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Devotion School Alliance - DSA Budget and Fundraising Plan 2014-2015.

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1 Devotion School Alliance - DSA Budget and Fundraising Plan 2014-2015

2 DSA History PTO Friends of Devotion In 1993, in conjunction with the Centennial celebration, Friends of Devotion was formed, which looked for community donations for long- term investments at Devotion In 2009, with community donations dwindling, and current Devotion parents making the majority donations, the PTO and Friends combined their fundraising efforts into a joint appeal In 2012, the Devotion School Alliance was formed, formalizing the relationship Devotion School Alliance

3 The DSA Mission Enrich Education Support Community Build Community

4 Enrich Education AmountDescription $175 per existing teacher, $250 per new teacher $15,000*Class supplies In November, teachers request funds to enrich the students’ educational experience, e.g. guest speakers, field trips, books, supplies for art project, etc. $15,000*Grant Process * This is an estimate of the requests that will be submitted this year. Books and guest author visits $3,000* Library Fund/ Authors’ Visits Replacement balls, jumpropes, etc.$1,000*Gym and playground equipment Mental health professional assists with student cases $900*Social Worker Guidance

5 Community Support AmountDescription Sends at-risk students to overnight camps during the summer $4,000* Overnight Camps Sends at-risk students to day camps during the summer $4,000* Day Camps Provides music therapy through drum instruction primarily to learning center students who would not otherwise get to participate in music classes $24,000 Devo Drummers Assists students and families meet needs, such as an unexpected eyeglasses purchase or food during schoolbreaks $2,000* Devo Cares Provides snacks for children who may not get meals at home $1,200* Snack Program Awards a college scholarship to a Devo graduate $1,000 Taylor Scholarship * This is an estimate of the requests that will be submitted this year.

6 Community Building AmountDescription Devotion’s Literary and Art Journal printed in the Spring $2,000*Devo BUZZ Subsidizes 8 th grade reception and musical $3,000*8 th grade fund Aids in communication with the school community $1,250* Website/Directory Game Night, Ice Skating Outing, Teacher Appreciation, Math Night, Science Fair, International Night, $2,000* Monthly events * This is an estimate of the requests that will be submitted this year.

7 The DSA is planning 4 Major Fundraising Efforts for 2014-2015 Annual Appeal Devo Drummers Concert & Kickstarter Campaign AuctionsCarnival Time Purpose Financial Goal OctoberNovemberWinterJune Devotion School Alliance Devo Drummers Special Projects as determined by teacher grant requests and principal $55k $20k$30k$20k Special Projects as determined by teacher grant requests and principal

8 In October, We Will Focus on the Annual Appeal - $55k Classroom Supplies $15k Enrichment $15k Community Support $13k Community Building $9k Classroom Supplies ($15k) – $250 per new teacher – $175 per returning teacher Enrichment ($15k) – Field Trip buses – Guest speakers, Special project supplies Community Support ($13k) – Devo Cares, Taylor Scholarship, School Snack program – Overnight and Day Camp scholarships Community Building ($9k) – Website and communication database – Devo Buzz, Community events Operating Expenses ($3k) – Insurance, taxes, fees

9 Special Projects Vary from Year to Year, Driven by School Needs 2008200920102011201220132014 Auction Sales$13K$17K$39K$51K$60K$69K$62K Net Auction Revenue$12K$15K$36K$46K$55K$60K$50K Carnivale Sales$15K$19K$23K$21K$25K$22K$26K Sponsorship Revenue$0$3.3K$9K$16K$11K$10K$11K Net Carnivale Revenue$6K$13K$21K$25K$21K$16K$21K Total Net Revenue$18K$28K$57K$71K$76K $71K Purchases: Auditorium (stage, chairs, risers)$27K$24K$3K Gym Scoreboard & BBall Backboards$5.4K$6K 12 Guitars$1K 2 electronic pianos$3K Carnivale Purchases donated to the school (e.g. utility tables) $1K Teacher Grants (includes technology)$0.6K$1K$7K$0.3K Technology: In-focus projectors/carts/elmos$10K$2K Macbooks/Macbook Cart$7K$24K Smart Boards$58K$61K$18K$50K iPads & Covers$20K Chromebooks$55K

10 Other Activities Secondarily Benefit DSA Primary Mission2013-1014 Devo Apparel Sales Big Book Bazaar Booksmith Night Build Devo spirit$679 Encourage reading $2,162 Support local businesses$115 Half Day MatineeProvide after school care during half days $5,404

11 Devotion Also Takes Advantage of Promotional Money 2013-1014 ECOA Percentage of Sales Donated to Devo $16 Box Tops for EducationCollect and Redeem Box Tops Coupons$700 Amazon LinkA Percentage of Sales Donated to Devo $3,222 Stop and Shop A+ Rewards Program A Percentage of Sales Donated to Devo $900 Target RED Card1% of Sales Donated to DevoTBD Tyson A PlusCollect and Redeem Tyson A Plus CouponsTBD Labels for EducationCollect and Redeem Labels for EducationTBD DescriptionPromotion

12 The DSA also Accepts and Spends Donations from Dedicated Fund Purpose Carol Kenney Fund Buddy Program Kirthi Reddy Fund Community Service Pairs teachers with at-risk students Overnight camps Bilbo Baggins Book FundLibrary books Jerry Kaplan FundArts Fund Science and Tech FundScience and Technology DayCare ScholarshipExtended Day Scholarship 8 th grade book gift FundBooks given to graduating 8 th grade students The money these funds generate vary depending on the fund’s guidelines, interest rates, and donor’s donation strategy Devo Scholars FundDevo Drummers

13 The Devo Community Will Also Be Asked to Support Several More Community Service Fundraisers 8 th grade car washes, dog washes, cupcake sales 7 th /8 th grade advisory projects 6 th grade Water for Sudan fundraisers Heifer International Calendar (participating classes from mixed grades) Devo Can Food Drive for Brookline Food Pantry Devo Cares’ Back Pack Drive and Winter Coat Drive

14 The Brookline Education Foundation Funds Teachers’ Professional Development Requests Through a grant process, also in the Fall, Devo teachers request funds for professional development initiatives Last year, Devo teachers received 9 grants Devotion parents will be asked to support the BEF in many ways – Whole Foods shopping Day – Trivia Night – Direct Appeal

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