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Anthony Pantziris Slide 1 Welcome to Physics 2210: Mechanics Anthony Pantziris Your required course material: smartPhysics by Gary Gladding, Mats Selen,

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1 Anthony Pantziris Slide 1 Welcome to Physics 2210: Mechanics Anthony Pantziris Your required course material: smartPhysics by Gary Gladding, Mats Selen, and Tim Stelzer (W.H. Freeman & Company) + printed book * * Strongly recommended

2 Anthony Pantziris Slide 2 Course Websites  Main course website:   Schedule, links, syllabus, solutions, exam reviews, old exams, etc.  All info that is not in this presentation is at this site!!  SmartPhysics website:   Prelectures, Checkpoints  Course calendar  WebAssign website:   Gradebook  Homework Assignments (from: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Serway and Jewett, 6 th edition)  Announcements.

3 Anthony Pantziris Slide 3 Contact Information  Instructor: Prof. Anthony Pantziris: INSCC  Course Coordinator: Mary Ann Woolf: JFB  Marshall and WebAssign: Adam Payne:  Discussion TAs: Paul Bergeron: Chris Ahn: Vikrant Kamble: Jonathan Miller:

4 Anthony Pantziris Slide 4 Assignments, Exams and Grades  Prelectures and Checkpoints  SmartPhysics: Due at 11:00 a.m. (see smartPhysics calendar). 10%  Get credit for completion, not for correctness  You must watch the whole prelecture (about 20 minutes) to get credit!  Homework  WebAssign: Due at 12:01 pm. on Wednesdays and Fridays (graded automatically). The lowest five Homework scores are dropped. 15%  Get credit for correctness  Exams  4 midterms, 75 minutes each (see calendar). The lowest score midterm is dropped. 50%  Final exam: Tuesday, December 16, 3:30 pm. – 5:30 pm. 25%

5 Anthony Pantziris Slide 5 Textbook: Strongly Recommended Publisher: W.H. Freeman Also recommended: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Serway and Jewett. Any edition is fine. ISBN: Mechanics

6 Anthony Pantziris Slide 6 Course Prerequisites  One semester of college-level calculus (Math 1210 or equivalent)  A thorough knowledge of algebra and trigonometry

7 Anthony Pantziris Slide 7 Overview of smartPhysics 1. Online PreLectures (animated lessons, completed before lecture) 2. Online CheckPoints (quizzes to check knowledge, completed before lecture) 3. Textbook (reference, optional problems)

8 Anthony Pantziris Slide 8 How we’ll use smartPhysics You will VIEW video PreLectures before class: CONFRONT the concepts and principles

9 Anthony Pantziris Slide 9 How we’ll use smartPhysics Next, you’ll complete a CheckPoint quiz before class: CHECK your understanding of the PreLecture

10 Anthony Pantziris Slide 10 How we’ll use smartPhysics COME to class! The lecture will be more INTERACTIVE because of the work you’ve done before class

11 Anthony Pantziris Slide 11 Interactive Lectures (using computer projector)  Address questions and difficulties expressed by students from the prelectures and checkpoints  Work out examples  Use checkpoint questions plus others to survey class (“vote” with color-coded cards) Lectures

12 Anthony Pantziris Slide 12 You should spend at least 3 hours on prelectures and homework for every lecture! 1. Make a good effort on the online activities. The last CheckPoint question is optional and is called “Lecture Thoughts.” I will study these before class and will adjust the lecture to your needs. 2. Participate in lecture. You will learn more (and have more fun) from an active setting in which you participate with the instructor and your peers to probe your understanding of the fundamental principles. 3. DO THE HOMEWORK THE RIGHT WAY!!! To truly understand physics you must practice solving problems. Work on the homework on your own as far as possible, without help from the text, notes, or solutions. Then, study the textbook, and if you need it, ask for a hint that will get you a little further and continue this way until you complete it. How you can do well in this course

13 Anthony Pantziris Slide 13 Tomorrow: Diagnostic Exam  The purpose of the diagnostic exam, taken at your discussion section, is to identify students who would benefit from extra instruction before enrolling in PHYS2210. This extra instruction takes the form of a 3- credit hour class, PHYS1500. ScoreRecommendation 8 – 13PHYS1500 not recommended 6 or 7PHYS1500 optional 0 – 5PHYS1500 recommended

14 Anthony Pantziris Slide 14 So how do you get started?  Create a smartPhysics account  Go to  Enter your personal information and address  Join my course using the course access key (UU_M_FALL14)  You can get access and get credit for your work  You can get 30 days of free access to my course  Purchase access  Activate a printed activation code purchased through the bookstore, or  Purchase access online

15 Anthony Pantziris Slide 15 1.Go to 2.Locate and select “Get access to smartPhysics > Students” 3.Enter your address (your institutional address) and choose a password. 4.Complete the Captcha Image 5.Click “Register” Create a smartPhysics account

16 Anthony Pantziris Slide Setup your profile (name, address, institution) 7. Re-enter your password then click “save”. 8. Choose the “Enrollments” tab and enter the access key of this course: UU_M_FALL14 Create a smartPhysics account

17 Anthony Pantziris Slide 17 Course Access Key The COURSE ACCESS KEY for this course is: UU_M_FALL14 (No spaces)

18 Anthony Pantziris Slide 18 Enroll in this course 9. Enter your Unique identifier: The UNIQUE IDENTIFIER you should use for this course is your student UNID: uxxxxxxx (Your UID: “u” followed by 7 digits)

19 Anthony Pantziris Slide 19 Access smartPhysics Congratulations! You are now enrolled in your course! You will be given 30 days in which to access smartPhysics before having to purchase access or redeem an access code. This will provide you with a grace period should you opt to drop the course. After the 30 days (or before, if you’d like), you must either buy access online with a credit card OR redeem an activation code (housed in a printed booklet purchased at the campus bookstore).

20 Anthony Pantziris Slide 20 Purchase Access (Online) 1.Complete the billing information and click “Continue.” From the “Purchase Access” link **This is the address in which your credit card bill is sent each month. This is often different than your school address, so please check before entering that information.

21 Anthony Pantziris Slide 21 Purchase Access (Online) 2. Complete the second portion of the online form (credit card information) and click “Purchase Access.” **Depending on your state of residence, you may be subjected to a tax for your online purchase. The system will determine your tax rate based on your billing address.

22 Anthony Pantziris Slide 22 Purchase Access (Online) 3. You’ll be taken to a confirmation page with your purchase details. Click “Go to Course” to return to your course.

23 Anthony Pantziris Slide 23 Redeem Access (Activation Code) Your activation code is located inside the booklet. 1.Scratch off your code (from your access card booklet) and enter it into the fields on the screen (Option 1 in image below) 2.Click “Submit Code” after you’ve entered the code. Once finished, you can return to your course. **Activation codes are valid for one use only and cannot be shared. They do allow you to switch courses or request a refund. Check the FAQs ( > Help > Student FAQs) for more information.

24 Anthony Pantziris Slide 24 Need live help? The smartPhysics technical support team is ready and able to help you and is available 7 days a week by phone and .

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