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Presents VEX Robotics Competition Event Partner Training.

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1 Presents VEX Robotics Competition Event Partner Training

2 Chapter 1 – Getting Started (Slides 4 - 34 ) What is an Event Partner (EP)? Your Regional Support Manager (RSM) Getting Started document for EP’s Web based resource previews and bookmarks How to work in (admin site) Event Partner Capabilities VEX (Portal/VRC Event Partner) CONTENTS Page 1 of 3

3 Chapter 2 - Resources, a quick look (Slides 35 - 47) What do I need? Worksheets that help you identify scope for; Volunteers T-shirts and or polo’s Food Budget Event Partner Support Kits What is included? What are the qualifications? How do I get them? CONTENTS Page 2 of 3

4 CONTENTS Page 3 of 3 Chapter 3 – Logistics Part 1 (Slides 48 - 61) Layout considerations and options Timeline Awards Qualification Criteria for the World Championship Communications tools Chapter 4 – Logistics Part 2 (Slides 62 - 86) Volunteers Budget Judging Typical days schedule Organization and other items

5 Event Partners An Event Partner (EP) is a person who takes leadership responsibility to organize others to produce an event for one or more of the VEX Robotics Competition programs. VEX IQ Challenge (elementary and/or middle school) VEX Robotics Competition (middle and/or high school) VEX U (college or university level) Expectations of an EP are; Schedule an appropriate event for your program of interest. Collaborate with other EP’s in your area. See that your event fits into the bigger picture. Organize, plan and execute the event using tools provided. Become an important part of these programs and be a key member for the benefit of the students in your community. Participate in surveys and meetings to provide needed feedback for program development.

6 Regional Support Manager Your Regional Support Manager (RSM) is your personal point of contact for the region you live in. Find your RSM by using the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (REC Foundation) web sites “Contact Us” page.Contact Us Your RSM will talk to you about the VEX Robotics Competition programs in your area and explain how your involvement will help support the programs of your choice in these areas. Your RSM can introduce you to other Event Partners (EP’s) in your area to develop collaborative relationships. You are not alone, learn and share with others who have similar interests.

7 Regional Support Manager

8 Event Partner “Getting Started ” The “Getting Started as a VRC Event Partner” document exists to explain the steps to begin as an Event Partner (EP), keep this handy as a reference document. It details these key items Creating needed accounts How to Set up an event Using VEX Robotics Event Partner status to obtain equipment for events. This document will be provided to you by your RSM. Here is what the beginning looks like….

9 Once you have followed the instructions in this document and created your accounts, you will have access to the features in these 3 main sites.

10 REC FOUNDATION No account required ROBOT EVENTS Account required VEX ROBOTICS Account required INFORMATIONPROGRAMPRODUCTS Staff Contacts Program Specifics Game Elements Resources Create/Manage events Competition Fields Scholarships Communicate event details Trophy Packs Sponsors & Partners Team Registration EP Support kits STEM Hall of Fame Post results of your event Technical Documents Team Grants On Line Challenges Forums VRC Event Documents Contact teams in state Team Equipment Primary Sources of Information




14 competitionvrc/game-day-running-an-event/

15 Creating a New Account in Robot Events 1 2 3 Select Fill it out Enter new log-in

16 CAUTION! When Creating an Event for the first time do not select the “Submit” button at the page bottom… …until you have gone through ALL of the Tabs.

17 Event Partner Capabilities in Robot Events Create new events See the teams in your state See what teams are registered for your events Add/Delete/Mark as paid Reports Registration Report.csv Tournament Manager Software Import Report.csv Awards Edit Event Awards Award Winners (Post results after your event)

18 Event Partner Considerations Make your event listing as informative as possible to draw teams to it. How can you differentiate your event from others? What can you do to build a reputation that makes teams want to return? “Brand” your event. Get to know the other event partners in your region, talk to them now about next years schedule. Avoid same or adjacent dates. Work together and compromise to develop an event schedule that benefits all and builds a stronger program in a country, state or region.

19 To Create an Event, I log into my account at Begin on the home page. 1 2 Select the appropriate program 3 Fill information into the fields. An asterisk designates a required field.

20 Event Partner Capabilities “Creating an Event Page 5 of the “Getting Started as a VRC Event Partner” document begins a step by step guide describing every field entry and purpose.

21 Event Partner Capabilities “Teams in Your State”

22 Event Partner Capabilities “Teams Registered in Your Event”

23 Event Partner Capabilities “Editing and Accounting” When Editing an Event You may Add a team to the event You may Remove a team from the event You may mark a team as paid (once you do this the team cannot pay on-line, they will have to arrange to pay you directly) Obtain the Team’s “PDF” information sheet

24 Team’s “PDF” Information Sheet

25 Qualification Levels

26 Event Partner Capabilities Registration Report.csv

27 Event Partner Capabilities “Awards ” BEFORE the event - You can show what awards the event you are running is likely to present. AFTER the event – You can quickly and automatically post all of the events award winners. Award winners who qualify for special events will receive invitations as a result of these result postings. You need to post ASAP. (Upload before shutdown) The event date starts the clock for qualifiers to register for the WC. Do not take time away from the teams because of your delay to post them.

28 Adding Awards

29 Editing Event Awards

30 Award Winners

31 Awards Finalization If awards need to be edited, you must select “No” to un-finalize the awards.


33 count/


35 Chapter 2 – Resources, a Quick Look Field and Volunteer Estimator Field Costs Retail Pricing Field Assistance for Event Partners Volunteer Cost Estimator

36 Resources Quick Look Field and Volunteer Estimator # of Teams # of Competition Fields # of Practice Fields # of Skills Fields Total # of Fields (Green highlight) # of Teams Volunteer base countJudges Volunteers due to scale of event TOTAL Volunteers 121 1 114015 131 1 114015 141 1 114015 1 1 116017 161 1 2 126422 171 1 2 126422 181 1 2 126422 191 1 2 126422 2012 1 2 136423 2112 1 2 136423 2212 1 2 136423 12 1 2 136423 2412 1 02 136423

37 Resources Quick Look Field Costs Retail Pricing VEX ROBOTICS 2014 RETAIL PRICING AVAILABLE COMPETITION FIELD COMPONENTS RETAIL ITEM DESCRIPTIONPART NUMBER UNIT COSTQUANTITYTOTAL VEX Field perimeter 278-1501 $799.991 VEX Field Tiles 278-1502 $189.991 VEXnet Field Control System275-1401$149.991 VRC Game Elements276-2274$499.991 VRC Robot Sizing Tool276-2086$39.991 Field Monitor Stand276-1572$39.991 Sub- Total$1,719.94

38 Resources Quick Look Field Assistance for Event Partners SMALL VEX EVENTS (16 to 23 teams) COMPETITION FIELD ITEM DESCRIPTIONUNIT COSTDiscountTOTAL VEX Field perimeter$799.99$200.00$599.99 VEX Field Tiles$189.99$0.00$189.99 VEXnet Field Control System$149.99$0.00$149.99 VRC Robot Sizing Tool$39.99$0.00$39.99 Field monitor stand$39.99$0.00$39.99 VRC Game Elements$499.99$250.00$249.99 Sub-Total$1,269.94

39 Resources Quick look Volunteer Cost Estimate VOLUNTEER COST ESTIMATOR(this illustration is based on a 24 team event) Insert the price you expect to pay for a Polo shirt with colar $18.00 Insert the price you expect to pay for a volunteer T-shirt $6.00 Insert the amount you expect to spend for food on PC members, Judges and VIP's $15.00 Insert the amount you expect to spend for food on other Volunteers $12.00 Count Planning CommitteeShirtFoodOther$ per personTotal 6 $18.00 $15.000 $33.00 $198.00 Judges insert # from estimator-->6 $18.00 $15.000 $33.00 $198.00 Volunteers insert # from estimator-->17 $6.00 $12.000 $18.00 $306.00 Grand Total $702.00

40 Event Partner Support Discounts Competition Game Elements Value $499.99 Discount price $249.99

41 Event Partner Support Kit Standard Trophy Pack (4) VRC-TROPHY-12-10 (3) VRC-TROPHY-10-10 (1) VRC-PLATE-PK1 Scoring Software (downloadable) Large Entry Banner Scoring Table Banner

42 Event Partner Support Kit Standard Trophy Pack Value $249.99

43 Resources Quick look 2014-15 Trophy Packs AWARD NAME Standard Trophy Pack Judge Expansion Robot Expansion TEAM AWARDS$249.99$189.99$169.99 Tournament Champions12" (3) Excellence12" Design10” Sportsmanship/Volunteer10” Judges10” Amaze10” Build10” Create10” Energy10” Think10” Innovate10” Finalists10" (3) Robot Skills10” Programming Skills10”

44 Resources Quick look Award Certificates Award certificates can be printed with Tournament Manager Software

45 Event Partner Support Kit Banners Value $200.00

46 Event Partner Support Kit Base Trophy Pack (4) VRC-TROPHY-12-10 (2) VRC-TROPHY-10-10 (1) VRC-PLATE-PK1 Scoring Software (downloadable) Large Entry Banner Scoring Table Banner FREE For events with 16 teams or more.

47 To Get Your EP Support Kit Register your event in Robot Events Encourage teams to sign up for the event Notify your RSM when registrations reach 16 Your RSM will provide you with a code # and instructions to redeem it. Order your kits within 2 weeks of requesting it

48 Chapter 3 – Logistics Issues For a small 16 to 24 team event. Logistics (Slides 48 - ) Layout considerations and options Timeline Awards and Judging Communications tools

49 Space Requirements For a small 16 to 24 team event. Designate a “Pit” space (table and 2 chairs) for each team attending, also provide a power source within 15 feet of each team. Save on extension cords and tell every team in advance to bring a 25’ cord and power strip in case they need them. Rule of thumb 200sq ft per team will provide ample space for teams, aisles and practice fields in an area. A set of competition fields needs a target of 1,500sq ft in addition (min 1,000). Try to keep all teams in the same area, if teams are split up make sure you can communicate with all of them at the same time through a PA system.

50 Space Requirements A/V and Emcee Tips For a small 16 to 24 team event. Competition fields need to be near public seating. Small events can rely on “line-of-sight” viewing, but consider video screens to enhance the spectator experience. Larger sites should use video to help the spectators see more of the action. Camera operators need not do too much “close-up” work. Don’t forget audio system as people need to hear the emcee and all announcements. DJ should also be able to adjust the music volume independent of the emcee. These two people need to work together. Emcee’s have a document to assist them titled “Emcee Guidelines”. TMS can print an “Announcers list”.

51 Space Requirements Typical Basketball Court Bleachers A A B B screen Backdrop Pit Spaces with Tables, chairs & power drops for each team PF

52 Space Requirements Layout Options for Consideration A document named “Sample Event Layouts” found in the VRC Event Documents window of the web provides a range of options to consider depending on the types of space available for consideration.Sample Event LayoutsVRC Event Documents

53 Layout Resources

54 Timeline 6 Month Period 6 month timeline Event Day Event Day Encourage team development and help get them registered for your event Order equipment for your event Make initial volunteer assignments Assemble Planning Team Begin Recruiting Key Volunteers Create & Post Your Event Recruit remaining volunteers Order shirts for volunteers Schedule all purchased services

55 Timeline 6 Week Period 6 week timeline Event Day Event Day Setup and test the field Put training materials in the hands of volunteers Close registration? Complete any follow- up items & set next years dates! Event setup Thank your volunteers Deadline to post event results Running a 2 hour scrimmage is a great way to train the team Order food

56 Timelines Combined 6 month timeline 6 week timeline Event Day Event Day Event Day Event Day Encourage team development and help get them registered for your event Order equipment for your event Make initial volunteer assignments Assemble Planning Team Begin Recruiting Key Volunteers Create & Post Your Event Recruit remaining volunteers Setup and test the field Order shirts for volunteers Put training materials in the hands of volunteers Close registration? Complete any follow- up items & set next years dates! Event setup Thank your volunteers Deadline to post event results Schedule all purchased services Running a 2 hour scrimmage is a great way to train the team Order food

57 List of Awards TEAM AWARDS AmazeInspire BuildJudges CommunitySportsmanship CooperateService CreateTeamwork DesignThink EducateTournament Champions Energy Tournament Finalists ExcellenceProgramming Skills Winner FutureRobot Skills Winner Innovate

58 List of Awards INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Mentor of the Year Partner of the Year Teacher of the Year Volunteer of the Year

59 World Championship Qualifying Criteria There are documents that guide the setup of all events. In 2014-15 the qualification spots are also broken down by program and in most cases, age divisions. For many states, provinces or countries there are now 3 “levels” that events take place for. These are; Teams playing the game at a local level to qualify for a state, province or country championship event. Teams playing the game at a state, province or country event who are qualifying for the world championship. (It is becoming increasingly rare for a team to qualify directly to the world championship from a single or local event.) The World Championship. 2015 VRC World Championship qualifying spots: There are three ways teams can qualify for the 2015 VRC World Championship: Official Qualifying Tournaments Skills Challenges Official Qualifying Leagues.

60 World Championship Qualifying Criteria

61 Communications Tools Event Partner documents competitionvrc/game-day-running-an-event/ competitionvrc/game-day-running-an-event/ Event Partner “blasts” (more frequent during Aug thru March) Sent to email address provided by EP at sign-up Email Archives of past EP Blasts are found at VEX Forums/VRC Event PartnersVEX Forums/VRC Event Partners On-line Forum tools for Event Partners Official VRC Skyrise Q&A ( Open to public )Official VRC Skyrise Q&A Public Relations and Media Resources

62 Volunteers Reference Document Available

63 Volunteers Planning Committee Team Event Director – Facility Coordinator – Logistics Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator Pit Coordinator Competition Coordinator Judge Coordinator

64 Volunteers Field Positions

65 Field 1 FA FTA FA FTA R R R R A FC S FM R HR Field 2 E E Camera FA FTA FA FTA QM, QA, QA

66 Volunteers Assignments VEX-Volunteer-Staffing-Sheet-Day-Event-.xls VEX Robotics Competition Volunteer Staffing - Event Name, Date, Location Volunteer PositionTimeVolunteer NameSatConfirmed Event Director Facilities Coordinator Logistics Coordinator VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Volunteer Coordinator Assistant Volunteer "Food" Assistant Registration/Check In Table Welcome/Information Table PIT COORDINATOR Pit Manager Pit Assistant Pit Runner

67 Volunteers Solicit for position preference Identify needed skill sets – Field Technical Advisor – Field Control/Scorekeeper – Judges Make assignments 1-2 weeks in advance Training

68 Volunteers Field Technical Advisor A key technical role that needs to be developed locally to support the teams at your events. Helps troubleshoot robots that don’t work. Needs to understand proper programming requirements for easyC and RobotC software. Can also help troubleshoot any potential “field control system” issues.

69 VEX Volunteer Training Document-Field Mgt.docx Volunteer Training

70 Volunteers VEX Volunteer Training Document-Field Mgt.docx

71 Volunteers Scorekeepers Duties Update and certify team registration list is correct. Setup tournament and create schedule blocks Generate schedules Test field controls Run matches Post scores Capture all results and back-up data files

72 Volunteers Pit Administration Booth Team Check-in Volunteer Check-in Information Handouts – Schedules – Team Lists – Facility & Pit Maps (if needed) – Product Info

73 Volunteers Other Volunteer Support Documents Inspection Checklist Inspector's Guide easyC Software Inspection – Crystals easyC Software Inspection – VEXnet Referee's Guide Referee Score Sheet VRC Q&A Forum Export

74 Budget Considerations Facility Field Equipment Production A/V & Music Volunteer Food & Shirts Programs & Advertising Awards Branding your event

75 A Sample Budget page 1 of 2 Most line items are placeholders to make you think about things to consider. Few are required. AREAITEM COST PER ITEMNUMBER BUDGETED COST Site LogisticsTables & chairs, provided by school Pipe & drape$3001 Facility rental1$0 Event insurance$2001 Janitorial services$2501 Vex Tournament FieldComplete field set (with discounts)$1,0801 Shipping$1501 Video Camerasborrowed Volunteer RecognitionShirts - Judges$20.008$160 Shirts - Referees$20.003$60 Shirts - Staff$20.006$120 T-Shirts - Volunteers$6.0024$144 Meals$30.0010$300 Marketing & MusicProgram Books$2.00125$250 Photographerdonated $0 Event DJ$400.001$400

76 A Sample Budget page 2 of 2 Most line items are placeholders to make you think about things to consider. Few are required. AREAITEM COST PER ITEMNUMBER BUDGETED COST Team RecognitionStandard Trophy Pack$249.991free Shipping & handling$50.001 Award Certificates12 x 100.75$90.00 Miscellaneous ExpensesClipboards/Ink & paper $100.00 Folders and file containers $80.00 Budgeted expenses $3,734.00 INCOMESponsors ($1,000 ea)10002$2,000.00 Team event registration fees7524$1,800.00 Total Income $3,800.00 Total Expenses $3,734.00 Balance$66.00

77 Judging Options for Your VEX Robotics Competition Event

78 Judging Process Options In the PitsAM Scheduled Interviews Judges seek out teams one at a time15 minute interview blocks (10/5) 2 judges for every 8-12 teams2 judges for every 6 teams Unequal participationAll teams get the same chance Discussions in the pitsA classroom or space for every 6 teams Ok for fewer awardsSupports more award decisions

79 Judging Materials Judges Handbook – 14/06/local-judges-guide-vex-robotics- competition.pdf 14/06/local-judges-guide-vex-robotics- competition.pdf Awards Appendix – 14/06/skyrise-appendix-d-awards.pdf 14/06/skyrise-appendix-d-awards.pdf Schedule Template – Schedule-morning interviews template.xlsx

80 Event Considerations Create a quality play experience for teams Provide teams with a minimum of 6 qualification matches but shoot for 7 or even 8. (Don’t cycle teams faster then 1 match per 30 minutes on average.) Make judges visible at your event, show teams that there are other ways to be acknowledged at an event besides robot performance. Make an effort to offer skills challenges to all teams. This increases qualification opportunities. Organize your staff to run the event on schedule. Get a good emcee and music to create an energetic atmosphere. Have the emcee educate the audience.

81 Typical Full Day Schedule 7:30 AM Doors Open 8:00 AM Check-In, Inspections, Interviews? 8:30 AM Practice Fields Open 9:45 AM Team Meeting, Distribute Schedules 10:00 AM Official Opening Ceremony 10:15 AM Qualification Rounds Begin 3:00 PM Elimination Matches Begin 5:00 PM Awards Ceremony 5:30 PM Venue Closed

82 Schedule Considerations Most events are single day events of 8-9 hours. Starting and stopping matches for breaks can cause delays in your day if you are not diligent about managing time. During qualification rounds the schedule should target to get teams an ideal of 8 matches, a target of 7 and if there are many teams a minimum of 6. Can you relieve volunteers for breaks instead of shutting the whole process down? A lunch shutdown puts a huge surge on the food service you are using, be sure they can handle the rush. If minimizing time for awards is important, plan to integrate awards distribution with robot matches as you reach the semi-finals and finals.

83 Game Rules Forum Updates

84 League Play

85 Event Management-Helpful Files Release Form Inspection instructions and forms Team Meeting Notes Link to VEXnet Documentation Robot Start Up Sequence 2015 WC Qualifying Criteria

86 Organizing Documentation “Keep one set handy” Purchase two 1-1/2” binders – One for game rules & Forum Q&A – One for event organization OR put it all on an iPad! Judges Handbooks Referee & Inspection Guides Scorekeepers Manual w/TMS guides

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