3.Be patient – mirror calm 4.Speak Softly (tone, pace, word choice) “Please allow me” 5.Own the problem “This is what I can do for you” 6.Place the customer first / problem second Take guest to quiet area, get assistance with children 7.Find the cause of the problem 8.Correct the Issue 9.Follow Up – notify Manager of problem. 10.Last Resort - Manager Hand Off – 1.Notify of Manager of abusive language or touching 2.Give summary of situation and attempted resolution.

9 Game Problems Game Malfunction – give a free play on that game and /or tickets out of the dispenser. Swiping Problems: When playing a game, If a colored reader is swiped and the card is read properly, the reader will flash green and coin up the game. If the reader does not properly read the card, the reader will flash red. The customer will then need to reswipe their card. If the readers are not recognizing the customer’s card, educate the customer on how the proper way to swipe the card readers. Both sides of a game card can be used when swiping a reader. The edge of the card with black stripe needs to be inserted into reader. The card should be flush with the back of the reader and brought fully across the reader in a swift motion. If the problem persists, make them a new card. Embed: – A manager can put points back on the card – Attendant can give a play on another game. – Swipers blink red when there is a ticket problem – Swipers glow solid red out of service. – Use kiosk to game out service and check card useage. – Kiosk must hit cash screen before DBV functions. – Tokens can be put in kiosk for credits on card Sacoa: – Redemption counter can put points / tokens back on the card – Kiosk malfunction slip is processed at the redemption counter – Kiosk can be used to check card useage.

10 Game Problems - Continued Prize malfunctions – check to see if they played the game and a prize won. Especially high end prizes. If a customer didn’t understand how the game worked - give a free play on the game. If a game is obviously malfunctioning put it out of service at the POS and put a note. Kiosks don’t give change All kiosk refunds processed at the Counter. Common Game Problems / Fixes – Game Freezes – Game doesn’t coin up – Ball stuck

11 Common Questions Where is the bathroom ? Where is the ATM ? What time does the arcade open / close ? The water in the shower was cold ? Where is the ______ attraction ? What do I do with the tickets ? You never win at crane games ? Where do I buy a game card ? What do I do with or get tokens ? __________ game didn’t give me tickets ? __________ game didn’t work ? Monster Drop did not give me bonus ball ? I won the jackpot and it didn’t give it to me ? I won the Xbox and it didn’t give it to me ?

12 Key Tasks Load Tickets Clear Coin / Ticket Jams Load Instant Win Merchandise Assist with minor game repairs Resolve Customer Complaints Clean games, shelves, floor, counter and tables Knowledgeable of current sales and promotions. Assist in moving games / supplies

13 Key Cash Register Transactions Sell or recharge single and multiple Cards with cash or credit cards. Make change Redeem coupons or promotional cards. Suggest and sell a package or attraction. Correct a mistake prior to finishing transaction. Refund a completed transaction. Process a Kiosk refund voucher. Give a Game Credit Refund. Give a Token Refund. Sell a Loaner Card. Redeem Prizes. Freeze / unfreeze a prize transaction

14 Key Phrases Good “Morning”, “Afternoon” or “Evening” The majority of the games run on a card system. Both sides of a game card can be used when swiping a reader. The edge of the card with black stripe needs to be inserted into reader. The card should be flush with the back of the reader and brought fully across the reader in a swift motion. Some games use a token in the play of the game. You can get tokens can by swiping a card at a changer. Cards can be purchased at a kiosk or the redemption counter. The best value begins at $20. Thank you

15 Key Phrases Continued To make things easier for you and green we went to a paperless ticket system. Any of the games with the blue swipers will automatically load any tickets you win to your card. Games with pink and white swipers are token play games which you will need to swipe your card after playing to collect your tickets.” Thank you “This is what I can do for you _______________” “Please allow me to _______________” “Would you like to add a game of bowling onto your card.” “All the games are games of skill” “ I’m sorry”___________________ “The _________ game is not a winner every time” “Thank you”

16 Game Cleaning Tips Glass has 2 sides. Pay attention to foot wells / underneath Use swifter duster to clean the tops of games. Pledge works great on plexi glass Magic eraser cleans plexi without scratching Use a long handled squeegee on Monster Drop

17 Game Inspections It is our responsibility to know the condition of our games and properly maintain them. Inspections: – Daily / Continuous – Weekly – Monthly Add items to the a punch list

18 Game Safety Levelers Down Cables secure not frayed All Screws and nuts tight and in place Buttons, Joy Sticks, Steering Wheels, headers, signs, Coin Mech’s, and Swipers secure. Ticket Station – no worn or missing parts – on safe mode. No sharp edges Electrical cords secured, with ground plugs Prizes inspected and not damaged Any cracked or damaged, worn parts replaced. Worn balls replaced Protective shields secure not cracked Back doors, coin & ticket doors secure Clean Game

19 Employee Safety Properly train employee’s on how perform daily tasks. Have ladders and the proper tools available. Keep storage areas organized and clean. Lift Safely to prevent back injuries Have MSDS available for all chemicals Prevent illness.

20 Moving Games Scout your route in advance Always have two people moving games Inspect and use the proper equipment when moving games. Moving tricks Trucks Safety / Lift gates

21 Ring Accidents

22 Attendance If you are unable to report for work for any reason, notify your supervisor before regular starting time. It is not acceptable to leave a message or text, except in extreme emergencies. Should undue tardiness/attendance become apparent, disciplinary action may be required.

23 Schedule Learn the location’s business cycle. Time off request log Part Time Employee’s limited to under 30 hours per week maximum. 30 minutes for lunch unpaid (paid if they stay on site / available and are the only ones on duty) Time according to the needs of the business 2 - 10 minute breaks paid per 8 hours shift / balance needs of business. If only 2 people are working only 1 is allowed on break at a time Overtime – needs approval. Paid Holiday’s: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day – Eligible Non exempt employee’s receive 1 ½ normal wages. – Paid time off not counted towards determining overtime.

24 Appearance –Facial jewelry (such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings, and tongue studs) is not professionally appropriate and must not be worn during working hours. –Multiple ear piercings (more than one ring or ball stud in each ear) are not professionally appropriate and must not be worn during business hours. Ear piercings must be of conservative size and style. –Tattoos deemed offensive by your supervisor or a property supervisor must be covered. –Offensive body odor and poor personal hygiene are not professionally acceptable. –Fingernails must be kept clean and at a reasonable length.

25 Appearance - continued –Facial hair must be short and neatly trimmed. –Extreme hair styles, hair colors or makeup styles do not present an appropriate professional appearance and are not allowed. –Shirts worn under a company work shirt must be either black or white in color and cannot display any type of text or graphics. –Clothing must fit properly and belts must be worn at all times. No low hanging or baggy pants. –Any inappropriate dress or appearance issues will be addressed with the employee by their immediate supervisor. Employees arriving at work in apparel or appearance deemed unacceptable or unprofessional will be sent home without compensation for more appropriate attire.

26 Harassment / Equal Opportunity FEG and CCME are committed to providing a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination. Conduct that can be considered harassing, coercive or disruptive, including sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Actions, words, jokes, comments or electronic or written messages based on an individual's sex, race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated, and could be cause for termination. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances or visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. This definition includes many forms of offensive behavior and includes gender-based harassment of a person of the same sex as the harasser. If you experience or witness sexual or other unlawful harassment in the workplace, report it immediately to your supervisor. If the supervisor is unavailable or you believe it would be inappropriate to contact that person, you should immediately contact the Regional Manager or any other member of management. You can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal or retaliation. All allegations of sexual harassment will be quickly and discreetly investigated. To the extent possible, your confidentiality and that of any witness or alleged harasser will be protected against unnecessary disclosure. When the investigation is complete, you will be informed of the outcome. Any supervisor or manager who becomes aware of possible sexual or other unlawful harassment must immedi­ately advise a member of the Executive Management so FEG and CCME can investigate in a timely and confidential manner. Anyone found engaging in sexual or other unlawful harassment will be subject to termination of employment.

27 Work Place Violence All employees, including supervisors and temporary employees, should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Employees are expected to refrain from fighting, horseplay, or other conduct that may be dangerous to themselves or others. Firearms, weapons and other dangerous or hazardous devices or substances are prohibited on the premises of FEG and CCME properties at all times. FEG and CCME will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of threats of (or actual) violence, suspicious individu­ als or activities. The identity of the individual making a report will be protected as much as is practical. In order to maintain workplace safety and the integrity of its investigation, FEG and CCME may suspend employees, either with or without pay, pending an investigation.

28 Drug Alcohol Use It is the desire of FEG and CCME to provide a drug-free, healthful and safe workplace. To promote this goal, employees are required to report to work in appropriate mental and physical condition to perform their jobs in a satisfactory manner. While on FEG and CCME property and while conducting business-related activities off premises, no employee may use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs is permitted on the job only if it does not impair an employee's ability to perform the essential functions of the job in a safe manner, and does not endanger other individuals in the workplace.

29 Basic Work Rules Theft or inappropriate removal of possession of property including the eating of candy and toys used as prizes. Giving tokens, credits, or tickets away without permission Playing games without permission Falsification of timekeeping records Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs Possession, distribution, sale, transfer or use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace, while on duty or while operating employer- owned vehicles or equipment Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of employer- owned or customer-owned property Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct Violation of safety or health rules Using cell phone or eating and drinking in front of guests.

30 Basic Work Rules - continued Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials, such as explosives, firearms or weapons, in the workplace Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice Unauthorized absences from work station during the workday Unauthorized disclosure of business "secrets" or confidential information Violation of personnel policies Anything construed as harassment or showing disrespect for others Gossiping or encouraging negative attitudes and behavior Excessive time spent with family and/or friends at the workplace while on company time Unauthorized work or dual employment at any company or work place other than FEG, and CCME without written approval by the President of the company for any salaried employees.

31 Your Expectations Great / Safe Work Environment Flexible schedule Training Opportunity for Advancement 90 Day Probation Period Review Rewarded Annual Performance Review

32 Everyone’s Expectations Strive for constant improvement Identify any barriers to success REACH

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