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Tuesday, May 6.

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1 Tuesday, May 6

2 Bell Ringer: True or False
There were six ages of film. The Lumiere Brothers developed the first moving film. Hollywood was an outlet for war propoganda. Hitchcock was known as the master of lighting. The Birds technical innovation was costumes.

3 Casablanca Director, Michael Curtiz was born in Budapest, Hungary in the late 1800’s He left Hungary in 1919 because of political unrest In 1926, the head of Warner Brothers in Burbank, California asked him to come to Hollywood

4 Casablanca Released in 1942 Nominated for eight Oscars and won three
Became a legend because of its two leading actors: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

5 Regarded as the best black and white film ever made

6 What is it? Great love story….and more…… Extended metaphor Allegory
symbolism Hero journey

7 Hero Journey

8 What is it? Historical fiction
Depicts the movement of American sentiment away from isolationism The first two years of WWII ( ) with particular emphasis on what was occurring in France and its empire Munich conference Casablanca, one of the most popular movies ever made, is considered by many to be an artistically flawless film.

9 Background It's 1941 and the German military machine has defeated France and most of Europe. Victor Laszlo, the leader of the Czech resistance, has escaped from a German concentration camp. With Ilsa, his beautiful young wife, he flees to Casablanca, the capital of Morocco. From there he intends to travel to Lisbon and then to America where he will continue working to defeat fascism. Laszlo's prospects for leaving Casablanca depend upon Rick, a deeply disillusioned American expatriate who operates a popular nightclub. It turns out that before the fall of Paris, Rick and Ilsa had an intense love affair that ended suddenly when Ilsa disappeared. Rick is still in love with Ilsa, and she is in love with him. Rick and Ilsa must make choices that will either serve themselves or a greater good.


11 Think about the following questions….
This is a story of Rick's redemption. To "redeem" means to "buy back." What did Rick pay to redeem himself and what did get in return? Waiting is a motif in the film that recurs several times. In relationship to the concept of Rick as a metaphor for the isolationism of America before it entered WW II, how does the pattern of waiting finally play out?

12 Work on the questions

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