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REWARDY Loyalty & Pre-paid Platform for Brick-and-Mortar SMBs POWERFUL. SIMPLE. AFFORDABLE.

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1 REWARDY Loyalty & Pre-paid Platform for Brick-and-Mortar SMBs POWERFUL. SIMPLE. AFFORDABLE.

2 Building Loyalty & Customer Engagement is still a Struggle in 2014 Consumers, SMBs, eager for effective and ‘easy to use’ loyalty services “OLD” Loyalty Most Important Milestones for SMBs SMBs See but Don’t See Benefits Source: Manta & Dell joint small business survey on, April 22, 2014

3 Merchant’s Marketing Efforts Promotions Coupons AcquisitionRetention Advertisement CRM platform Customer base Loyalty, Pre-paid, Gift cards programs Retention campaigns Effective Retention This is our focus ! Importance of Retaining Customers o Acquiring new customers can cost as much as 5 times more than satisfying and retaining current customers o A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10% o Depending on the industry, reducing customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25% Source: Comcast Business Library for SMB’s whiteComcast Business Library paper, Seven Steps to Build Customer LoyaltySeven Steps to Build Customer Loyalty

4 Established POS providers confused, startups fighting for penetration 2014 - Is this Evolution? Funded startups (e.g. Belly, Fivestars) rely heavily on cards / fobs, peripheral devices. What today’s prominent players do: Traditional players Still offer plastic card based programs w/ paper enrollment forms New players (startups) Peripheral equipment Direct Sales Force / Marketing & PR End-customer acquisition Hurdles for Current Alternatives Loyalty Doesn’t Come Cheap or Easy

5 ‘Starbucks’ level loyalty platform A platform that only big retailers could afford: Manageable customer base Highly customized retention & loyalty plans Usage & consumption statistics Effective communication channels While keeping it: Affordable Simple to set up Effortless to run and manage Ice Cream store in Israel REWARDY: Loyalty & Engagement Platform Done Right

6 Customer Perspective All merchant programs are available under a single app A single installation and sign-up

7 REWARDY: Loyalty & Engagement Platform Done Right REWARDY Competitive Advantages : 1.Technology: Integrates with existing infrastructure (Register / Payment Terminal) 2.Go-to-Market: Partner with synergistic providers with sizeable market footprints Granular & Secure Tied to the actual transaction (item/sum based) Reliable Based on merchant’s POS/Payment processing terminal Affordable No need for new hardware or other equipment Easy No change to checkout process or need to retrain cashier

8 *Patent pending 1 2 Integration with POS/ Payment Processing Terminal SW

9 POS Integration – Scan Code to Redeem Voucher / Use Credit Support multiple retention programs, from simple aggregation programs (points/credit), to pre-paid/gift card programs (allows to top-up money in advance)

10 1 23 Customer enrollment flow via Text Message Significantly lowers customer barriers to participation Customer provides phone #: Customer provides/ enters cell phone # SMS registration link sent Customer receives text URL: Clicks to download app Prompted to enter email Signs in with same email Reward granted, Store Loaded! 1 app, 1 sign-up Customer can load any participating merchant 917 645 3211 Registration Send registration link to :

11 The ‘Go-to-Market’ Differentiator REWARDY Partners w/ Strong Local partners Tap into existing relationship with distribution channels Win-Win - Enables the partner to benefit of improvement in ROI Potential partner profile: POS vendors / Payment processing (Dejavoo in US/CA, R-Keeper in RU/EU) Banks/ Credit Card Companies (A leading bank in LATAM, Leumi Card in IL) 60k payment terminals deployed in US 3k new terminals/mo Expanded to Canada (acquired CA subsidiary) Q4 launch in preparation Dejavoo Strategic Partnership Global transition to EMV based terminals, represents a huge opportunity

12 Now Ready to Scale with a Mature Solution Joined in 2011 Enrolled 29,000+ customers Grew from 7 to 11 outlets Attributes success largely to loyal customers Developing & validating product in Russia across hundreds of merchants Q4 2014 - Reaching out to 60k Dejavoo merchants in US Advanced negotiations w/ Leading bank to pilot LATAM rollout About to Launch Scalable Model A quick case study – Agadir Burger bar

13 RewardyBellySparkBase $19. 95 / mo $59. 95 / mo $79/ mo $69. 90 / mo $20/ mo Automated enrollment during the transaction x x x No need for new equipment x x Mobile phone as digital loyalty card x Pre-paid/Gift card Money in advance +0.5% of “top-up” value x x Customer Email Addresses x x Spend Based Rewards x x Push Notification Rewards & Messages 2 submissions x x Social network Integration x x Marketing Materials Basic package only x x x Detailed Analytics x x x Digital Punch CardsUnlimited300Unlimited x Account ManagementEmail & PhoneEmail x x Rewardy offers more power, for less cost

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