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Updates & Partnerships SIMS InTouch. SIMS InTouch is powerful and easy to use. It combines both SMS messaging and email to automatically and immediately.

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1 Updates & Partnerships SIMS InTouch

2 SIMS InTouch is powerful and easy to use. It combines both SMS messaging and to automatically and immediately engage ALL stakeholders on a wide range of school issues from event reminders to truancy... Communication at the point of need

3 InTouch - reduce the cost of communication Key Features:- Text & from anywhere within SIMS Text when the school is closed Remind Parents when school term starts Unexplained absences & lateness Text parents when their child has merit points Rewards & Certificates for 100% attendance Bulk sending of timetables Detention letters

4 Message from within SIMS

5 Communicate at the point of need

6 Uses information already recorded

7 Record communication on pupil record

8 The workflow solution…. Manage absences in a central console

9 InTouch – Spring release 2012  Alerts for incomplete Marksheets  Notifications on Lates  Exam Timetables & reminders  Search change  Priority on Bulk update screens  Behaviour Alerts  Default recipients for routines

10 InTouch – Future releases Attendance Letters Auto Notification on Lates Exam results Voice messaging Multi-Lingual Dinner Money Links to Discover Sending of Profiles and Assessment reports All documents in DMS e-cards for events

11 Don’t take our word for it! “SIMS InTouch is already saving us money sending out behaviour notifications and detention notifications all as part of the current workflow that we are using within SIMS“ Angela Cummings – East Bridgewater Community School InTouch has delivered over 18,200 messages for East Bridgewater Community School

12 12 SIMS Data Anywhere

13 o Synchronised MIS Data to Apple & Android Devices:  Student details including photo’s  Staff contact details  Attendance  Behaviour  Timetable  Medical o Data is safe o iPhones / iPod Touch / iPad & Android devices What is Emerge? LR

14 How does it work? Live synchronise to SIMS From within school via WiFi Outside School via 3G/GPRS Cached Mode means it will still work when not connected to Wireless/3G.

15 Remote Registration - especially effect for P.E. Departments -with write-back to SIMS - School Trips / On Duty Staff Fire & Emergency Evacuation - Showing last registrations Server or Internet Failure - Access student data whilst systems down Staff can use it for mobile information - mobile access to Student information (e.g. Medical, Timetable ) Uses of Emerge SA

16 Take a register in 3 steps Step One: Select Attendance Step Two: Select Class Step Three: Take Register Save back into SIMS !!

17 What’s new in the latest version: Latest Updates: Now with enhanced security. If the device has not been synchronised for a set number of days (defaulted to 5) all Emerge data will be automatically deleted from the device even in the off-line mode Staff Module now includes ‘Teaching Now’ where a list of all the teachers and what lessons they are taking can be seen* Next-of-kin details are now included in the Staff Module* The Attendance Module now includes Current Lessons showing a list of all lessons happening right now with the ability to take attendance for any of them* Student addresses (shows all student addresses)* Contact addresses (does not show address if it is marked as undisclosed)* Now compatible with iOS5 & iPod Touch 2 nd Generation Significant performance enhancements, now almost instant response at home screen Faster timeouts when checking connections in the off-line mode Enhanced security checking *Requires an update to the script on your Emerge server. This will be an automated process and you will be informed before this upgrade occurs.

18  SAFE, Secure mobile data  Data always available  Cost effective  Simple to use Summary LR

19 For more information: Please contact your Customer Service Manager. Telephone your Account Management Team on


21 Vivo Miles Unique online rewards system for schools, like Nectar points Teachers award electronic points (called “Vivos”) to students for good work, effort etc. via the website, mobile app or SIMS Students redeem their Vivos in an online store, save them or donate them to charity 250 schools to date nationwide Bett Award Winner “Leadership and Management Category” 2010





26 “ The Vivo rewards system has replaced our out-dated sticker-based system so completely that all school rewards are now handled through the Vivo site. The speed with which students, parents and staff have engaged with the system has been astonishing. Every stakeholder has thought it a great idea from the moment they were first introduced. Vivo have tapped into something that kids want, and found a way to make it easy for staff to use as positive reinforcement leverage”. Deputy Head, Unity College


28 VivoStars Web-based rewards system for Primary schools based on Avatar (Virtual character) creation and development Replaces traditional sticker based schemes Transitions to VivoMiles as children move to Secondary schools

29 Admin login A teacher with ADMIN permissions can set the reward categories to tie in with the school’s rewards policy (eg Golden Rules, Classroom Charter, Attendance etc.) and check teacher usage

30 Classroom Mode

31 Student Login Pupils log-on to with their unique login They are greeted by their own Avatar or Virtual character

32 Avatar creation The more points pupils earn, the more items, accessories and pets they can access to dress their Avatar

33 Parent Login Parents get their own login, from which they can view all their child’s rewards and set up reporting, notifying them of their child’s progress. They can opt to pledge treats based on their child’s classroom achievements

34 Key Benefits Simple and fun for teachers to use as an effective classroom recognition tool Engages and excites kids, motivating them to strive for higher achievement levels Empowers and involves parents in their child’s class-based achievements

35 For More Information on Vivo Miles or Stars Please contact your Customer Service Manager. Telephone your Account Management Team on

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